With the rise of K-Pop, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people want to mirror their extraordinary and fun styles. Whether you prefer a basic look or one that makes you stand out, we have put together some of the most fashionable Korean hairstyles that you can pull off anytime!


Jimin's Bleached Korean Flow

Do you claim yourself as an adventurous person? Then you just might want to try this daring bleached hairstyle. The lighter blonde shade will make your eyes pop and the layered texture gives dimension and volume. There’s no denying you’ll shine with this style.


Jin's Curtain Hair

One way to make a standard bowl cut look more exciting is to part it in two and have it frame your face. Effortlessly stylish, this curtain style creates a fresher look and suits most face shapes.


G-Dragon's Wet Look

If you want to try a style that will make your dark hair stands out, you can try this look. The longer, sharper fringe covering the forehead and eyes is extremely edgy. Besides, who doesn’t like a little bit of mystery to unveil?


BM's Undercut and Side-Swept Top

You can play around with a blow-dryer to help create a voluminous side-swept with your straight hair. The contrast between the long top and short undercut gives a different appeal from various angles.


Taehyung (V)'s Wavy Curtain Bangs

You might want to grow your hair longer for this haircut. Similar to Jin’s straight curtain hair, but with an extra “oomph”. With some highlights, it will attract attention to the soft wavy textured hair, leaving you looking bold and dashing.

Strawberry Candy Floss Pompadour

Strawberry Candy Floss Pompadour

Known for their ever-changing hair color, K-Pop stars are always experimenting with unique and daring tones. It definitely requires confidence, and those who are considering to play around with colors can take this rich shade as an example.

Pair it with the timeless pompadour, it is a perfect combination of classic meets trendy.

Neat Blonde Brush Up

Neat Blonde Brush Up

You can always add a little bit of flair to your straight medium length hair with a clean brush up. A darker blonde shade and subtle highlight color give volume to your hair while still looking sleek.

Jimin's Hair Tutorial