Little boys are about to become little men and it is time to let their little boy hairstyles embody what kind of men they will be. Presented below toddler hairstyles collection aims to bring inspiration and advice how to style boys hair.

Mop top blond shaggy
The Mop Top

Some boys were born for long and crazy hair and that is why they invented the Mop Top. Kids with pin straight hair should steer clear of these little boy haircuts. This toddler hairstyle works best with fine or wavy hair that has some form of texture. The clippers can be put away in place of scissors for this style. Keep in mind that this haircut is tapered around the neck and ears while getting longer up top.

How to get it – When cutting, choose the length depending on preferences. Keep it clean-cut around the ears and add in some longer layers, but keep in mind that it is supposed to be a bit shaggy, so make sure not to make the layers too short. Frame wispy bangs right above the child’s eyes and blend them as they go down to the sides.

Dapper Side Part
Dapper Side Part

When it comes to more classic youngsters, this is the style to choose. This style works great for boys with thinner hair that will lay down flat. It can also be done with wavier hair in a more textured fashion.

How to get it – Depending on preferences, cut the bottom with a number one, two or three clipper head. Judging by the length used for the bottom, then determine what clipper head should be used around the top. The bottom should be short and clean-cut while the top should only be one head-length longer. Use stand-alone clippers to clean up around the neck and ears.

Styling – Wet the hair and part at the side while using a gel or mousse with a strong hold.

Short Spiky Hair
Short and Spiky

Similar to the Shortened Texture, these little boy hairstyles are easy to cut and maintain. It works best for youngsters with thick and naturally straight hair.

How to get it – When cutting, use a number two clipper head on the sides and back and a number three on top. This style requires good blending all around, simply run the clippers throughout the hair on all sides, making sure to blend naturally. Depending on the length, stand-alone clippers may be needed around the neck and ears, but scissors can work as well.

Styling – This haircut is usually left on its own but can be styled, if desired, with gel for a more spiky appearance.

Long and Layered

These little boy haircuts is a little more difficult but adds a lot of style for a groovy young man. Boys with extremely curly or pin straight hair will not achieve this look very easily, but it is great for everyone in between. This haircut is long but not the same as the mop top.

How to get it – When cutting this style, use a razor blade to cut the lengths rather than scissors. This will add a lot of texture all around. There should be no straight lines and no clean cuts in this haircut, just a lot a layers and a lot of texture. The hair should go halfway over the ears and have bangs that land slightly over the eyebrows while swooping to one side.

Styling – Use a light mousse to arrange wet hair in the desired areas and blow dry for a smoother look.

Beach Waves

This cut is a nice in between look for boys who do not want long or short hair. It works great for the little ones who are blessed with natural thick waves.

How to get it – When cutting, it should land nice and clean around the ears and neck. The sides should be cut at about an inch while the top blends up to two or three inches long. Blend the top and bottom using scissors and a comb while doing to finger technique to measure the length up top. Layering should not be needed.

Styling – This style is great because it can be let loose with a light mousse or spiked up with a stronger gel.

Naturally Curly

If a boy is blessed with beautiful curls they should have a haircut that lets them shine.

How to get it – This cut is left at about two inches all around. Scissors may have to be used to get the back of the neck and around the ears cut up nice but, all in all, the hair should remain one length. Use the fingers and the pull-out technique to cut the hair while keeping the curl in mind when measuring the length.

Styling – A small amount of mousse can be used but, for the most part, curly hair can be left natural.

Spliced Up Nice

This is another in between cut for all the straight-haired little Joe’s. Again, use the razor for a layered and textured appearance. This cut is similar to Long and Layered but is shorter and, therefore, requires shorter layers.

How to get it – The hair cut should only cover the tip of the ears and the bangs should be spliced up about half an inch away from the eyebrows. The thing to remember when cutting this hair is to create shorter layers up top that will add volume to hair that naturally falls flat.

Styling – Brush wet hair forward, use a light mousse to define the layers and blow dry.

Amazing Texture Boy
Wispy Dreams

This cut requires both clippers and scissors to create a clean-cut look on the bottom that blends into wispy, textured pieces on top.

How to get it – Use a number four or five clipper head on the bottom while blending it into the longer top. When cutting the top, use the layering technique to create those wispy pieces rather than one length overall. A few small pieces can hang into the face but an entire set of bangs should be avoided.

Styling – This cut can be left alone or a small amount of mousse can help define the texture up top.

Fo Hawk with Tapered Thin Hair
Faux Hawk

Some boys have inner rock stars that just need to come out and that is where the Toddler Faux-Hawk is found.

How to get it – These little boy hairstyles are done similarly to Wispy Dreams, however, the clippers will cut the shorter lengths higher on the head. Once the cut is done, there should be a small amount of longer hair at the top, about two inches wide across the head, while the shorter hair should be blended and clipped with a number three or four clipper head. Use the scissors to cut the longer portion, using small amounts of the layered cutting technique in order to add some texture.

