10+ Crew Cut Examples: A Great Choice for Modern Men

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Choosing a haircut can be hard, especially if you’re looking for something stylish, but still practical. The crew cut is a relatively simple tapered hairstyle, with the top of the head trimmed short, and everything else even shorter.

The crew cut works well on all sorts of face shapes, which is why you might see plenty of it in day-to-day life.

This clean cut is truly the best of both worlds, because not only is it easy to maintain, but it also looks great. It can make your face seem more mature, and there’s just something about it that exudes confidence and athleticism. The crew cut works well on all sorts of face shapes, which is why you might see plenty of it in day-to-day life.

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What Do You Need for a Crew Cut?

The fact that there’s so little hair at all in a crew cut means that you can get away with starting from almost anything. As long as you’ve got some hair, you’re good to go. Even people with receding hairlines can wear this cut and look great (just take Jason Statham in his younger years as an example).

How to Get the Crew Cut

Firstly, decide how long you want the top of your hair to be. The difference between the crew cut and any old tapered haircut (read our article about tapered cuts here) is mainly in how short you cut your hair. It’s not typical to see this cut with any hair longer than, say, an inch or two.

This gives you the option to either trim it off, or cut it off, depending on what length you’re looking for. Your hairdresser should decide this on their own, but if in doubt (or for example, someone else is cutting your hair) just find out if you have a trimmer attachment as long as you want your hair – if not, go with scissors.

Then cut down the sides with a #2 or #4. After that, you’ll need to taper the top of your head down slightly from back to front, and then fade everything else downwards.

It’s up to you whether you want to keep your sideburns or not with this cut.

How to Style the Crew Cut

Because of the short nature of a taper cut, styling might not be possible (let alone necessary). However, if you choose to leave some length on top, then you can style it as you wish. Some good suggestions are to just gel it upwards in one direction, or brush it to one side.