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Gray Hair Don’t Care: 15+ Fabulous Ways to Show Off Your Salt & Pepper Hair

Get the much-needed inspiration to masterly highlight your handsome gray hair

written by Justin Bounds

Let’s start with something least expected here! We will check the power of your mindset and see whether you are subjected to stereotypical thinking with just one question: do you like your salt-and-pepper hair or believe that gray hair strands should be hidden?

Suppose you’re positive about demonstrating your gorgeous grayish hair strands. Congrats, we will find a great hairstyle for you quickly! Otherwise, if you consider finding a way of hiding the gray hair – hold on. We will reassure you shortly that salt and pepper hair is worth being proud of. Don’t have much faith in it? Well, let’s take a look at this sensitive matter in detail!

If you’re not convinced to show off your ravishing hair after reviewing these slides, we are sure you will be booking your next hair appointment immediately.


Why is it called salt and pepper hair?

Let’s begin with finding an answer to this most common question! Everything is crystal clear: instead of using a rather delicate for some people, especially men, word ‘gray,’ stylists worldwide have come up with an attractive and pleasant-to-ear combination – salt and pepper hair colour. “Your soft strands of salt and pepper hair match your eyes perfectly – don’t you think such a phrase would sound slightly better without the plain ‘gray’ word? We think so too!

What is the salt and pepper hair exactly?

In short, if you start having your first grayish hair – most likely, your hair colour would be called exactly the salt and pepper one. Basically, the name comes from the combination of a few colours: most of the time, it’s dark brown or even black naturally mixed with lighter gray hair like silver or even pure white. But sometimes, mature hair can have golden sand or ginger undertones too, even though it would still be called a salt and pepper hair colour.

What if I don’t have gray hair yet?

Fake it till you make it – that would be our best answer! Salt and pepper hair is a huge trend these days, and you’ll miss a lot waiting for your hair to start going gray. Instead, mimic it with a good hair professional and a few hours of bleaching. Look at Maluma, Chris Pine, or any other young and famous celebrity. Some of them dye their hair regularly to have that salt and pepper colour. So it is a big time for gray hair today!

Justin Bounds has been working as a barber in Florida for years and is the founder of The Barbr - a Men's Hair Care/Grooming blog dedicated to providing honest advice and useful tips about the topic. You can learn more about him through his Twitter' and his blog.