Styling – Use gel to style by molding the hair up into a point or let it hang free for a casual rocker appearance.

Mini Pompadour
Mini Pompadour

This style is perfect for the little hipsters that want unique toddler boy haircuts.

How to get it – For this haircut, start with a number one clipper head around the lower neck area and around the ears. As the hair moves up, use a number two and three clipper head to create a blended look. The hair on top should be cut using scissors. Keep the hair at the front of the head long enough that it can be slicked all the way back. When cutting the hair farther towards the back front area, use the scissors to layer and blend the hair with the longer lengths at the front. Make sure the hair in the back does not fall too far at the back of the head. The top hair should be long enough that it can be styled all the way back while also being teased to create the classic “pompadour puff.”

Styling – In order to style this haircut, tease the hair on top in order to obtain the desired height and use gel, mousse or hair wax to smooth out the puff and keep in in place.

Buzzed and Cut

To keep it simple for all those tough guys who just do not have time to mess with hairstyling, the buzzcut is the best way to go.

There are a lot of lengths when it comes to buzzcuts and it often depends on what is preferred. For an “against the grain” buzzcut, take a number one clipper head against the entire head and declare it done. If a little more hair is desired, a number two or number three clipper head can still obtain that low-maintenance buzz cut look while also leaving a little more hair to play around with.

Buzz cuts do not require much styling but, for longer buzz cuts, some mousse or gel could grant a little more texture.

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Future Army Man

The military is not always kind to longer hairstyles, but sometimes that is the look a little guy is looking for. Most military hairstyles are some form of against the grain hairstyles, but one of the more popular is a front focus military cut.

Use a number one and number two clipper head to begin with. Start off with the number one at the bottom of the head and use the number two to blend the hair up into the crown of the head. Once everything it trimmed around the crown, there is room to play with length. For the real military style, only a number three should be used around the top area of the head. But, a number four or five can work as well.

Depending on how long the hair at the crown of the head is kept, gel or mousse can be used to style. Often, it is just run through but, if left long enough, the hair can obtain a bit of a messy style.

shortened texture blond boy
Shortened Texture

This little boy hairstyle offers easy maintenance and is perfect for little guys with thick hair that does not handle cow licks gracefully.

How to get it – Use a number four clipper head attachment on the sides and back of the head while using a number six or seven on the top. The clippers should also be used to blend the top with the sides. When it comes to the neck and around the ears, scissors may have to be used to create a clean finish.

Styling – This hairstyle can be left alone but can also work well with a loose-hold gel.

Afro Locs
Shrunken Dreads

While dreadlocks can work for anyone with thick enough hair, it is often best used for black ethnicities. The texture of a black individual’s hair is extremely different and requires different care. The benefit of having that kind of hair is that it can handle a dreadlock style and look great! Smaller dreadlocks have become very stylish and are easier to maintain.

In order to start styling dreadlocks, a child’s hair will have to be grown out to the length that creates the desired length of dread. Once the hair is grown out, decide what size dreads are desired. A combination of teasing each dreadlock section towards the scalp and using hair wax to massage the hair sections in between the hands should be done every day for a few weeks. Eventually the hair will become matted in individual dreads and create the desired style.

As far as styling goes once the dreads are complete, just continue massaging them between the hands and using the wax on a regular basis to keep the dreads looking clean and controlled.

Toddler with Mohawk
Baby Punk

In order to create this style, you want to keep the sides short and leaving the top with the desired length to style later. This is a fun look for your toddler and it will definitely make him stand out.

yobro10 /
Curly Top Fade
Shortened Curls

The Naturally Curly style talked about how to create long and curly toddler boy haircuts, but curly hair can still look great when cut short. This is another style that often looks great with black ethnicities with curly locks but can also work for any boy with thick and curly hair.

A number three clipper head can be used on the entire head while using a number two or one closer around the ears and on the lower neck. This creates curls that stick close to the head but are still deemed curly. Another option is to create a curly faux hawk by using a three clipper head down the middle of the head and a blending between a one and a two clipper head going down the sides.

Some gel, mousse or wax can be used to add texture to shorter curls as well as keep hair secure.

Curly Angel
Longer Curls

For little boys with more hair than they can handle, this can be a great style. Thick curly hair can be a hassle but, if styled correctly, it does not have to be cut all the way off in order to be tamed.

Use a number two clipper head at the bottom and blend with a number three while going up the head. Once everything up to the upper hairline area is shaved, keep the hair left at the top long. Use scissors to trim and layer the curls to the desired length. This style still keeps the thick hair on top while keeping it trimmed and controlled down at the bottom.

By using gel or wax on the top of the head, those thick curls can obtain a lot of texture. Arrange the curls in the desired fashion. This can often be a messy appearance that, when paired with the shorter hair towards the bottom, looks very classy.

Slicked Back

Some little boys just love looking as smooth as James Dean.

