Halsey in Mullet Hairstyle
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30 Gorgeous Ways To Rock The Female Mullet Hairstyle

Dive deep into the hottest hair trend of the year!

written by Sophia Jackson

If you didn’t know by now, the mullet haircut trend has once again made a comeback, only now its looking like it’s here to stay.

Traditionally, the mullet hair is cut short at the front and sides, while the hair is kept long at the back. Born in the 1970’s and made popular by the legendary David Bowie and his iconic orange mullet, this style had its golden age in the 80’s, but quietly fizzled out by the time the 90’s hit.

Today, the mullet has undergone a modern and sophisticated overhaul, giving birth to the chic styles and gorgeous variations that we’ve been spotting everywhere, from popular hair salons to celebrities!

Fancy yourself sporting the modern mullet? Here are some mullet styles to get you started on as well as gorgeous ways you can style them, care of these popular celebrities to serve as inspiration!

Sophia Jackson is a professional stylist and colourist for Barron’s London Salon in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not styling hair or researching the latest trends, you can find her shopping in trendy boutiques or sipping bubbly at a concert in Chastain park.