When you go in for a haircut, you’re probably thinking about what haircut will look best with your hair type. Or maybe you’re taking your face shape into consideration. If you’re a gent who sports eyeglasses, you probably don’t think about how your cut and frames will interact. Needless to say that some haircuts for men with glasses are more adequate.

But think about it: If you wear glasses to see, they’re on your face all the time. They’re a focal point of your face, and they play a huge role in your everyday life. Why not get a great hairstyle that complements your spectacles?

Jake Owen long hair flow glasses
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While glasses are the source of many a taunt in elementary school (the infamous “four eyes”), they’re now a center point in contemporary style. And with so many types of glasses available, they’re a bona fide fashion accessory of their own. After you choose frames that match your personality, all you need is a great outfit and a stellar haircut. And lucky for you, we can help you find a stellar haircut!

We’ve gathered up a comprehensive list of haircuts for men with glasses to help you choose a style that works for you. And since everyone has glasses of all sizes and shapes, we’ve taken that into consideration, so there’s something here for everyone.

John Goodman crew haircut
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Shorter Hairstyles for Smaller Glasses

If you have smaller glasses, you’ll want to stick with shorter to medium length cuts. Longer styles can make your head and face unbalanced, leaving you with what could potentially be a fashion faux pas.

Disconnected Undercut with Quiff on Top
Disconnected Undercut with Quiff on Top, by @javi_thebarber_


The undercut is a one haircut that refuses to step out of the spotlight. It’s also one of the best haircuts for men with glasses. If you have smaller glasses, an undercut will add some symmetry to your head with a short cut. And if you want some contrast, you can always keep the sides short and add length on top for a lively variation. The undercut will nicely balance your smaller glasses and give you an all around classic look.

Zac Efron’s Medium Hairstyle
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Ivy League

If you’re after a toned-down style that’s great for school, work, or other formal occasions, then the Ivy League may be just the right cut for you. It’s essentially a longer version of the crew cut, and it’s beloved by guys around the world. If you’re a glasses-wearing athlete or enjoy a low maintenance haircut, the Ivy League will work well with your glasses. As a bonus, it requires minimal styling, so you won’t have to spend forever in front of the mirror to get a fantastic look.

Brad Pitt side part hairstyle
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Side Part

The side part is another go-to hairstyle that we almost always recommend. Naturally, it’s one of the best haircuts for men with glasses. A shorter side part will pair nicely with smaller glasses. Combine it with a skin fade on the sides, and you’ll have a well balanced look that’s super trendy. (Bonus tip: Add a skin fade to most of the cuts on this list, and you’ll have a fantastic style!)

haircuts for men with glasses

Slicked Back

If you have glasses that fall on the medium or large areas of the spectrum, you’ll have slightly more options. Smaller glasses can easily be overpowered by longer hair, but larger glasses don’t fall victim to this. That said, keep in mind that super short hair (we’re talking #1 all over the head short) will somewhat unbalance your head.



If you’ve got medium to large sized glasses, a pompadour is a fantastic hairstyle for you. The upward swoop of the pomp will draw the eye from your glasses up toward your hair. It’s a killer combo, and while it does require a little bit of styling, the end result is a classic, retro look that we guarantee you’ll love.

Brushed Quiff Hairstyle Blonde
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Another vertically inspired hairstyle, the quiff is going to be one of 2019’s hairstyle hallmarks, and it’s one of our favorite haircuts for men with glasses. You can add some texture to your quiff and get some serious volume going, or you can comb it back a little bit for a faux pompadour look. It’s a fun, versatile style that goes great with a larger pair of glasses.

Braided Man Bun With Undercut

Man Bun

While longer hair and small glasses can unbalance each other, long hair plus large glasses is a great combination. If you’ve been thinking about rocking the man bun in 2019 along with your frames, do it! We’re giving you the official hairstyle fashion thumbs-up. A benefit of the man bun is that you can wear your hair long and loose or shorter and tied up. Both will pair nicely with medium to large glasses.


