These gorgeous styles will have you reaching for the nearest pair of scissors.

You may know why you want to cut your hair shorter, but sometimes you need some more inspiration before making the final decision. Here are a few of the most popular short hairstyles for women right now and some fun ideas on how to style them.

Halle Berry’s Messy Top with Undercut
Halle Berry's Messy Top with Undercut

Undercuts aren’t only for the boys; they can be a great way to add some edge to your pixie cut, just as Halle Berry did. To take things to the next level, try adding some volume too.

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Ursula Corbero’s Choppy Crop
Ursula Corbero's Choppy Crop

Pixie cuts are often paired with side-swept, romantic bangs. For an unexpected twist, opt for a feathery fringe across your forehead. Ask your stylist for choppy, short layers all over.

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Miley Cyrus Dyed Brush Up Crop
Miley Cyrus' Dyed Brush Up Crop

Miley Cyrus is known for being bold, and her hairstyle is no exception. This ‘do is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re feeling up to it, shave the sides of your head and get as much volume on top as possible.

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Zendaya’s Classic Bob with Bangs
Zendaya's Classic Bob with Bangs

A bob is a simple short style you can easily achieve without going as short as a pixie cut. While curly bobs are popular, try a sleek and smooth version like Zendaya for a retro feel.

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s Angular Pixie Cut
Ginnifer Goodwin's Angular Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are incredibly versatile; they can be as feminine or edgy as you like. Ginnifer Goodwin opted for a less romantic cut with her angular pixie, which highlights her elfin features.

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Rihanna’s Classic Ceasar Crop
Rihanna's Classic Caesar Crop

While Caesar cuts have been a common style for men, Rihanna proves that they can be just as great a look for women. The straight, short bangs make it a ‘do distinct from a pixie cut.

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Katherine Heigl’s Timeless Bob
Katherine Heigl's Timeless Bob

Part what make bobs such an appealing style is that you can style them however you like. For instance, this curly bob sported by Katherine Heigl exudes old Hollywood, but the same style straightened would offer a more modern look.

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Ciara’s Blonde Bob
Ciara's Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

Though you may be tempted to cover up your dark roots as soon as they start to show, follow Ciara’s lead and let them grow out a little. To help with the transition, try parting your hair straight down the middle.

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Sharon Stone Short Scissor Cut
Sharon Stone Short Scissor Cut

Scissors and clippers have a different effect on your hair when it is cut. While clippers are better for super short styles, scissors can help create more dimension and volume.

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Michelle Williams’ Short Pixie
Michelle Williams' Short Pixie

Michelle Williams’ pixie is short, sweet, and sleek. Her deep side part helps add some body to her otherwise smooth and polished ‘do.

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Long Layered Crop with Quiff
Voluminous Pixie with Deep Side Part

This pixie cut is a little different from the traditional ‘do. You have to mix lengths in order to achieve that much volume; cut the sides of your hair short, but leave plenty of length on top to play with.

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Layered Crop With Angular Fringe
Layered Crop With Angular Fringe

Pixie cuts often feature short bangs but don’t hesitate to grow yours out into a full-on fringe. To draw extra attention to your face, add some bright highlights to your bangs.

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Rita Ora’s Blowout Bob
Rita Ora's Blowout Bob

If you like the idea of a bob but don’t want to commit to the cut, take a page out of Rita Ora’s book. By curling the ends of your hair up after a blowout, you can create a bob style without reaching for the scissors.

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Kaley Cuoco’s Short Crop with Textured Top
Kaley Cuoco's Short Crop with Textured Top

Kaley Cuoco was known for her shiny blonde locks, but her feathery, textured crop shows off her lovely features. For some extra fun and volume, try styling your hair against your natural part.

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Blonde Bob with Dark Ends
Blonde Bob with Dark Ends

You can do just about anything to a bob, including play with its color. By adding dark ends to your hair, you won’t even have to worry about touching up your roots as your hair grows out.

