When you’re 60 or older, it can be difficult to choose between hairstyles that feel a little too young or the ones that get you outside of your comfort zone. While you should always rock any hairdo that makes you feel confident and comfortable, it’s also good to have an idea of which classy, modern hairstyles are popular with women over 60 today.

Tilda Swinton’s Blowout and Undercut
Tilda Swinton's Blowout and Undercut

Don’t hesitate to get creative like Tilda Swinton. Her undercut and unique blowout are perfect for any occasion where you’d like to turn heads.

taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.com
Isabelle Adjani’s Choppy Fringe and Wavy Lob
Isabelle Adjani's Choppy Fringe and Wavy Lob

Lobs are one of the most popular styles of the day. Add a mature edge to the traditional lob by adding loose waves and a choppy fringe.

makarenkodenis / Shutterstock.com
Michelle Pfeiffer’s Messy Curls
Michelle Pfeiffer's Messy Curls

Messy curls look elegant and beautiful at any age. Check out Michelle Pfeiffer’s for inspiration; the tighter curls, as opposed to loose waves, look mature and refined.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com
Susan Sarandon’s Curly Ends with Bangs_
Susan Sarandon's Curly Ends with Bangs

To get even messier, consider taking a page out of Susan Sarandon’s book. Her curly ends are loose, tight, and facing different directions. Her bangs help keep her ‘do polished.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Cher’s Black Layered Mane
Cher's Black Layered Mane

Don’t hesitate to add some volume! Cher’s black layered cut is youthful but age-appropriate because of all the extra volume in her hair. Use a large curling iron to create those voluminous curls.

jstone / Shutterstock.com
Donna Milles’ Icy Blonde Waves
Donna Milles' Icy Blonde Waves

Feel free to play around with color, too. Donna Milles’ waves are icy blonde, but her roots have darker highlights and tones to make it look more natural.

cvanwagoner / Shutterstock.com
Diahann Carroll’s Soft Honey Waves
Diahann Carroll's Soft Honey Waves

Illuminate your face with a few strategic highlights around it. When you curl your hair, these highlights will be even more pronounced, just like Diahann Carroll’s.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Christine Baranski’s Warm Blondes on a Blowout Bob
Christine Baranski's Warm Blondes on a Blowout Bob

You can benefit from a blowout at any age. If you’re rocking a bob like Christine Baranski, consider getting a blowout to get more height, volume, and body to your ‘do.

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Susan Sullivan’s Ashy Tones
Susan Sullivan's Ashy Tones

If you’ve got some grey hairs, embrace them! Age naturally and add some color to help highlight your grey hairs, instead of covering them. If Susan Sullivan looks this good grey, then so will you.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Jaclyn Smith’s Wing Style Honey Curls
Jaclyn Smith's Wing Style Honey Curls

Feel free to rock some of the popular styles of your youth, like Jaclyn Smith’s huge wing-style curls. To keep it more modern, add some warm honey tones to your tresses.

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
Susan Lucci’s 70’s Inspired Bangs
Susan Lucci's 70s Inspired Bangs

The 70s are making a comeback in different corners of the fashion industry as of late, and Susan Lucci knows it. Her retro bangs complement her loose, cascading waves perfectly. Try opting for a wispy bang like this instead of a full fringe.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Ana Wintour’s Iconic Bob and Bangs
Anna Wintour's Iconic Bob and Bangs

When we talk fashion, Anna Wintour is always a great inspiration. Nothing like keeping a sleek bob and fringe to look chic in any situation.

sama_ja / Shutterstock.com
Glenn Close’s Tasteful White Crop
Glenn Close's Tasteful White Crop

Glenn Close’s crop looks stunning with the messy waves and pixie-like shape of her hairdo. Consider your natural texture if you’ve opted for hair around this length because it might be the easiest and least time-consuming style for some but for others, it might actually take longer to properly style than they expected it to.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Sigourney Weaver’s Brown bob with Curtain Bangs
Sigourney Weaver's Brown Bob with Curtain Bangs

Love bangs but not sure you want to actually do that again? Here’s something in between. Super flattering face-framing long curtain bangs! Pair them with a wavy bob as Sigourney Weaver has done and voila.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Michelle Pfeiffer’s Layered Medium Crop and Highlights
Michelle Pfeiffer's Layered Medium Crop and Highlights

Highlights are an excellent way of giving your hair some dimension and sparkle. Michelle Pfeiffer’s long been serving us with the most exquisite examples of how to rock them.
Spice it up with some waves and you’ll get a fresh look straight out of the red carpet!

chinellatophoto / Shutterstock.com
Jane Fonda’s Platinum Chop
Jane Fonda's Platinum Chop

Jane Fonda, a true beauty chooses to honor the graying of the hair by having a head full of gorgeous platinum strands. Straying away from her usual blonde medium crop, I think this short crop is super becoming.


sergerocco / Shutterstock.com
Lisa Vanderpump’s Dark Layers
Lisa Vanderpump's Dark Layers

There’s something about dark hair that tells a different story about your hairstyle. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep the gray hairs away. Lisa Vanderpump does this with a rich and dark chocolate brown tone, which looks like a fantastic complement to her eyes.

