20+ Leg Tattoos for Both Genders (Latest Trend Edition)

Cover your thigh, calf, and shin with your personality.


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Be it a leg sleeve tattoo or just some symbols that represent your personality we’re going to talk all about it today!

Let’s talk about where to get it first:

Full Leg Tattoo

Very self-explanatory name here, these tattoos cover most of the leg if not completely. The designs that we mostly see are modern tribal tattoos. But that’s not the limit by any means, some folks tune and tweak the tattoo to their taste which is exactly the point of a tattoo. Different small elements sometimes make up for the whole leg. We see sports fans tattooing their favorite team and jersey numbers along with players on their tattoo covering up the leg.

Half Leg Tattoo

Sometimes upper half (Thighs) and at times lower half (Calf) constructs for a cheeky half leg tattoo. We see a lot of avid travelers who ink sea waves, flight designs, globe tattoos on there which covers a part of their leg. Dustin Poirier, UFC Fighter has a cross on his thigh. So we see the sky’s the limit when it comes to tattoo designs.

Shin Tattoo

This one is also termed a side leg tattoo. We see a lot of designs that are a mixture of different elements in this area. One thing to note though is that think through before inking this area as the shin bone is just right there which causes pain quite a bit due to lack of muscles in the front area.

Next up, “Leg Sleeve Tattoo”, yes it is a thing! Just as a normal sleeve tattoo but on your legs. Sleeve tattoos are usually inspired by tribal designs with some modern touch to them. Other concepts are a big lion face tattooed on the leg covering it all with its size.

Hawaiian Tattoos are the ones that trend on leg tattoos because they are usually pattern-based designs that require a tad bigger real estate. Other tribal tattoos like Indian tattoos are hard to be seen on legs as the culture doesn’t like tattooing mythical figures on legs.

Now coming full circle, if you are thinking of getting one, these ideas might help you plan your tattoo a bit more.

Is your design size dependent? Can you crop the size of it a bit more?

These two questions will increase your chances to layer more tattoos in the same area while also giving you a chance to cover them up or edit them in the future.

On the other hand, if you are the one with a fixed mindset and ready to layer your leg with that big tattoo then you can think about the color palette. Do you prefer it colorful or prefer a shaded vision with black and white colors? Legs are the part that is most of the time covered with clothing so fading of the tattoo is likely to happen as compared to other spots so coloring it up isn’t a bad idea.

After all of that being said, let’s take some inspiration from the following. Shall we?

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