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15 Most Universal White Boy Haircuts

Best looking cuts for any style and age


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At first, it might seem that being a man simplifies a lot of things, like what to wear or how to style your hair. However, we are ready to break this stereotype and help you choose your next best matching haircut.

What should be considered before getting a fancy haircut?

Whenever you’re looking to experiment with your hair, keep in mind that most haircuts, whether a classic taper fade or a long fringe, will not look fresh and crisp after the first hair wash. This means that whatever style you choose, it will require you to spend some time daily for styling, and it will oblige you to refresh the haircut every 2-3 weeks in the barbershop, depending on the type of cut.

How to pick the right style?

We would suggest anyone follow these three easy rules with a PBA acronym: pragmatism, business, and affection. Be pragmatic with your choices, consider your schedule’s busyness, and follow your affection for a particular style.

How to find out if your barber has enough expertise?

The level of expertise should not be judged by the complexity of the haircut. What is actually crucial is tThe level of expertise should not be judged by the complexity of the haircut. What is actually crucial is that you should always pay attention to the cleanliness of instruments and the condition of the products that a specialist uses. If all the bottles, scissors, and aprons are dirty or crumpled, maybe it’s a good idea to look for a haircut somewhere else. Cutting hair might not be the most potentially dangerous process; however, even with scissors or an old, dull razor, there is a certain chance of harm.

After reviewing the three critical points mentioned above, you’re finally ready to find your next haircut. So let’s not wait any longer!

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Chord Overstreet’s Round Layer Cut

Not ready to chop off your hair? Not a problem! With the longer hair, your possibilities are also unlimited. One of the options would be to cut your hair in round layers without a clear part and style the bangs to one side. It’s a classic cut that is in trend for the past decade for sure.

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Timothee Chalamet’s Curly Taper

Do you have naturally curly hair and looking to make it neat-looking? Take an example from Timothee and his adorable medium-length curly taper. His hair is cut shorter in the back, and the top part was left longer just to create that extra volume. It looks good on Timothee, and we’re sure it will work even better for you!

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White Boy’s Crew Cut

This is an old trend but seems to be the most likable one. Initially, it was preferred by athletes and military personnel. However, due to the cut’s cool appearance, many guys began to repeat it. Today this is still a popular cut and also a relatively simple one to maintain at home.

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Messy Fringe With Hair Design

The most sophisticated cut would be the one with the even curved lines above the ears, clearly shaved off neckline, and spiked top part This messy fringe cut will definitely take a few hours at the initial haircut appointment and will absolutely require a touch-up every week or so. Keep that in mind if you’re going to select such a refined style.

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Colin Farrell’s Old-Fashioned Cut

Are you an admirer of the 50’s style and love wearing formal suits? Then such haircut was designed especially for you: smoothly slicked-back gelled hair and framed whiskers with a slightly trimmed beard. That’s an authentic way of styling hair for a real gentleman.

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Justin Bieber’s Side Fringe

In case you’re ready to go for a bigger change and have long enough hair: try bleaching the ends of the hair just like Justin Bieber did and get a textured side fringe with the short sides. Such a haircut will look dapper without any special styling.

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Zac Efron’s Extra Long Comb Over

If you’re open to experimenting with more catchy styles, you will like Zac Efron’s chic look. He went for a low fade cut with a slightly tinted comb-over in pink shades. Such a cut is definitely not practical in everyday life but will indeed look outstanding at any event.

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Spiked Ivy League Haircut

If you’re a perfectionist and like everything to be perfectly even and framed – this spiked cut is the one for you. With the crisp sideburns, geometrically trimmed beard and thick shape-up, your look will brighten momentarily. Also, this cut would look even more beneficial in bright ginger colour.

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Curly Hawk With A Skin Fade

For younger guys, our suggestions would be to experiment with your hair as much as you can while you can still do it! Particularly this mohawk haircut will unlikely look suitable for someone over 40 years old unless they are rockers. So use your chance and go for an eclectic style of skin fade and long curly hawk cut.

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Stylish Pink Taper Fade

Highly extravagant cut and colour for someone who follows the trends. The soft baby pink colour and a bold fade with a clearly shaved neckline will require a lot of time and effort to keep it up as the unbleached hair can be highly noticeable once it growth even slightly. However, you will surely get all the attention and compliments with such a cut.

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Brad Pitt’s Slicked Back Pompadour

Do you like to keep your hair short on the sides but longer on top to discover various styling options? You should take a closer look at this undercut! Brad Pitt has trimmed sides, but the top part is tricky: you might not see it because of the slicked-back hair, but a shorter cut in the back gradually lengthens to the front part. By keeping the front part longer, you can keep the bangs hanging on a side or gelling them back.

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Brooklyn Beckham’s Fohawk Haircut

Unquestionably, the Beckham family has quite a unique taste in styling as well as the best stylists in the industry. So no wonder why Brooklyn looks just as fashionable and polished as his father. We have to admit this long fohawk haircut, slightly styled back with shorter cut sides, looks adorable on Brooklyn.

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Johnny Depp’s Classic Messy Hair

For those who like to have their hair a bit messy in a creative way, this option would work wonderfully. Low fade with a few long, bleached hair strands makes it look even more extraordinary. With the help of a salt spray, you will add more texture to your hair.

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Richard Madden’s Classic Tapper Cut

Such a haircut would perfectly match someone with an exquisite dressing style. With one hand movement and a little bit of styling pomade, this haircut can change your appearance drastically. This cut will only emphasize your exquisite taste, whether you’re wearing a black turtle neck or a crisp, colourful shirt – this cut will only accentuate your impeccable taste.

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Joe Manganiello’s Thick Crew Cut

You’ll like this haircut if you start having a grey beard or hair: the low fade looks excellent with the gradual transition from grey hair to darker tones. The crisp side part keeps your haircut’s fresh look, and the spiky hair on top adds a bit of a casualty to the style.

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