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7 Classic Scissor-Cut Hairstyles That’ll Have You Sorted For Any Occasion

Reinvent your style with these tasteful scissor-cut hairstyles


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Although hair clippers have become ubiquitous in all barbershops and salons the world over, there is still a romantic edge to traditional scissor cuts. We would never seek to do away with their electricity powered cousins, but we think shears deserve their day in the sun this summer. Here are seven of our favorite tasteful trims.

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Business Cut with Natural Side Part

Equally, at home in the boardroom or the tennis club, this masculine style is the standard-bearer for men who wish to be taken seriously. Especially potent on gentlemen blessed with height.

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Classic Taper and Medium Top

Ask not what your hair can do for you, but what you can do for your hair. It may not get you into Harvard, but having your barber fix you up with this longer version of the classic Ivy League look is a great way to give your social resume a boost.

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Undercut and Classic Long Top

It seems every artisanal barista and bike messenger these days is sporting the classic undercut. Why not lean into the tradition by going longer on the top for a defiant look straight from the mean streets of Peaky Blinders’ England.

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Medium Side Brush-Up

Prefer not to expose half your head to the harmful rays of our nearest star? This brush-up style gives you plenty of volume to shape, without the high-maintenance skin-fade. *We cannot be held accountable for passers-by confusing you with Zac Efron.*

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Side-Swept Fringe and Classic Taper

The previous look a little too corporate for your freewheeling soul? Let your artistic nature shine with this asymmetrical fringe combined with a longer, more relaxed taper. Be the centerpiece of your indie-electronic band’s next gig.

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Side Pushed Quiff

Feeling apprehensive at the thought of cutting too much of your hard-earned lion’s mane? Fret not, for this rebellious wind-swept style will conjure in you the look of a lover of all things dangerous and fast. Truly enduring the test of time, let it do for you what it’s done for many in the past from James Dean to Harry Styles.

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Side-Parted Fringe

The tapered sideburns are a welcomed detail to this amazing medium scissor crop. The skill that goes into making a hairstyle like this look that effortlessly good can’t be understimated.

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Wavy Texture with High Volume Top

Wavy and curly hair are best met by a skilled hand that knows its way around those locks.
So, if it’s your first visit to a new barbershop make sure to ask if they’re familiar with cutting lengthy curly hair. It can’t hurt to be extra cautious with your hair!

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Extra Curly Quiff

Don’t know what to do with those unruly curls? Fret not, for this casual cut will tame those locks without taming your wild nature. Never listen to those who tell you your curls are a flaw or an obstacle standing in the way of the perfect look. Side effects could include people’s unquenchable thirst to run touch your ringlets.

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Pocky Texture with Dyed Ends

Highlights and texture on short hairstyles are always a fair sight! The incredible texture achieved here is absolutely thanks to the scissors. Don’t shy away from a little dishevelment.

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