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20 Trendy And Sexy Perm Hairstyles For Men

Gorgeous curls aren't just for girls!


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Men are becoming more adventurous with their hairstyles and we’re totally here for it! Case in point: the man perm. While it became trendy back in the ’80s, today’s styles look so much better (think Timothee Chalamet) and definitely not cringeworthy.

Proof that perms for men have become so hot? There’s a hashtag devoted to it and the cool boys of TikTok have been sharing videos of their hair transformation, from the salon chair to the stylish results. Whether you want to add body and volume or you’re just longing for a fun change, curls might just be what your hair is asking for.

Be ready to spend about three to five hours in the salon to get your hair chemically treated, though. While you can opt to DIY it, a professional job yields better results and gives you curls that stay on longer (about three to six months compared to just several weeks with an at-home perm).

Ready to book that appointment? First, take a look at the styles below to inspire your next look.

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