Slicked Back Undercut with Round Glasses

This is yet another style that takes your hair back for a timeless look. The clipped sides and high contrast help your glasses and hair stand out. Pair it with a skin fade for a super contemporary twist on this style.

Since rounder glasses naturally echo the more ovaline shape of your eyes, you want to avoid any haircut that obscures your face too much. If you have round glasses, we recommend staying away from hairstyles with fringes.

Zachary Quinto combed back side part
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Comb Over

Like the pompadour and quiff, the comb over takes your hair out of your face and places it in a prominent spot atop your head. This will help to create a nice visual contrast and keep your hair and glasses separate focal points instead of blending into one.


Line Up + Square Glasses

With square glasses, you can pull off a lot of volume in your hair. You can also choose a haircut with a fringe if you want, but if you do, opt for a clean-shaven face. If you have a beard and a fringe, they’ll compete with each other, obscuring your face in the process.

Brushed Back Longer Sides gentlemen

Brush Up

The brush up is one of the more eye-catching haircuts for men with glasses. You can tone it down for a more subtle look or tease it up high until it’s almost in blowout haircut territory.

Slicked Back Disconnected Undercut
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Disconnected Undercut

Like many other cuts on this list, the disconnected undercut will add volume to your hair and provide contrast. It’s another adventurous haircut, especially if you ask for a hard part. However, you can make it more versatile by having less hair on top and sides that are clipped with a medium clipper setting like a #4.

Relaxed Slick Back and Beard for Men with Glasses_

Relaxed Slick Back and Beard

This hairstyle suggests sophistication with a fun twist.
It works best on thick hair and styling it couldn’t be more simple, just add a little amount of gel to your hand and start styling. If your hair still needs more product, we recommend to finish this look with hair spray to keep the carefree feeling.

Robert Downey’s Ivy League Haircut with Glasses
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Downey's Classic Short Side Brush Top

This classic look is great because it takes no time to tussle the locks right into place. The sides are short, so there is no problem there and the top is easily combed into place with a few swipes.

Side Wavy Top with Faded Sides

Side Wavy Top with Faded Sides

While the tinted-red octagon glasses draw in the eyes from all corners, having a messy but stylish wavy top goes well with faded sides.

Dyed Layers with Tapered Sides

Dyed Layers with Tapered Sides

For a man that really takes his time in a mirror, the dyed layers look amazing. Dirty blonde fits very well with the natural light brown colors of his hair, and the eyebrow bar on top of the circular glasses is a bold choice.

Finely Faded Sides with Dyed Fringe

Finely Faded Sides with Dyed Fringe

The disorder is in order here with the skin fade plus the dyed fringe. This is a wake-up-and-get-out-the-door cut, plus it looks appealing with the Lennon-style frames.

Quiff with Mid Fade and Tache

Quiff with Mid Fade and ‘Stache

The quiff is still dazzling after all these years. It’s amazing what a little water, wax, and a hair dryer can do to change a person’s appearance. The mustache, small goatee, and studious glasses bring the look altogether.

Undercut Brush Up with Subtle Temple Fade

Undercut Brush Up with Subtle Temple Fade

When needing a change from long hair, the undercut brush up is a good way to look brand new. Subtly cut the sides down, but leave a few inches on the top and brush it up. Add some mirrored shades with an eyebrow bar for maximum effect.

Short Curly Fohawk with Lineup

Short and Curly Faux-Hawk

While David Beckham popularized the fauxhawk in the early 2000s, it’s making a return as we inch closer to 2020. This is a great way for those with curls to look totally different than they ever have before. Thick frames for the glasses and slight stubble wrap up this exciting look.

Spiky Brush Up with Tapered Sides

Spiky Texture with Burst Fade

The long spike look is back and in this shot, it is combined with the hottest look of 2019, the burst fade. Fading generally on the temples or around the ear, the burst fade is getting love from basketball players and rappers all over the world. Rounding off the look is a throwback pair of Ray-Bans.