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
Jane Lynch’s Long Pixie
Jane Lynch's Long Pixie

This hair may as well be called the Jane Lynch Haircut since she’s been known to wear it so spectacularly well for so long. Having hair as short as this opens the doors for a lot of possibilities if you’re in the mood for a color change.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Jane Seymour’s Classic Long Hair with Bangs
Jane Seymour's Classic Long Hair with Bangs

Jane Seymour’s strawberry blonde hair is to die for! Keeping it super classical at a considerable length, (oh yes, definitely consider extensions if you must) her hairstyle is all over romantic, finished with some cute bangs.

DFree / Shutterstock.com
Christie Brinkley’s Golden Waves
Christie Brinkley's Golden Waves

Christie Brinkley’s golden waves are the perfect contemporary detail to your new look. Go for some stylish waves to texture long and medium hair.

sdmackpictures / Shutterstock.com
Goldie Hawn’s Beach Blonde
Goldie Hawn's Beach Blonde

I think we can all agree that Goldie Hawn is serving us some serious hair goals vibes here. The beachy blonde and highlights mix works wonderfully on here. But oh those 70’s bangs complete the look perfectly.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com
Jaclyn Smith’s Curtain Bangs
Jaclyn Smith's Curtain Bangs

Jaclyn Smith’s chosen hair color is heavenly! Looks super smooth on her amazing healthy hair. To rock this look all you need is the determination to rock those curtain bangs and confidence.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com
Rene Russo’s Edgy Beach Waves
Rene Russo's Edgy Beach Waves

I love this look on Rene Russo! It frames her face beautifully and emulates a super modern vibe we’re seeing everywhere. A messy bun with a few loose strands looks exceptional and mysterious.

DFree / Shutterstock.com
Catherine Deneuve Honey and Blonde Highlights
Catherine Deneuve Honey and Blonde Highlights

The warm tones chosen to work with her highlights make her eyes pop in a lovely manner. The updo opens up her face and allows the right light to reach the eyes.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com
Julie Christie’s Platinum Highlights
Julie Christie's Platinum Highlights

With a darker base for the highlights, Julie Christie’s wavy bob mixes contrast in a clever manner. The silvery blonde highlights create a lovely visual texture for natural gray hairs and allow a better flow for a more natural change in style.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com
Debra Winger’s Brunette Lob
Debra Winger's Brunette Lob

You know that good dark brunette coloring can go a long way. Debra Winger knows this as well because she’s pulling off this lob marvelously. I love the naturality of her texture and the length is perfectly flattering to her.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Kim Basinger Subtle Highlights
Kim Basinger Subtle Highlights

Kim Basinger certainly knows she can rock a full head of blonde, but this time she complements the color with some very subtle highlights merging seamlessly.

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
Frances Fisher’s Red Light Bangs
Frances Fisher's Red Light Bangs

Frances Fisher’s haircut, a lot like Jane Seymour’s is a romantics dream. The long layers are something Seymour didn’t go fur but with the two of them, we can certainly have an idea of the kinds of twist you can give the whole look.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com
Olivia Newton John’s Salt and Pepper Blonde Highlights
Olivia Newton John's Salt and Pepper Blonde Highlights

maxing an excellent use of contrast to create visual color texture, these waves and slightly side-swept short bangs are looking fabulous!

DFree / Shutterstock.com
Isabelle Huppert’s Hazelnut Medium Crop
Isabelle Huppert's Hazelnut Medium Crop

Don’t we all just want to look as cool as Isabelle Huppert here? Hair basically looking like she-didn’t-try-chic is the essence of her whole look. And the shade of chestnut exquisitely compliments her skin. Bravo!

taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.com
Shohreh Aghdashloo’s Deep Side Part and Layers
Shohreh Aghdashloo's Deep Side Part and Layers

This is a timeless haircut that will have you looking classy and fresh no matter what. Shohreh Aghdashloo wears it with a deep side part and curled ends.

DFree / Shutterstock.com
Wendie Malick’s Natural Part Bob
Wendie Malick's Natural Part Bob

The bob is super easy to wear and its chic nature will complete your look graciously. Wendie Malick’s got hers highlighted and curled inwards for a little cohesion. Her casual natural side part opens up her features.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Lynda Carter’s Signature Dark Waves
Lynda Carter's Signature Dark Waves

We all know Lynda Carter to be the O.G. Wonder Woman, no matter how good Gal Gadot has done so far (she’s amazing!). Lynda has certainly kept it close to Diana’s black layered mane, just a tad bit shorter.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Mary Hart’s Blonde on Blonde Highlights
Mary Hart's Blonde on Blonde Highlights

I’m a fan of blonde on blonde highlights. Let’s be honest, doesn’t that super light blond sort of make concealing gray hairs a little bit easier? I’m talking practicality, and Mary Hart definitely knows all about it! She looks stunning!

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
Helen Mirren’s Angled Bob
Helen Mirren's Angled Bob

Leave it to Helen Mirren to serve us with the coolest do’s in town. This angled bob and fringe look stunning on her.

