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16 Suave Haircuts for Balding Men

Rock what you’ve got


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If your hair is thinning out, you’re not alone. Male baldness is extremely common, and many younger guys also experience some degree of balding. But balding doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to your hairstyle. Just check out these 16 dapper haircuts for balding men.

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Buzzed Brush Up with Pocky Peak

Here’s a unique style you won’t see often. The top is extremely short and spiked up, while the rest of the hair is nearly buzzed.

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Modern Mullet and Beard

If you’ve got a widow’s peak, here’s one style that will make good use of it. The peak creates symmetry, and some careful cutting ensures that the entire cut is also symmetrical.

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Mid Faded Pushed Back Pompadour

If your peak is more gently curved, or if you’re just generally balding, you might opt for something like this small pompadour that also takes the hair back but in a more subtle way.

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Taper Faded Sides with Pompadour

This elegant brushed back haircut is great for guys who want a neat and clean appearance. The tapered sides really add to the overall neatness of this style.

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Out of Bed Mess

Believe it or not, the good old “just rolled out of bed” style is a good option! The messiness of the hair helps to distract from a peak or any balding spots.

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Medium Stranded Hair

Along those same lines, this medium length style works well to cover up various types of balding. This is a good choice if you have more than just a peak.

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Pushed Back Top with Medium Length

For a fashionable, medium length cut, check out this simple pushed back style. Neatly combed hair and a crisp fade make this haircut stand out.

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Tapered Sides with Puffed Top

Brushing the hair straight up into a small quiff is another route to take, as displayed by this short, puffed out style.

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Irregular Side Swept with Thick Texture

Want a looser, more artsy style? This longer side swept haircut might be the one for you. It’s full all over and even hangs down a bit in the back.

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Faded Sides with Thin Hair Long Longer Top

If you like simple, low maintenance haircuts, then this short fade is definitely one to consider. The top is brushed forward just a bit to provide some dimensionality.

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Drop Fade and Short Pompadour

This haircut goes the other way, taking the hair up and away from the widow’s peak. This makes the peak far less noticeable.

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Long Stranded Top with Skin Faded Sides

Balding also doesn’t have to mean shorter hairstyles. This more voluminous look is a great choice if you’ve got a widow’s peak.

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Combed Pompadour with Thin Hair Texture

Many men have naturally thin hair, so balding can make it look even thinner. But you can actually use this to your advantage, as shown by styles like this combed back pompadour.

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Brushed Up Thin Hair

Another take on the brush up concept, this hairstyle takes more of the hair up and has a slightly longer fade on the sides.

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Swirved Up with Pushed Back Front

While the undercut and its many variations are certainly popular, you can also keep the top and sides long. This style will also work if you have naturally thin hair.