Few hairstyles are as versatile as the bob. They’ve been one of the most popular cuts for decades, and no matter how much time passes, there always seems to be a fun way to update and fresh it. Check out some recent popular bob trends.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Side-Pushed Leveled Bob
Vanessa Hudgens' Side-Pushed Leveled Bob

Want to get a little daring with your bob? Use your favorite gel or holding product and use it to slick your hair back and to the side like Vanessa Hudgens. You’ll look like you came straight from the beach.

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Emma Watson’s Bob
Emma Watson's Curled-in Bob

You can rock this style from Emma Watson whether your hair is already bob-length or longer. All you have to do is curl or tuck the ends of your hair up to create the illusion of a bob.

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Karlie Kloss’ 1920s Inspired Style
Karlie Kloss' 1920s Inspired Style

Karlie Kloss’ ‘do pays homage to the 1920s flappers who popularized the bob cut we know today. Swoop your bangs low across your forehead and add some soft waves to the body of your hair to keep it fresh.

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Emilia Clarke’s Mid Part Half-Up
Emilia Clarke's Mid Part Half-Up

Who says you can’t wear short hair up? Follow Emilia Clarke’s lead and use bobby pins, a clip, or hair tie to secure half of your hair up. You can be as neat or messy as you like!

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Milla Jovovich’s Bob
Milla Jovovich's Bob

Add some body and volume to your bob by adding a few strategic curls, like Milla Jovovich. Though her cut is relatively simple, the small curl in her bangs takes it to the next level.

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Kristen Stewart’s Slick Back
Kristen Stewart's Slick Back

Don’t be afraid to go for an edgy rocker look like Kristen Stewart. Keep the ends of your tresses as smooth and straight as possible, then use your favorite products to keep that slick in place.

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Margaret Clunie’s Classic Wavy Bob
Margaret Clunie's Classic Wavy Bob

Margaret Clunie’s wavy bob is truly a classic look. You may not have a lot of length to work with but use your favorite curling iron or wand to add a few waves to your bob for additional volume.

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Ciara’s Blonde Bob
Ciara's Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

You can play with color when you have a bob. For an edgy ‘do, let some of your dark roots come through like Ciara’s. You can keep your ends blonde, or experiment with different fashion colors.

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Rita Ora’s Blowout Bob
Rita Ora's Blowout Bob

Never underestimate the power of a good blowout. It can add unbelievable volume and body to your bob, just like Rita Ora’s.

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Zendaya’s Classic Bob with Bangs
Zendaya's Classic Bob with Bangs

Few things pair as perfectly as a full fringe and a bob. Zendaya’s bangs combined with her sleek ‘do frame her face beautifully. Keep your hair as straight as possible to rock a similar look.

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Evan Rachel Wood’s Half Up with Caramel Highlights
Evan Rachel Wood's Half Up with Caramel Highlights

A messy half-up ‘do like Evan Rachel Wood’s can work with your hair color to draw even more attention to your face. Simply place a few strategic highlights near your face.

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Short Bangs and Bob
Bob with Short Bangs

Few looks are as chic, timeless, and cool as a bob with short bangs. Though you’d usually keep things as straight and smooth as possible, letting your hair get a little messy can add additional wow factor.

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Selena Gomez’s Bob Haircut
Selena Gomez's Bob Haircut

For Selena Gomez’s thin frame and soft features a bob haircut is perfect way to accentuate them. Keeping it dark, staying in her natural shade is just the right amount of glam needed.

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Blonde Casual Bob with Face Framing Bangs
Blonde Casual Bob with Face Framing Bangs

For slight waves like this, adding detail like face-framing bangs can make all the difference. Plus if you ever wanted to go blond and haven’t, getting a bob haircut and dying it is a badass way of entering the blonde life with a B-A-M!

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Easy-Going Bob
Easy-Going Bob

The bob haircut is super versatile, the deep chestnut tone and soft waves make this example a super classy one. Tousle and tease your hair around for an easy-going vibe.

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Lea Seydoux’s Side Swept Bob
Lea Seydoux's Side Swept Bob

Sharp ends and waves. Lea Seydoux looks incredible with her wavy straight bob. A deep side part for a little bit of extra drama.

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Alessandra Mastronardi’s Bob
Alessandra Mastronardi's Bob

If you’ve got straight hair, going for a bob might not be the hardest decision…that is unless you’re sentimental about length. But straight hair and the bob are always a fabulous idea as Alessandra has shown here. Effortlessly put together.

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Bob a la Française
Bob a la Française

Super french and super chic with that classic do. Spice it up with a red lip and you’re ready to stroll by the Seine on a summer afternoon! The key here is keeping the lines blunt and short but the length that best suits you totally depends on your features. Ask your stylist if a bob this short would suit you!

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Round Curls on Bob
Round Curls on Bob

Bobs tend to look different according to each individual’s hair texture. That’s why this curly bob is such a breath of fresh air! Don’t let media fool you, you can totally pull off a short haircut like the bob with tight curls!

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Keri Russell Wavy Bob
Keri Russell's Wavy Bob

Layering your haircut can bring out such cute textures as Kerri Russell shows here. Consider adding some soft lights to your short hair in order to enhance the textures you’re creating with the layers.

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Lily Collins Beauty of Old Bob
Lily Collins' New Retro Bob

Yes, this style is sort of retro, but retro is back baby! We’re seeing more and more retro inspiration all over social media and such a lovely bob styling can’t go unmentioned. Lily Collins looks positively stunning with these thick waves to finish the look.

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Constance Wu’s Short Fringe and Lob
Constance Wu's Short Fringe and Lob
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Kiernan Shipka’s Layered Lob
Kiernan Shipka's Layered Lob
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Stana Katic’s Side Natural-Part and Curls
Stana Katic's Side Natural-Part and Curls
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Chiara Ferragni’s Blunt Bob
Chiara Ferragni's Blunt Bob
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Rachel McAdams’ Curly Bob
Rachel McAdams' Curly Bob
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Christina Milian’s Angular Bob
Christina Milian's Angular Bob
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