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There is a good reason why twist hairstyles for men are so in demand these days. But before we proceed to that let’s begin with the definition of the hair twists.

What are the hair twists?

The hair twists might look similar to braids, however, they are created in a different way: while the braids are done in a certain pattern, for the twists you have to roll two or more wet strands of hair together in a spinning motion and lock the ends with the thin hair ties or hair glue.

Why hair twists are so popular?

The twists are mostly in demand for the one main reason: it’s easy to tame the afro-textured, frizzy hair with them yet guys with a different texture seem to be liking such hairstyle as well. Also, these twists are useful when it comes to protecting your hair from environmental factors or securing the hair from the pulling or harsh techniques of braiding.

How to style hair twists?

The hair twists are pretty easy to entangle to any kind of hairstyle whether it’s a combination of different braiding styles or something like a high bun or a low ponytail. But we should begin with the detailed process of making the twists themselves:

1) wet your hair by parts or completely using water or mineral/dry styling oil;

2) using your fingers, brush through the hair strands and divide them into parts accordingly to your preferred style;

3) take one part and split it into two or more strands of the same length and start twisting them; release the twist once you set the ends with sticky hair glue or an invisible tie.

Afterward, it will be an easy thing to style the twists as one big braid or to get them together in a ponytail. With such a variety of twists for guys, you can pair them with an undercut, mohawk, or dreadlocks to achieve a cool, dressy look.

How long do the hair twists last?

Once you get familiar with this technique of braiding and practice a few times to get smoother twists, they should last as long as a few weeks. All you need to keep them up is an anti-frizz shampoo and mineral hair oil.

If you’re ready to spice up your style or upgrade the haircut, check out this guide to the most trending twist hairstyles for men for some fresh ideas:

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