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Gray Hair Don’t Care: 15+ Fabulous Ways to Show Off Your Salt & Pepper Hair

Get the much-needed inspiration to masterly highlight your handsome gray hair


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If you’re looking for great hairstyles for men with grey hair, look no further. Here are the 15 looks that take grey hair to the next level.

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Classic Side Pushed Scissor Crop

This next style takes a classic crop top look but has purposely left the sides grey. Some would call it the “doctor’s look.” When paired with the 3 days five o’clock shadow, it says resident just coming off a double shift and still looking great. Thanks for comforting my mom, doctor, she says she’ll never trust anyone else but you.

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Comb Over

This simple yet stylish combed-back hairstyle is great for adding weight to grey hair. In this shot, Ryan Reynolds is sporting a smooth, combed-back style. Notice how the hair gets combed to the side as the style goes further back on the head. Combined with clipped sides, this hairstyle makes a confident statement that pairs well with peppered hair.

The tiny quiff/pompadour at the front helps to add weight and texture, which hairstylist Jamie Stevens says is a crucial aspect of an older man’s style. “As a man grows older, the density of his hair changes and thins out,” Stevens says. “Weight and texture are needed to stop it from looking flat and limp.”

Hairstyles for men with grey hair need a bit more presence, and this cut delivers that. Ask your barber for about 1.5 to 2 inches on top of the head. Since the styling process will give you volume, you don’t need too much on top. The sides should be buzzed––here, Reynolds has about a #4 or #5 on the sides, but you can go a little shorter or longer depending on your preference. The back should be buzzed with the same clipper length.

This hairstyle is all about the product. For thin hair, you’ll need a pomade or gel with a medium hold. For thicker hair, use a firm hold product. Work the product into towel-dried, damp hair, working backward and to one side of your choice with your fingers to thoroughly apply the product. Next, use a comb to tease the hair back into a small quiff/pompadour. Finally, set the hair in place by combing it backward and to the side. This will give you the slightly side-swept look Reynolds has here.

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A classic, iconic slicked back style

This is one of those timeless hairstyles for men with grey hair. A straightforward slicked-back style combined with a styled mustache makes for a classy combo. Even if you don’t have the ‘stache for this, you can still get the classic slicked look.

Here’s how. Since all the hair will be slicked back, you’ll want to have some length on top. You’ll want at least 2 inches on top, and you can have up to 3 or 4 inches if you want to go really long. The sides and back can be trimmed or clipped, depending on what you prefer.

This hair is styled with the power of pomade. Apply a small dollop (about the size of two fingertips) to your hands, and work it into towel-dried, damp hair. Comb the hair back, using your hand to follow through, and pat the hair down. You’ll want to comb the hair back to a specific point on the back of your head, either the left or right side. If needed, you can fix the style with a little hairspray. If no hairspray is needed, you’re good to go.

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Elegant Caesar Cut

If you’re looking for an especially suave style, consider copying Clooney’s hair here. His full, slicked back style is an ideal choice for a refined hairstyle that will showcase grey hair. The Master Barber from Ted’s Grooming Room in London says that “silver locks convey a sense of sophistication, experience, and power.” This hairstyle brings out those three elements for an outstanding look.

Ask your barber for 2 to 3 inches on top of the head. The hair should be a little longer in the front so you can style it back. Here, Clooney’s sides are trimmed with scissors, but you can opt for a longer clipper setting, like a #6 or #7, if you prefer a clipped look. The sides and back should be trimmed or clipped the same way as the sides.

Work the product into towel-dried, damp hair. Next, set your part by combing the hair down on one side. Then comb the hair on top in the other direction. The part can be exaggerated or slight. (For reference, Clooney has a slight part on his left side.) Once you’re done parting, tease the front of the hair up and back to create the elegant style shown here. It’s more subtle than a pompadour or quiff, but you want to style the hair in the same way. To get this exact look, tease the hair up and then to the side, away from your part.

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Short Length Brush Up

In this photo, the trimmed beard is used to highlight the strong jawline, giving it a very masculine look. The rest of the look is achieved with a short, brush up hairstyle. The gray accents this style nicely, adding natural highlights and contrast to the overall aesthetics of this style.

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Turn a receding hairline into a fashion statement with this stylish undercut

Got a receding hairline? You’ll be happy to know you can actually use it to your advantage with some hairstyles for men with grey hair, including this dapper style. This slicked-back undercut is similar to the brush-up style shown above, but it has a more contemporary look with buzzed sides and more definition.