Textured Bowl Crop with Undercut

Textured Bowl Crop with Undercut

The bowl cut has come a long way since your father didn’t want to pay for a haircut so he threw the closest container onto your head. Nowadays, the textured look plus an undercut and the cat eyeglasses make for a millennial Beatle look.

Fringed Texture with Skin Fade

Fringed Texture with Skin Fade

Sometimes there is messy for messy’s sake, and other times there is messy for fashion’s sake. This is the latter with the fringe that is perfectly messy and a pair of chunky glasses as the cherry on top.

Brushed Up Wavy Hair with Glasses

Brushed Up Wavy

Most men like to get up and go in the morning. If you want that brushed up wavy look (with some great oversized glasses), you have to set that alarm clock a little earlier and spend some time in the mirror.

Slicked Back with Drop Fade

Slicked Back with Drop Fade

The dry slicked back look feels rugged like the wind has been blowing through the hair for hours. With a drop fade, meticulously trimmed beard, and some stunner shades, this is a look for the outdoors.

Shorter Sides with Drop Undercut
@ jediclippertricks

Shorter Sides with Drop Undercut

Great for a date or even a fancy night on the town, this moussed up top with short sides and a drop undercut is the epitome of modern hipstersterness. The clunky octagon shades reaffirm that.

Messy Top with Taper Fade

Messy Top with Taper Fade

As summer breezes into fall, the short hair on top grows a little longer. This version of the messy top adds a line or two on the side in the taper fade, which matches perfectly to the classic Ray-Bans.

French Crop with Taper Fade with Glasses

French Crop with Undercut

DJ Snake may run the charts with his music, but his haircut is also causing waves all over France. The French crop with an undercut is perfect for a day on the football field or a day producing music. The yellow lenses in the circular frames help him stand out in the crowd.

Straight Pocky Hair

The Asian Spike and Tapered Sides

A lot of Asian men spend time in the military and afterward, they keep the cut. This basic spike with a slight fade.

Taper Faded Pompadour with Glasses

Pompadour with Taper Fade

The pompadour is timeless and every generation seems to get it right. This cut with a slow taper fade fits very well with the over-the-top glasses.

Dyed Side Part

Dyed Side Part

If looking like a first-year professor is your bag, the dyed side part is for you. The roots are showing, and the smarter-than-you glasses will definitely keep the students on their toes.

Wavy Top Undercut

Wavy Top Undercut

For those with no fear of getting their wavy hair bigger and bigger, the wavy top undercut. The sides are trimmed nicely, while the top keeps getting brushed up and up and up. Perfect for retro-cool Ray-Bans.

High Fade for Blonge Guys

Undercut Wavy Texture

Pushing things forward seems to be the way to go here, with his blonde locks disheveled in the perfect way. The skin fade is very tight, which compliments the animal pattern on the frames.

Mid Parted Strands

Mid Parted Strands

Parting hair in the middle used to be nerdy, but no more. This modern update on a classic look shows that the middle part can be sexy and cool when styled in the right way. The round Ray-Bans pull the viewer into the face.

Mid Fade with Textured French Crop

Mid Fade with Textured French Crop

The French crop is like a fancy Caesar, but here, the textured cut adds a lot of depth to the hair. The mid fade holds it all together, while the fancy shades add a bit of old school hip-hop to the look.

Undercut Taper with Swavy Top
@ jessro_abq

Undercut Taper with Swavy Top

How big hair can go is only up to the imagination. The waves on the top here look like he’s coming from riding in a convertible sports car, which is exactly the point. The undercut taper cleans the sides and makes room for his cat-eye sunnies.

Side Turned Classic Thin Hair

Side Turned Classic Thin Hair

If the 1950s had all the hair products we have now, all their models would look clean and dapper with a side part and thick sides. How do we know it’s 2019? This classic look is enhanced by the smaller modern sunglasses and wild print on the frame.