I know we’ve mentioned some hairstyles may look or feel “too young”, but it is all about perception, really. You should absolutely get the haircut you want regardless of what societal norms deem fit for you.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com
Cheryl Ladd’s Blonde Medium Crop
Cheryl Ladd's Blonde Medium Crop

Cherryl Ladd’s blonde lob and side cheeky natural side part exalt that youthful glow we all carry inside. I reckon this number would look a-ma-zing with some tighter curls. Consider different ways to style your haircut before you go get it done!

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com
Bernadette Peters’ Ginger Curls
Bernadette Peters' Ginger Curls

Speaking of tight curls…Bernadette Peters is killing it! She looks so incredible with these ringlets and their bright red shade. A romantic look like this surpasses time.

scarletsails / Shutterstock.com
Jacqueline Bisset’s Middle Part Bob
Jacqueline Bisset's Middle Part Bob

Jacqueline Bisset’s stunning eyes and her deep chocolate bob haircut look like a match made in heaven. Contrasts are important, so if you have cool-toned eyes think about the possible dark and luscious color pairings that would have you and your eyes glowing.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com
Susan Sarandon’s Wavy Ponytail
Susan Sarandon's Wavy Ponytail

No matter what haircut you’ve got, a hairstyle like a wavy ponytail can never go out of style. Sophistication and glamour packed tight and held by an elastic band. Make it curly, or wavy like Susan Sarandon. Rock it like you know how to!

Andrea+Raffin / Shutterstock.com
Raquel Welch’s Creamy Golden Layers
Raquel Welch's Creamy Golden Layers

Full glam on a night out with friends? I say hell yes! Glam always looks more glam when it’s got the waves to go with it. Embrace it like Raquel Welch is doing here and go have fun! You’d look amazing with similar golden layers and a side part.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Helen Mirren’s Pink Short Do
Helen Mirren's Pink Short Do

Yeah, I mean what I say about wearing the hairstyle YOU want. And of course, Helen Mirren has gone rogue with this pink! I am so here for it. Pink, blue, green, whatever color you feel the most you in has got to be right.

I do have to say, this is probably one of my favorite hairstyles in the whole article.

Andrea+Raffin / Shutterstock.com
Carmen Maura’s Classic Bob and Bangs
Carmen Maura's Classic Bob and Bangs

Now is as good time as ever to give the famous classic bob a try, including the fringe!

makarenkodenis / Shutterstock.com
Grazyna Torbicka’s 70’s Bangs and Straight Medium Haircut
Grazyna Torbicka's Long 70s Bangs

Grazyna Torbicka looks gorgeous with this cold shade of blonde. Keeping the hair to a medium length is also super flattering, but the show-stopper here is her 70s bangs! They look incredible and perfection was achieved for this look with some beachy waves.

Andrea+Raffin / Shutterstock.com
Gracia Querejeta’s Ginger Wavy Lob
Gracia Querejeta's Ginger Wavy Lob

Red is such a lovely color on Spanish film director, actress, and producer Gracia Quejereta. Her haircut is based on medium-length, long layers that thin down at the tips. Just lovely!

If you’ve got naturally wavy hair this hairstyle should definitely be on your inspiration board!

Luis+Javier+Villalba / Shutterstock.com
Isabella Rossellini’s Pixie and Side-Swept Bangs
Isabella Rossellini's Pixie and Side-Swept Bangs

A short crop like this can become your best friend. It’s super easy to style if you’ve got your hair routine down and understand how your hair behaves at such legth.

vectoricon / Shutterstock.com
Kim Cattrall’s Blonde Highlights and Medium Layered Crop
Kim Cattrall's Blonde Highlights and Medium Layered Crop

The incredible actress Kim Cattrall, who gave life to the iconic Samantha in Sex and The City very rarely stays away from her blonde locks and we don’t fault her. It just works for her!

Maybe you should have a think about a hair color you keep going back to if you’ve decided to dye your hair, and have a signature look ready!

GHollandPhoto / Shutterstock.com
Frances Fisher’s Auburan Shag
Frances Fisher's Auburan Shag

Going on the short, but not-too-short side Frances Fisher has gone with a super wispy shaggy haircut and an angled fringe. The auburn tones look dashing contrasting with her skin, I’d definitely consider this an autumn-winter look.

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com
Isabelle Huppert’s Feathery Lob
Isabelle Huppert's Feathery Lob

Isabelle Huppert’s feathery and wavy lob in golden brown is a medium-length look that can go from casual and relaxed, like in this example, to very elegant and classical. Super versatile!

taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.com
Sharon Stone’s Blonde Highlights
Sharon Stone's Blonde Highlights

I actually love everything that’s happening here. A clever mixture of grey, blonde, and a naturally darker undertone. Sharon stone knows how to work it. Looking gorgeous as always!

DFree / Shutterstock.com
Jamie Lee Curtis’ Short Natural Crop
Jamie Lee Curtis' Short Natural Crop

This is Jamie Lee Curtis at the CinemaCon Achievement Awards in  2019 and she’s clearly decided to keep going full white! The most natural approach to hair at this stage in her life. She’s sporting a super short crop as it’s usual for her and looking fabulous.

DFree / Shutterstock.com