Ask your barber for about 3 to 4 inches on top. As with most of these styles, the hair in the front should be just a little longer. The back can be either buzzed or trimmed. The sides should be buzzed. For the closest look to this style here, ask your barber to fade the sides and back and blend the sides.

This style will require a good quality product. Pomade is ideal, though gel will work. Work the product into towel-dried, damp hair. You can simply brush the hair back and style it in that fashion, or you can use a hairdryer to dry it into place. Either way, you’ll want to lift the hair and brush it back, following up with your hand to slightly pat the hair down.

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A subtle, suave style that makes the most of short hair

This comb over style is one of the shorter hairstyles for men with grey hair, but it makes a big impact. If you want style but don’t want to spend forever maintaining your hair, this is for you.

Ask your barber for about an inch on top. The sides and back should be clipped with about a #3 or #4 and blended. Simply comb the hair over in the direction of your choosing. You can also add a more defined part. If necessary, apply a little wax or gel to keep the style in place.

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An unkempt, bold style that borrows elements from the slicked back and brush up styles

This style is an excellent example of a hybrid hairstyle that works well with grey hair. It’s part slicked back, part brush up. Having this variation will make your hair unique and undeniably confident.

Ask your barber for 2 to 3 inches on top and in front. As with most of these cuts, you’ll want to ask for the sides and back to be trimmed with scissors, not clipped.

Get your pomade ready for this highly stylish look. Apply the pomade to damp hair, then follow through with a comb and your hand. For the front, use a comb to tease the hair upward and backwards as you would for a pompadour. The sides and back should be combed down, but you can tousle the hair there to get the full effect.

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Brush-Up and Taper

There’s something about the men that grow gray hairs on the side of the head first, these lighter strands bring out a certain je n’ais se quoi to their style that looks sophisticated and put together. A classic taper and a brush up can look fantastic on these silver foxes.

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Manicured Beard and Regulation Inspired Crop

A short, military-inspired haircut paired with this neatly trimmed beard shows that grey is merely his paintbrush. It’s a stylistic choice made by a man in his prime. The trimmed beard and short hair shows focus, and when paired with grey shows a man that knows what he’s doing.

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Jeff Goldblum's Natural Side Part

When he’s not running from dinosaurs, bringing down alien motherships, or being a guest on Conan, Jeff is perfecting the art of the natural side part. The sides are left longer, giving it a more natural look that complements his more joyful persona well. Life… finds… a way…

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Martin Short's Layered Short Crop

Martin’s style is sure to work for you if you’ve got medium to short length hair, and a lot of it. The different layers give the appearance of more volume and length, using your hair’s natural thickness combined with artistically (and painstakingly) varying the lengths of hair at each individual layer. The result is a look that takes real skill to pull off, so be sure to tip your barber for this one.

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Classic Taper and Brush Up

Like we’ve seen in various previous photos, this is another example where the addition of grey hair is used to add more variety and “color” to the rest of the hair. The dark tones feel more true and rich, much like someone with dirty blonde hair. Grey hair, which should be a sign of aging, actually has the opposite effect in this photo and makes the subject look more invigorated and youthful.

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Brushed Back with Handle Mustache

There’s something about handle mustaches that just says, extremely manly! If you’re into taking good care of your beard, you might want to give this style a try. The hair, casually brushed back brings attention to the key feature of the style, the handle-bar mustache. It looks sophisticated, it looks neat. Give this elegant look a go!

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Thin Hair Slicked Back with Undercut

The disconnected undercut is highlighted by monumental differences in length between the top and the sides. It’s used to draw focus towards the top while also keeping you cooler during the summer months, both literally and figuratively.

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George Clooney’s Short Side Part

George Clooney’s no stranger to looking good, and as we can all see he doesn’t shy away from grey either. Crafting this more distinguished look and adding it to his impeccable repertoire of style, George achieves this by taking the classic “short on the sides, longer on top” haircut and sweeping the top over towards the right side.

None of us is perfectly symmetrical, and that’s the true beauty of this style; George can use the sweep of his hair to accent the side of his face which he deems to be his “good” side and so can you.

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Low Key Moustache

Grey and brown go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and this next style shows how to wear it well. The top is longer, and a bit messy while the beard and mustaches have been neatly trimmed, giving it that “University Professor” look. Will this be on the test?

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Max Joseph's Blowout

If the previous hairstyle was meant for a science teacher passionate about teaching. It takes you back to your high school chemistry days at first glance, and says “look at me, I’m about to tell you something that’s going to change your perspective about the universe”

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Textured Waves add direction and flow to this style

This hairstyle is a great example of what volume and texture can do for grey hair. The waves are accentuated with the help of some good product, and the result is a full-bodied appearance. If you have wavy or straight hair that has trouble behaving, this is a great choice for you.