Low Fade Layered Pompadour

Low Fade Layered Pompadour

Sometimes, all the hairspray, gel and wax come together perfectly. This is the case here as the sides are low but the pompadour is sky high and styled just right. The metal frames on the glasses bring the look back down to Earth.

Taper Fade with Wavy Top

Taper Fade with Wavy Top

The top is wavy here and looks extra stylish with a slight side part. The taper fade and extra attention to the temple and the beard here look jazzy. The Cubmaster half-frames are also on point.

Brush up Fringe

Brush up Fringe

Like someone who hasn’t seen a barber in many months, the brush-up fringe shows a man who is extremely busy. This look is the opposite of the crop top and skin fade, so it shows a little class and elegance. The thick frames add a modern twist.

Man Bun With Glasses
@ goodmunning

Ashy Man Bun with Undercut

The man bun is still holding on to popularity because of its actual usefulness. The gray dye job here looks very contemporary and the round glasses fit his features.

Side Part Hairstyle Glasses

Classic Side Part Crop

For a man with everything, the side part looks perfect. Here, the round frames of his glasses perfectly accentuate his strong facial features.

Side Swept Undercut Wet

The Wet Side Swept Undercut Look

Keeping the hair wet or at least the appearance of wetness is a very Jersey-Shore-like look. This looks like the gel has just been put in on the top with a very distinguishable side part. The fade and mirrored shades keep the look from being too cheesy.

Slicked Back Hairstyle Glasses

Volumized Slicked Back

Sometimes, simple is easy. Combing or brushing the hair back after putting some product in, makes for an easy way to keep your hair in place. The round frames look good on his heart-shaped face.

Brush up Fade Beard and Shades
Credits: Braid Barbers

Faded Brush Up with Beard and Shades

If you want to look like you own a van, this is the look for you. A short brush up at the top with faded sides into a beard makes the look vintage. Add some skater/surfer glasses for extra swank.

French Crop with Glasses

French Crop with Glasses

They say that eyes are the window to the soul, but this French crop with circular glasses look really glares deep into the ego.

Medium Skin Fade Textured Crop

Medium Skin Fade Textured Crop

The crop with texture is everywhere these days with the younger generation. The skin fade provides the shape and the undersized Browline glasses really work here.

Side Swept Elegant Glasses and Beard

Side Swept Elegant Glasses and Beard

Nothing says fun uncle like a trimmed beard with side-swept hair. The scholarly glasses show that it’s ok to leave the kid with him for a few hours.

Side Swept Fringe Angular Style

Side Swept Fringe Angular Style

Having a side part, but also not having a side part looks really good here. The top is long while the side hasn’t been cut in a while. The angular glasses conform to his high cheekbones.

Wild Brush Up Skin Fade and Glasses

Wild Brush Up Skin Fade and Glasses

Here’s to the wild ones! This brush-up looks like it could keep going up forever before it actually comes back down. The skin fade is tight and the Annie Hall circular glasses are very right now.

Straight Hair Boys Hairstyle with Glasses

Choppy Side-Swept Fringe

We can’t let people with curls or the brush-ups have all the fun. Straight-haired people are also boisterous and chic. The oversized Sally Jessy Raphael frames add a lighthearted touch to the otherwise serious look.

Longer Swept Quiff Hairstyle for Boy

Long Swept Quiff

While a lot of boys opt for short hair during the summer, the strands get longer when the weather gets cooler. This longer swept quiff is perfect for the fall and shades show a combination of artist and prankster.

Frizzy Hairstyle with Glasses

Frizzy Hairstyle with Glasses

A messy fringe carelessly draped across the top of your glasses is ideal for a “rolled out of bed look.” Pair it with a tousled style, and you’re all set. The glasses here are understated as it’s the hair that does all the talking.

Side Swept Messy Style but elegant with Glasses

Side Swept Messy Style but elegant with Glasses

The messy look is always in. It’s running fingers through the hair or running out the door, but it works. Especially here with a five o’clock shadow and thick modern frames.

