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20+ Fresh Men’s Dreadlocks Styles for 2022

Styles for the soul.


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Dreadlocks are nothing new — in fact, they’ve been around for decades. They’ve definitely stood the test of time up until now, but are there any fresh, modern twists on this classic cut for the modern man?

There most certainly are! In this gallery of 10 fresh dreadlock styles, we’re going to walk you through our favorite dreadlock haircuts, giving you plenty of inspiration for your own style!

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Irregular Strands

Contrary to popular belief, dreadlocks don’t need to hang down to your hips. If you’re looking to combine the timeless energy of locks with something a little more practical, these short, irregular strands might be the choice for you.

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Tyga's Locks

Who better to take locks inspiration from than rapper Tyga? These medium-length, curly dreadlocks exude youth and confidence. Again, the bun/ponytail motif is coming in to tidy things up.

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Dyed Dreadlocks

If you want to add some more flare to your next dreadlock style, why not opt for a little hair dye? Here, the stark contrast between light, bleached hair and a very dark, natural hair color creates the impression of added texture.

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@hayden_cassidy/ Instagram

Thin Hair Tapered Temple

Until now, you might not have seen a single dreadlock hairstyle with any tapering at all. Well, here you have it. Pretty cool, right?

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@barber.theory/ Instagram

Free Falling Afro Dreads with Mid Fade

Quite a fancy look with the neckline being all faded into wings with that slit making it very fancy on the back with the top being all dreadlocked for that neat look. The sides are mid-faded into the beard that balances the look quite well.

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@realbarberbeezy / Instagram

Undercut Dreads with Dyed Ends

Now, these dreadlocks have been around for a while now, as you can see from the length. In this example, they’ve done a very clean line-up detailing and I love the short-long contrast here.

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@ychromebarbering / Instagram

Dyed Dreads with Faded Temple

This incredibly smooth skin fade is giving me life, but the dreadlocks though are the cherry on top, literally. Such a refreshing trend!

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@e_visionaire / Instagram

Side-Swept Dreadlocks and Undercut

What a killer style! Deciding how you’re going to sport your locs is very important. Lately, I’ve been loving seeing them paired up with all sorts of different style undercuts.

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@lanedorsey/ Instagram

Clean And Crisp Dreads

Let your dreadlocks grow out and you’re left with a tough decision: thick or thin? These thick, crisp dreadlocks are a favorite of ours. They’re tidy enough for the boardroom, but still very cool!

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@ thedeadface/ Instagram

Dreadlocked Mullet with Brushed Up Top

Dreadlocks are quite fun but this one is quite a few notches up. The sides are tapered with a brush up on top with the back having equal texture. The rusty blonde dye is something that makes it exotic.

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@justmikethatsme/ Instagram

Designer Taper with Dreads

Why not experiment with all aspects of your new dreadlock hairstyle? For this particular hairstyle, there are three crucial parts: the fringe, the bun, and the taper. All of them are expertly crafted for a young, modern look.

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@juliuscaesar / Instagram

The Dreadhawk

Call it a dreadlock-mohawk or a front-dreadlock-bun, this hairstyle is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Indeed, it’s fun and fresh, and the angular, striped neckline pattern only makes it more interesting to the eye.

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@kaisbarbershop/ Instagram

Dread Side Pony with Subtle Line Up

So, you like long dreadlocks AND sports? Unfortunately, the two don’t really mix. You’re going to have to tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail, but it’s actually quite a cool look that comes from that!

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Hyper Active Dreadlocks with Undercut

This example is great to showcase all the many different things you can do with your dreadlocks. Looking super cool with an undercut and a shave and fade-lines design.

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@seuelias / Instagram

Short Dreadlocks with Shaved Hairline

Amazing inspiration for short dreadlocks! Love how they look the right kind of toasty color. Whatever you chose to do with your undercut make sure you consider taking a page out of their book!

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Tippy Trippy Dreadlocks

These warm-toned hair tips are going straight for my heart! They look incredibly cool tied up like that. What a fun way to play around with dread hairstyles.

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@ninothenice / Instagram

Undercut Locks Bun

These dreads are in the thin category but don’t they look so cool? Paired with a super short undercut they offer some flexibility when it comes to deciding how to wear them.

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@kaisbarbershop/ Instagram

Slicked Back Dreads with Undercut

When your dreads are short enough, you can slick them back just like with any other haircut. That’s how you create this fun and practical dreadlock style. The close-shave on the sides is optional, but draws more attention to the unique top.

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Ashy Blue Dreadlocks in a Bun

When it comes to your style, you have the final word, but let us say that this particular hairstyle comes in extra hot on our list. The contrast, the colors, the possibilities! Just think about it, this dye work looks incredible in blue!

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@the_experience111 / Instagram

Threaded Top with Faded Temple

These thin dreadlocks do come with a bit of a box-braid vibe! Doing them this way can also be a fun alternative to what we regularly see for deadlock hairstyles.

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@justmikethatsme / Instagram

Clipped Dreadlocks with Temple Faded

They have some a-m-a-z-i-n-g styling done here. Let’s start with the fact that the dreadlocks some pretty good-looking silver hair jewelry to add a little bit of sparkle; and what do you guys think of the shaved lines design they went with?
I for one, love the way the barber played with the shapes, even including the beard! Bravo!

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@sky_salon / Instagram

Dreadlocked Man Bun

Dreadlocks can be very fascinating if done right and here we see it done very well, the top is all thick dreadlocks with longer strands. The sides are however very contrasty with that undercut taper. That cheeky mid-fade with sharp lineups is the dream.

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Long Dreads for Nicer Sauve

This needs quite a bit of maintenance especially with the dreads that are substantially long. The sides are slightly tapered in order to maintain the volume but the rest is kept quite rugged and thick.

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Colored Afro Dreadlocks

Are these long dreadlocks or short ones. Well, both, in a way. Dreads are usually longer and thicker but this one is a sleeker version of dreadlocks with loads of undercut and faded sides for a neat overall approach.

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@hideoutbarber / Instagram

Plaited Dreadlocks

As far as traditional deadlocks go, one of the most common motifs is the plait. Here, a thick three-part plait is combined with short, undercut sides for a modern take on a classic Caribbean look.

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Soulja Boy Haircut Locks

Love me some shaggy locks! They look super healthy too. Are you paying enough attention to the maintenance aspect of having them? Consider what hair care products you’re using for keeping them healthy.


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