For this style, you’ll want 1 to 1.5 inches on top of the head. The hair in the front should be a little longer, about 1.5 to 2 inches. In this shot, the sides have been trimmed with scissors, not clipped. For maximum texture, you can ask your barber to use a clipper-over comb on the sides and back.

Apply product into towel-dried, damp hair. The trick to getting this style is to tease the hair. Once the product is applied, comb the product through the hair, combing to one side of your choice. Next, use your fingertips to tousle the hair at different points, creating a chaotic yet controlled look here. Getting the style just right might take a few tries, so experiment and see what works for you.

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A neat side-swept look that keeps it simple

This utilitarian haircut is great for grey-haired fellows who want a no-fuss style. The hair is styled but short, creating a clean appearance all around.

Ask your barber for 1 to 1.5 inches in front. The length on top should taper slightly as it goes back toward the crown. The sides and back should be trimmed with scissors to match the texture and weight of the hair on top.

If you like, you can opt to not style this haircut at all. If you do want to style it, working in a little gel will give it a firmer presence.

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An angular fringe adds a lot of movement to this trendy style

If you prefer messier, more casual styles, this is an ideal choice for you. This angular fringe creates flow in the haircut. The rest of the hair is relatively tidy, so the bangs change things up a bit.

To get the messy fringe, you’ll want your bangs to be about 1 to 2 inches. The hair on top should be a little shorter than the bangs. The sides and back should be trimmed with scissors and blended into the top.

First, you’ll want to style the hair on top. Work your product of choice into damp hair. Next, comb it backward, almost like a slicked back cut. When you’re done, use a comb or your fingers to tease your fringe into a messy look as shown here. You’ll be disrupting your neat look and making it come undone at the fringe.

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Patrick Dempsey's Classic Brush Up

It’s easy to have grey hair and still sport a trendy style. This brush up look adds slight weight to the hair and makes a dramatic statement. Still, it’s a tidy look that communicated sophistication. As this is a longer style, you’ll want to ask your barber for about 3 inches in front. The hair on top can be slightly shorter, but you want the hair in front to be the longest, as you’ll be brushing it upward. The sides and back should be trimmed with scissors to achieve a unified appearance.

You’ll want a medium-hold pomade or gel for this look. Apply the product to towel-dried, damp hair. Style the hair upward with your fingers as you apply the product. Next, take a hairdryer at medium heat and point it at your bangs. Use your fingers or a comb/brush to style the hair upward as you blow dry it into place.

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A laid-back, casual cut

Eric Danes’s hair here is the epitome of carefree. It’s neat but just a little messy, which makes this haircut versatile. It’s ideal for hanging out, and it won’t look out of place in a professional setting, either. If you find some hairstyles for men with grey hair to be too boring or too extreme, try this out.

Ask your barber for 1.5 to 2 inches on top of the head. The sides and back should be trimmed with scissors and not clipped. This cut doesn’t need much styling––in fact, you can get away with some good combing work. But if you want to style it, a bit of gel or wax will hold the hair in place, allowing your locks to withstand the elements.

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Mel Gibson's Brush-Back and Beard

The road warrior Mel Gibson is sporting the timeless brushed back look with a beard that’s gracefully grayed. The father with a grandkid on the way look, experience and authority. Or you could think of it as the landlord look as well. I’ll have it tomorrow sir!

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This smooth style is great for standing out and getting extra fashion points

This hairstyle’s swooping swept back look is another style that adds lots of movement to the hair. As a longer style, this is a good choice for showing off your grey hair.

Ask your barber for 2 to 3 inches of hair on top. Your fringe will be cut the same. The sides and back should be trimmed with scissors, not clipped. They’ll be a bit shorter, about an inch or less in length.

You’ll need a high-quality pomade for this style. Work the pomade into damp hair. Then, comb the hair back, gently patting it down with your hand. For the front swoop, a blow dryer will come in handy. Comb the hair into the wave-like shape while aiming the blow dryer at it from the front to fix it into place. Essentially, you’ll blow dry your hair in the direction you want the swoop to go.

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Slicked Back Undercut

They say the mullet is business in the front, party in the back. This next style, however, is all business. If your idols are Bugsy Siegel and John Dillinger then look no further, this haircut was made for you. Short on the sides and slick back on the top, the grey streaks give you a look that begs the question: “consigliere or caporegime?”

Justin Bounds has been working as a barber in Florida for years and is the founder of The Barbr - a Men's Hair Care/Grooming blog dedicated to providing honest advice and useful tips about the topic. You can learn more about him through his Twitter' and his blog.