Classic Cut LA Style
Credits: Braid Barbers

Classic Cut LA Style

Los Angeles is home to some of the most fashionable people in the world. Here, a classic LA cut means short sides and swept back for the surfer look. The clear frames on the sunnies are a dead LA giveaway.

High Volume Top and Short Hairstyle for Men

Textured Top and Classic Taper

Thinking about getting a new cut is not easy. With a top that has high volume and sides that are tapered, things become clear. The glasses make him look like he works as a creative.

Brushed Back Longer Sides gentlemen

The Business Crop

The Wall Street look from the 1980s is still around. Brushing the hair back and keeping the sides long demonstrates wealth for some. Metallic frames bring some 1990s into the look, while still being cool.

Curly Bond Shorter Surfer Hairstyle

Curly Surfer's Flow

Surfers do what they want when they want to do it. With the short, curly style, this guy rides a wave to wherever he wants to go. The shades are typical surf style, too.

Wet Iconic Surfer Hairstyle

The Wet Medium Crop

Wet hair automatically means a beach or pool. With the wet look here, this surfer shows that he’s all about the future and not worrying about the problems of the past. The blue-tinted shades fit perfectly with the just got off the waves look.

Swept Fringe Medium Hair

Swept Fringe Medium Hair

Casual and comfortable is the name of the game for this haircut. The top is long but swept to the side while the sides are relatively short. The oversized sunglasses are perfect for a sunny day.

Undercut Surfer hairstyle

Undercut Surfer hairstyle

While staring into the water, surfers must figure out a way to become one with nature. This brush-up is defying the odds of nature and going all the way to the sky, nearly resembling a wave itself. The undersized Browline shades show a deep thought process.

Slight Quiff Side Swept Hairstyle

Side-Swept Short Quiff

This look is perfect for casual Friday in the office and drinks afterward. The slight side quiff is quite small because of the short hair, but in a few weeks could be a big brush up. The woodgrain frames add some joy.

Gerard Butler Glasses Textured Messy
s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Gerard Butler Glasses Textured Messy

While he’s been a warrior, spy, and a phantom, among other things, Gerald Butler is always looking good. With the stylish messy do and aviator shades, Butler is ready for some red carpet.

High Skin Fade Undercut

High Skin Fade Undercut

The last few years have been years of the skin fade. Everyone gets them when they go to the barber, and they all look fresh to death. This tousled top goes well with the fade and oversized Lennon glasses.

Middle Part or Tapered Sides or Both
Alones/ Shutterstock.com/ Shutterstock.com

Middle Part or Tapered Sides or Both

This control over strands is purely an art form. The subtle middle part quite unique and we don’t see that often. The side brush however is a chill touch to the top with sides being tapered. Just a toss on top is what makes this informal yet cheeky.

Short Side Brushed Top with Skin Faded Sides
Amir Bajric/ Shutterstock.com/ Shutterstock.com

Short Side Brushed Top with Skin Faded Sides

Balance is what we strive for in a good hairstyle and that is exactly what is been achieved here. The beard and hair complement each other especially with hair being skin faded on sides and slightly side brushed no top.

Neat Side Part with Rough Textured Hair

Neat Side Part with Rough Textured Hair

A blow-dried top will always give you a rough texture. The side part here makes everything well organized with a neat mid fade that makes the sides look controlled. The beard here balances the face quite well with that stubble look.

Fluffed Quiff with Low Faded Sides

Fluffed Quiff with Low Faded Sides

Side parted quiff is quite fancy with tapered sides make it for a neat look. The low fade makes it neat with top being side brushed quiff makes up for a neat look especially when that volume is balanced with a beard.

Simple Faded SIdes with Side Brush

Simple Faded SIdes with Side Brush

A very neat and simple approach where the sides are taper faded with top being comparatively short with some side brush to add a little style factor to it. The clean shave is an amazing touch to the face.