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20 Trendy And Sexy Perm Hairstyles For Men

Gorgeous curls aren't just for girls!


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Men are becoming more adventurous with their hairstyles and we’re totally here for it! Case in point: the man perm. While it became trendy back in the ’80s, today’s styles look so much better (think Timothee Chalamet) and definitely not cringeworthy.

Proof that perms for men have become so hot? There’s a hashtag devoted to it and the cool boys of TikTok have been sharing videos of their hair transformation, from the salon chair to the stylish results. Whether you want to add body and volume or you’re just longing for a fun change, curls might just be what your hair is asking for.

Be ready to spend about three to five hours in the salon to get your hair chemically treated, though. While you can opt to DIY it, a professional job yields better results and gives you curls that stay on longer (about three to six months compared to just several weeks with an at-home perm).

Ready to book that appointment? First, take a look at the styles below to inspire your next look.

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Perm With Fade

You can add a neat and streamlined look to your perm by fading the sides and back. These provide a nice contrast to the tousled top and also emphasize the height and volume of those curls. This is a great choice if you have a round face shape and want to give it the illusion of length.

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Mid-Fade Perm

You can get a perm and still keep it understated by opting for just a slight wave paired with a medium fade like this. A mid-fade looks really classic, strikes the right balance, and adds a sleek touch to those curls.

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Bottom Half Perm

For men who have long-ish hair, you can try a partial perm. Curl only the lower half and keep the rest straight for a look that has a vintage appeal to it. This is an ideal choice if you want some volume and texture to your long hair or if you just want to add a retro flavor to your look.

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Beach Wave Perm

A perm so natural it looks like you didn’t get one? Yes, please! Whether you’re planning a hair transformation in time for summer or you just want to give your mane extra texture and body, this beachy style is a great choice. It is low-maintenance, too — just spritz on some texturizing spray.

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Perm With Fringe

This is one of the most classic perm styles for men. You can opt to keep the sides and back long-ish, as in the photo, or you can get a fade, but the key feature of this look is the long fringe. It’s a great choice if you’re trying to disguise a wide forehead, or if you’re just going for an effortlessly cool look.

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Perm Mullet

The perm isn’t the only ’80s trend that’s making a comeback. The mullet has returned as well. And you can combine the two trends with a style like this that features curls from front to back paired with shaved sides. If a mullet sounds hard to pull off, this stylish look should convince you it has gone through a transformation that looks really fresh and modern.

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High Fade Perm

Voluminous curls at the top combined with a high fade definitely makes for a bold and edgy look. Here, only the topmost section is curled and the rest is shaved down, resulting in a fresh and modern take on the classic perm style.

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Short Perm

Having short hair shouldn’t stop you from getting a perm. As long as the top has enough length to curl, go for it. You can try this style that features voluminous curls at the top and a short back and sides.

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Shoulder-Length Perm

If you have long hair, getting it curled is a great way to add volume and body, not to mention some rockstar appeal. Remember, though, that you need to grow it out past your shoulders to get it to this length after curling. Also, it costs more to perm longer hair, and it may not be a good idea to DIY it if you want good results.

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Long Perm

Unleash your inner rockstar with a style like this! If you have long hair that’s craving some texture and volume, you can get it curled with results that will satisfy the rocker-hunk in you! For curls that reach past your shoulders, keep in mind that you need to grow your hair longer before perming.

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Wave Perm

If you’re new to this style and unsure where to start, or if you think tight curls are a little too old-fashioned, you can opt for loose waves like these. It’s an understated look that still makes a big impact. Daily styling is easy to manage as well with just a few spritzes of texturizing spray.

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Perm For Asian Hair

Perms are so in among Asian men thanks to the influence of K-pop idols (looking at you, Chanyeol!). So if you’re Asian and considering a hair makeover, here’s a style idea featuring a tousled curly top with long-ish sides. The short beard finishes off the look nicely, too.

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Perm With Shadow Fade

This style combines two trendy features in one haircut: the perm and the shadow fade. The top part is done up in tight curls while the sides and back feature a stylish high shadow fade that flows down into a skillfully shaped beard. There’s definitely a lot of great stuff going on with this look!

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Fauxhawk Perm

While fauxhawks are typically punky and edgy thanks to their signature tousled style, you can opt for a wave perm like this to give it a fresher, cleaner look. Keep your fade short with regular visits to your barber, and use pomade or gel to style the wavy top daily.

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Low-Fade Perm With Design

Here, the tousled curls at the top make a nice contrast to the clean low fade. Plus, the lightning-shaped design at the nape of the neck adds an extra cool touch. As a trend that was popular in the ’80s, perm styles for men could easily go the old-fashioned route but this is a great way to put a modern spin to it.

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Top Perm

If you have really short hair, you can still rock the perm style by curling only the top. You can opt to fade the sides and back, as in the photo above, or to wear them a little longer. What’s so great about this look is it adds volume and body to the top, which makes a nice contrast to the shorter sides and creates a cool look overall.

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Perm With Design

A perm combined with a fade already looks cool as it is, especially when it has a mohawk vibe to it, as in the photo. But adding some designs to the fade makes it even more impressive. You can experiment with any design that you can pull off and your barber can create — it’s guaranteed to be a standout look!

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Tight Perm

Tight coils like these work best with short hair and also go nicely with faded sides. This is an ideal choice if you’re going for a high-top or flat-top look. You need to know your way around curl products, though, because coils can be more difficult to style and manage.

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Messy Perm

Here, a very subtle wave perm is given a heavy dose of edge with messy styling. Not only does it look so cool but it’s easy to style and maintain, too. Just keep your texturizing or volumizing spray handy.

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Twist Perm

You don’t always have to go the classic curly route with your perm. As you can see here, twists look just as cool. If you favor a unique, edgy texture rather than the usual voluminous waves or curls, try this.

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