Let your hair be the highlight of the season

Even though the modern highlights have been around since the 1900s, it is believed that the ancient Greeks around the year 4 B.C. were the first ones to start changing the color of their hair; back then, part of the process included sitting in the sun for long periods of time. Today we have four basic techniques to achieve them: Hair Painting/Balayage, Foil Highlights, Chunking, and Frosting. Thankfully, for the sake of our skin, none of these methods include basking in the sun indefinitely. 

Follow the steps of age-old civilizations and let your hair shine in more than one tone!

Jennifer Aniston’s Highlights
Jennifer Aniston's Warm and Cold Tones

Take a page from the iconic Jennifer Aniston’s book and ask your hair stylist to bring in more depth to your mane by mixing and experimenting with different blonde tones. She’s a natural brunette and we can see how well they’ve used it to bring out her features in a smooth transition.

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Brown to Blonde Highlights in a Bun
Brown to Blonde Highlights in a Bun

Highlights, no matter what kind, are supposed to look great any way you arrange them. One of our favorite do’s is the messy bun, it has made it to our list because of its very casual way of showcasing the great job your stylist has done as well as keeping your hair off your face, all while looking incredibly cute.

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Jlo’s Icy Highlights
Jlo's Icy Highlights

When choosing your highlight shades, make sure to consult an experienced professional. Not only skin undertones are especially relevant to the way highlights will be applied, but they also need to be considered when it comes to choosing the color palette. On Jlo’s look, we can see they’ve taken advantage of her warm undertones and contrasted them with more frosty blondes. It’s bold and we are obsessed with her look, but who isn’t obsessed with Jlo?

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Abbey Lee’s Blonde Front Highlights
Abbey Lee's Blonde Front Highlights

Aussie model and “Industry Icon” Abbey Lee has been serving us blonde looks ever since she stepped on a runway. Her face-framing highlights accentuate the best of her face structure along with the slight waves done to her layers. Symmetry at its best!

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Logan Browning Thin Dreads with Highlights
Logan Browning Thin Dreads with Highlights

Who said that dreadlocks can’t be spiced up a bit? Here Browning demonstrates that with the right tones you can make your locks look like a million bucks! She goes for a caramel shade that stands right out against her natural dark brunette, way to go!

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Abbey Lee’s Green Undercolor
Abbey Lee's Green Undercolor

We can’t get enough of Abbey! This time we love her sporting unconventional green highlights in the lower part of her hair, this look is perfect for the little rebel inside you that wants to come out. Bet these would also look amazing pulled high up in a ponytail, wouldn’t you think?

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All Blonde Highlights
All Blonde Highlights

These highlights take blonde to the next level with it being the majority of the color on your head. In this case, the roots and a few other strands of hair closest to the scalp are brought up to an ashy blonde-brown that is to die for and the perfect base to show off these gorgeously done blonde highlights.

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Olivia Wilde’s Side Swept Bangs
Olivia Wilde's Undercover Highlights

Want to do the whole highlight thing but not be super-duper obvious? Olivia Wilde has done it! This kind of coloring allows you to play around with your highlights in terms of styling. I think they look super cute in a ponytail.

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