In order to create this look, the hair has to be slicked back. Keep the hair long on top and medium length on the sides. This haircut requires only scissors. Keep the hair shorter on the sides but not so short that it cannot be slicked back. Make sure the hair fades into longer lengths at the top so the hair can successfully be smoothed out across the top of the head. The hair on the top should not require too much layering, it just needs to start getting shorter at the back area at the crown of the head.

The hair might look strange before styling but after some extra-hold gel or hair wax is applied and the hair is smoothed back, it will be worth a million bucks.

Go for the Mohawk
Go for the Mohawk

If the mini faux hawk just does not do enough for a boy’s inner rocker, mohawks just might be the perfect toddler boy haircuts.

This style uses stand-alone clippers at the sides of the head so the hair is completely shaved. Decide where the mohawk should start in order to determine how far to shave the hair. The most important thing to keep in mind while shaving is that the mohawk needs to be centered on the head. So make sure to determine that before starting.

Once the sides are shaved, decide what the desired length for the mohawk is and use clippers that are best for the specific length. If the little rocker wants an extremely long mohawk, scissors may be needed as well. As the mohawk reaches the back of the head, it should start to get shorter and blend with the top, so keep that in mind when shaving or cutting.

Mowhawks can be left down to hang at one side or can be slicked back. They also can be styled upward using extra-hold gel or hair wax.

Party in the Front

For boys that are looking for toddler boy haircuts for thick hair that naturally falls forward, they can bring the party up to the front.

Start with a number five or six clipper head at the bottom and blend into longer lengths while going up the head. Once the hair reaches slightly below the upper hairline, start using the scissors. The upper back part of the head should be layered shortly while the hair blends into longer lengths as it makes its way to the front. Use the scissors or a razor to create long, choppy layers up front. The hair in the front should be long but not long enough that it hangs down into the face.

Since this haircut is made for thicker hair, the style should hold itself up pretty well. Use gel or mousse to add texture and to keep the hair up front from falling flat.

Spiked Thin Hair with Faded Sides
Spiked Thin Hair with Faded Sides
Messy Pompadour with Disconnected Undercut
Messy French Crop with Disconnected Undercut
Cute Hard Part and Quiff_
Cute Hard Part and Quiff
Toddler’s Fohawk
Little Big Fohawk
Asymmetrical Fringe Boy
Angular Fringe
Hard Part Temple Fade
Hard Part Temple Fade
Ivy League
Straight Bangs with Faded Sides
Straight Bangs with Faded Sides
Toddler with Long Fringe and Hard Part_
Long Fringe and Hard Part
Ginger Boy Side Swept Fringe Cute Kid
Ginger Boy Side Swept Fringe
Flat Side Swept with Undercut
Flat Side Swept Thin Hair
Long and Textured French Crop
Long and Textured French Crop
Fringe Medium Messy Hair
Toddler’s Angled Fringe Crop
Angled Fringe with Textured Crop
Thin Hard Part Dapper Cut
Thin Hard Part Dapper Cut
Twin Shaved Side Swept
Twin Shaved Side Swept
Pompadour Kids
Pompadour Kids
Low Key Faux with Brush Up
Low Key Faux with Brush Up
Straight Bowl Cut
Straight Bowl Cut
Mohawk Makes Me Happy
The Happy Kid Collage
Side Swept with Lollipop
Side Swept with Lollipop
Hard Parted Brush Up
Hard Parted Brush Up
Intersecting Messy Top
Intersecting Messy Top
Smooth Quiffed Taper
Smooth Quiffed Taper
Blonde Side Brush with Part
Blonde Side Brush with Part
Classic Caesar
Classic Caesar with Medium Fringe
Spiky Top and Fade on Toddler
Spiky Top and Fade
French Crop and Fade
French Crop and Fade
Choppy Fringe on Toddler
Choppy Fringe on Toddler
Side Part and Side Brush Back
Side Part and Side Brush Back
Hardline Design and Brush Up
Hardline Design and Brush Up
Mini Elvis Presley
Mini Elvis Presley
Hardline and Medium Top
Hardline and Medium Top
Textured Scissors Cut
Textured Scissors Cut
Medium Brush-Up with Simple Hard Line
Medium Brush-Up with Simple Hard Line
Trendy Top with Shaved Hairline
Trendy Top with Shaved Hairline
Hard Part and Textured Top
Hard Part and Textured Top
Layered Medium Scissor Crop
Layered Medium Scissor Crop
Hardcore Mo-Hawk
Hardcore Mo-Hawk
Cool and Casual Top with Shave
Cool and Casual Top with Shave
Side Part with Tapered Sides
Side Part with Tapered Sides
Young Temple Fade with Tossed Top
Young Temple Fade with Tossed Top
Hard Part and High Fade
Hard Part and High Fade
Classic Taper and Side Part on
Classic Taper and Side Part on
Straight Fringe Straight Outta Salon
Straight Fringe Straight Outta Salon