20 Stylish Shadow Fade Haircuts To Spruce Up Your Look

These will have you looking so sharp!

written by Shane McCarthy

Shadow fades are some of the most stylish haircuts out there. No matter what style you’re wearing, adding this type of fade to the sides and back results in a cleaner, neater appearance, and amps up the cool factor. But what exactly is a shadow fade? It is a haircut characterized by short sides that gradually blend into a longer top. You can style the top however you want, but the transition must be smooth and seamless instead of abrupt.

You can opt for a low, mid, or high shadow fade and pair it with any style you like. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, an afro texture, or dreadlocks, this type of fade goes well with just about any style and will add a sharp touch to your look.

Keep scrolling to see 20 shadow fade ideas to inspire your next haircut.

Shane McCarthy is the Content Director for Capillus, the world’s first, clinically-proven, FDA-cleared laser cap to treat hair loss. Shane works to share informative and engaging content based off of the struggles and prevention of adult hair loss and thinning. In his free time, he enjoys spending time out on the water wakeboarding and fishing.