Toddler’s Short Crop
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60 Cute Toddler Boy Haircuts Your Kids will Love

Getting older in style: how to instill a sense of fashion in your child

written by The Editors

The toddler stage of life is challenging for all – both parents and the child. The toddlers are not infants anymore and they are beginning to see the world in a different light, knowing that there are so many things that they can do and the discovery of walking on two feet is quite a feat for them. And one of the things to commemorate this striking change is by getting their first haircut. Most cultures do not give their child a haircut until they turn one, even making it a sort of celebratory ritual on their first birthday. Of course, not everyone has to do this, and your toddler can get a haircut anytime you deem fit.

As parents, you might want to preserve the infant image – cute little bubbly, chubby faces – that you have come to know every inch of. But as they grow into a toddler, they start losing a little bit of fat here and there, and you want to rethink how their hair factors in. Some children might be used to sporting a ponytail so the hair doesn’t disturb their vision, and others might have used another kind of gadget for the same purpose. But the impending haircut is upon the parent-child duo and the age-old question of what kind of haircut is the next challenge, especially for boys. Toddler boys often sport shorter hair, when compared to girls, though some parents keep their toddler boys’ hair long and avoid cutting it as much as possible. And this is of course, under your discretion.

Wondering what kind of toddler boy haircut you want for your child? Look no further. Presented below are toddler hairstyles for inspiration and advice on how to cut and style your little boy’s hair.


How do I cut my 2 year olds hair?

Cutting your 2-year-old’s hair can be done at home or a specialized children’s salon. If you decide to do it at home, you must prepare everything you need beforehand.

Place a sheet on the floor, so it’s easier to gather the hair down there. Place the chair where your toddler will be seated during the haircut, preferably something with a seatbelt on, like the high chair for eating. on the sheet. Get your scissors, comb, and small water spray, and ensure that the other materials needed are within reach or are close enough that you don’t need to leave your toddler in order to get them. Keep your toddler busy by placing toys, books, or anything that can distract your child in front of them.

Start by using the water spray and wet sections that you are going to chop – ideally, you start in the front section as it is important to keep hair short there and away from their eyes to avoid irritation. Remember that your child might be unable to keep still, so chop fast and don’t hesitate.

Also, remember that you might not finish the haircut in one sitting as the child can become irritated from sitting for a long time. If that’s the case, you can always continue after 2 to 3 hours or the next day if you’d like.

How often do toddlers need haircuts?

Two to three times a year would be ideal or as per the seasonal change.