Balding Men Haircuts

15 Suave Haircuts & Hairstyles for Balding Men

Rock what you’ve got

written by Shane McCarthy

If you’re a man who is beginning to notice some thinning at the top or crown of your head, it can be disheartening. Whether the cause of balding is genetics, diet, stress, hormones, or another factor, there are still plenty of attractive haircuts that can help you conceal any signs of baldness.

The best haircuts for balding men are those that draw attention away from the top of your head and move it elsewhere. This could mean getting your hair cropped short on the sides and back with a bit more length on top; this will help to create an illusion of width and fullness. Additionally, having a good barber to work with you on finding the perfect cut for you is essential as they can help advise what will look most flattering given your unique face shape and hair type.

A buzz cut is one of the most popular styles for balding men as it helps to minimize any noticeable patches by removing all hair from the scalp. A crew cut is another great option, as it’s slightly longer than a buzz cut and provides more styling flexibility while still being quick and easy to maintain.

For those with medium-length hair who are just starting to see signs of thinning, there are several options, such as textured quiffs and pompadour, which draw attention away from any sparse areas at the crown while adding volume around the sides and front. Leaving sides slightly longer will give you more room to style up into different looks throughout the week.

Ultimately, when selecting a haircut that suits you best, choosing something that works well with your facial shape and natural texture makes all the difference – so don’t be afraid to experiment! To help you choose, take a look at the examples below:

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