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Weird and Crazy Hairstyles for Men

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There comes a time in the life of every man when they’re seriously considering doing something radical to their hair.

Whether you’re just about to book your appointment with the barber’s or just looking around for a funky hairstyle that finally tickles your fancy, we’ve compiled a fine selection of crazy hairstyles to get you going on your way to greatness!

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@la_rosy15/ Instagram

Slightly Tall Faux

This may be a faux-hawk but it definitely has all the attitude and flair of a full mohawk! Given you can pull off this length and are willing to commit to the styling it needs, you’ll be looking super fly.

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@did_by_kid / Instagram

Mohawk Plus Braids

For a twist on the regular mohawk, you gotta get twisty and maybe a little “schwifty”. Why not braid the top for a little oomph? Certainly a very unique touch to your every-day style.

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@mr.lo__/ Instagram

Drop It Like Its Hot

How crazy skilled must this barber be to create such a cool design? A braided top is the cherry on top for this one.

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@holytigerbarbershopgraz/ Instagram

Extreme Mohawk

Fine, detailed, elegant, a masterpiece of a mohawk! Notice how the hair gets shorter on a perfect curve as it goes down the head. We are in absolute awe. 

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@kalin_barber/ Instagram

Dyed Spider Braids

These bleached-blonde spider braids are an excellent way of thinking out of the box when it comes to your hair. Pairing them with an undercut is a the best way of accentuating your braided look!

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@egobarbers/ Instagram

Textured Fringes with Shaved Hairline

You’re sure you wanna do something crazy, but you’re not ready to take it to the next level just yet? Adding a shaved hard line to the side of your head is a great way to dip your toes in the water!

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@jarredsbarbers/ Instagram

Braided Side Part

Some people say you gotta make your life colorful,  but what about your hair? We love this rainbow look! The shaved side gives the whole hairstyle an amazingly edgy yet sophisticated feel.

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@chris_barbercode/ Instagram

Thinly Layered Faux

A faux-hawk is a great haircut for its versatility. Here’s an example of one of the many styles you can try to give it a spin!

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@itsclipperovercomb / Instagram

Tallest Mo-Hawk

W-O-W! Is all we can say when we look at this hair-spray-held beauty of a hairstyle. The side-line design has such an incredible way of contrasting the best of both worlds for this mohawk hairstyle’s approach. 

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@holytigerbarbershopgraz/ Instagram

Comb Over with Hard Side Part

Some people might not consider this to be outlandish, or over the top but it takes a special kind of confidence to rock this variation of the regulation cut. With a side part shaved like that, your looks will be anything but regular!

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@paulmacspecial / Instagram

Dyed Top with Undercut

A fiery top? Yes, please! Create fun contrasts between your shaved design and the top by playing with bold colors.

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@spukthebarber / Instagram

Textured Top and Reverse fade

Fades can take many shapes and forms, but this one is really something else. Flipping all possibilities on their heads, this style brings the best of the barber’s skills out to play with a fresh vision.