Don’t let the little girls have all the fun.

When you’re 60 or older, it’s difficult to know which hairstyles are too young or too mature. While you should always rock a ‘do that makes you feel confident and comfortable, it’s also good to have an idea of which classy, modern hairstyles are popular with women over 60 today.

Tilda Swinton’s Blowout and Undercut
Tilda Swinton's Blowout and Undercut

Don’t hesitate to get creative like Tilda Swinton. Her undercut and unique blowout are perfect for any occasion where you’d like to turn heads.

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Isabelle Adjani’s Choppy Fringe and Wavy Lob
Isabelle Adjani's Choppy Fringe and Wavy Lob

Lobs are one of the most popular styles of the day. Add a mature edge to the traditional lob by adding loose waves and a choppy fringe.

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Michelle Pfeiffer’s Messy Curls
Michelle Pfeiffer's Messy Curls

Messy curls look elegant and beautiful at any age. Check out Michelle Pfeiffer’s for inspiration; the tighter curls, as opposed to loose waves, look mature and refined.

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Susan Sarandon’s Curly Ends with Bangs_
Susan Sarandon's Curly Ends with Bangs

To get even messier, consider taking a page out of Susan Sarandon’s book. Her curly ends are loose, tight, and facing different directions. Her bangs help keep her ‘do polished.

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Cher’s Black Layered Mane
Cher's Black Layered Mane

Don’t hesitate to add some volume! Cher’s black layered cut is youthful but age-appropriate because of all the extra volume in her hair. Use a large curling iron to create those voluminous curls.

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Donna Milles’ Icy Blonde Waves
Donna Milles' Icy Blonde Waves

Feel free to play around with color, too. Donna Milles’ waves are icy blonde, but her roots have darker highlights and tones to make it look more natural.

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Diahann Carroll’s Soft Honey Waves
Diahann Carroll's Soft Honey Waves

Illuminate your face with a few strategic highlights around it. When you curl your hair, these highlights will be even more pronounced, just like Diahann Carroll’s.

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Christine Baranski’s Warm Blondes on a Blowout Bob
Christine Baranski's Warm Blondes on a Blowout Bob

You can benefit from a blowout at any age. If you’re rocking a bob like Christine Baranski, consider getting a blowout to get more height, volume, and body to your ‘do.

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Susan Sullivan’s Ashy Tones
Susan Sullivan's Ashy Tones

If you’ve got some grey hairs, embrace them! Age naturally and add some color to help highlight your grey hairs, instead of covering them. If Susan Sullivan looks this good grey, then so will you.

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Jaclyn Smith’s Wing Style Honey Curls
Jaclyn Smith's Wing Style Honey Curls

Feel free to rock some of the popular styles of your youth, like Jaclyn Smith’s huge wing-style curls. To keep it more modern, add some warm honey tones to your tresses.

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Susan Lucci’s 70’s Inspired Bangs
Susan Lucci's 70's Inspired Bangs

The 70s are back, and Susan Lucci knows it. Her retro bangs complement her loose, cascading waves perfectly. Try opting for a wispy bang like this instead of a full fringe.

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Ana Wintour’s Iconic Bob and Bangs
Ana Wintour's Iconic Bob and Bangs
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Glenn Close’s Tasteful White Crop
Glenn Close's Tasteful White Crop
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Sigourney Weaver’s Brown bob with Curtain Bangs
Sigourney Weaver's Brown Bob with Curtain Bangs
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