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20 Variations of The Pixie Cut

Short and Sweet, no fuzz styling

written by The Editors

The pixie cut is one of those haircuts that can look sweet and badass at the same time. The pixie cut is characterized by being short on the back, sides of the head with a slightly longer top and classically short bangs or even micro bangs.

Obviously, the pixie haircut has been through many amazing styling variations and cuts but we cannot go without mentioning how in the 1950s film Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn’s character Princess Ann, boldly and defiantly decides to get a pixie cut starting a trend that would still be coming and going decades after!

Etymologically speaking, the word pixie has an uncertain origin but it is speculated that it comes from the nordic Swedish dialectal pyske, meaning small fairy, among other plausible explanations for the word. How accurately adorable is that?

If I’ve gotten you a little bit more eager about going for a pixie, you’re not alone! Scroll down to check out top picks for modern and classic variations of the pixie cut!