Thick hair can be difficult to manage, especially when cut too long or too short. In longer lengths, thick hair can be too bulky and heavy; in short lengths, hair tends to frizz or curl in unintended places. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard, just choose a happy medium (literally)! Shoulder-length hairstyles provide a perfect balance and allow you to play around with different looks in an instant. You can experiment with different dimensions, textures, and layers. Done the right way, medium-thick hairstyles can offer a timeless, chic look you’ll be sure to love.

Tousled Layers with Bangs
Tousled Layers with Bangs

Play around with different textures and get this loose, layered look with blunt bangs. Don’t be fooled, these aren’t your middle school bangs, they stop right above your brows for a more mature, mysterious look. The bangs perfectly frame the face. The tousled layers give an elegant shade to the overall “messy” look. You can even play this up with highlights to give even more definition to the jagged layers. Try this for an effortless, no-fuss look to any event on your calendar!

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Side Parted Thick Waves
Side Parted Thick Waves

Embracing big, bold hair and the frizz: Elevate the beach wave by creating this look! Start with a deep, slicked to the side part, then let your hair loose to allow natural-looking, flowing waves. In this style, we learn to embrace the frizz. So often, we look at frizzy hair as something of an annoyance, often forgetting that it can create big, beautiful hair like these elegant thick waves. This simple, yet elegant look is another no-fuss eye-catching style.

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Kendall Jenners Slick Back Look
Kendall Jenner’s Fierce Slicked Back Look

Keep up with the K sisters and opt for this “ just got out of the shower” look. This is a great way to pull hair away from the face and look polished, sexy, and modern at the same time. To achieve this look, start with wet hair, comb it back with a brush, then use a gel or pomade to hold the hair in place. Perfect for date nights!

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Krysten Ritter’s Straight Lob with Fringe
Krysten Ritter's Playful Lob with Fringe

That’s right– not just a bob, but a lob! What exactly is a lob? Well, it’s simply a longer length bob that is right above or just below shoulder length. Kristen has a straight cut lob, rather than a layered one; which offers more future styling options. Add some face-framing fringes for more dimension and a fresh look.

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Kat Dennings’ Natural Waves in Deep Brown
Kat Dennings' Natural Waves in Deep Brown

Vibing with these waves: Put a twist on those waves by choosing a deep brown color! Kat Dennings shows off how to embrace her thick mane by allowing it to be in its naturally curly state. Another effortless look by this not-so-broke girl!

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Stacy Martin’s Slight Parted Choppy Fringe
Stacy Martin's Slight Parted Choppy Fringe

French Chic! Get Stacy Martin’s Parisian look with these choppy fringes! Put a slight part right in the middle of the bangs to frame the face. Couple it with a shoulder-length, straight cut with slightly wavy hair to add the chic and charm to the style. Perfect to soften facial features like a strong jawline. Très chic!

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Playful Afro
Playful Afro

Have an afro? No problem! Just embrace your thick hair and let it free. Opt for tighter curls and tease your hair a bit for this style. In today’s modern age, body, frizz, and curls allow for creativity in expression in hairstyles. This playful afro is one of these styles, so let it down girl! Big hair is timeless.

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Side Head-Shave
Side Head-Shave
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Messy Low-lighted Lob
Messy Low-lighted Lob
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