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Natalie Portman’s Short Scissors Crop
Natalie Portman's Short Scissors Crop

If you want to try a pixie cut, consider going for a classic one like Natalie Portman’s scissors crop. You can always try something new after, as this is a great, basic ‘do that you can build off.

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Lily Collins Beauty of Old Bob
Lily Collins Beauty of Old Bob

For a special occasion, go for Lily Collins’ retro glam bob. Her sleek roots with large curls at the tips are evocative of a 1920s style, perfect for any event.

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Kristen Stewarts Blonde Buzz Cut
Kristen Stewarts Blonde Buzz Cut

If you thought a pixie cut is short, think again: a buzz cut is as short as you can get without shaving your head entirely. To really stand out, go platinum blonde like the brave Kristen Stewart did!

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Carey Mulligan’s Caesar Crop
Carey Mulligan's Caesar Crop

You can still go for a Caesar crop if your hair has some natural curl to it, like Carey Mulligan. Your hair’s natural wave can help add texture and volume, which makes styling a breeze.

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Zoe Kravitz’ Short Crop
Zoe Kravitz' Short Crop

To really show off your facial features, opt for a super short crop like Zoe Kravitz. This length works especially well for bedhead; the messier, the better.

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Marion Cotillard’s Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Marion Cotillard's Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This super elegant bob frames the face perfectly with its long side swept bangs. Pushing one side of the hair back behind the ear opens the face up even more. A little wave keeps the look from being too serious.

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Ivanna Sakhno’s Short Crop with Silvery Blonde Highlights
Ivanna Sakhno's Short Crop with Silvery Blonde Highlights

Ivanna Skahno totally proves that short hair is where it’s at with her slicked back style and silvery blonde highlights. Those with short hair should take advantage of how easy it is to style and dye as Ivanna does here.

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Milla Jovovich’s Short Shag
Milla Jovovich's Short Shag

Milla Jovovich has a long history with short hair. She constantly comes up with winning looks and this short shag is no different. This ruffled style adds laidback vibes even at red carpet events. Layers are added throughout to give a wispy texture to her short do. Her easygoing vibe is emphasized with longer bangs that graze the top of her eyelids.

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Mary Elizabeth Ellis’ Layered Bob with Side Part
Mary Elizabeth Ellis' Layered Bob with Side Part

Layers can create much-wanted texture through the hair but can also take away volume. By adding a side part, volume is given to the crown and balances any wispy layers.

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Roxane Mesquida’s Side Swept Bob
Roxane Mesquida's Side-Swept Bob

Reminiscent of old Hollywood glam, Roxane Mesquida pulls most of her hair back but keeps her side-swept bangs in a loose s-wave. There are several different ways to get a similar look. One of the more traditional methods is to curl hair in one-inch sections with a small curling wand (the smaller, the better). Hold the curling wand perpendicular to the part. Start from the root and curl the hair over and around the wand. Don’t let the curl loose. Pull the curling wand out from the curl, pin the curl in place, and let the curl cool (about ten minutes). Do the same to all hair from the part down the side of the face in one-inch sections. Once all the curls have cooled, take the pins out and brush hair with a boar bristle brush. The curls should form into an “s” shape.

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Evan Rachel Wood’s Half Up with Caramel Highlights
Evan Rachel Wood's Half-Up Bob with Caramel Highlights

Caramel is such a beautiful blonde color that works well in every season. It is an austere tone that warms up the face. Here, the combo of her caramel highlights and the half-up bob makes Evan Rachel Wood looks earnest and dignified. The hairstyle contrasts well with a fun pop of blue eyeshadow.

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Spiky Blonde Pixie
Spiky Blonde Pixie

The classic pixie haircut is given a cool-girl edge with the spiky texture and light blonde color. A darker eyebrow contrasts well with this look and adds definition and a solid base to facial features.

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Classy Pompadour
Classy Pompadour

The pompadour is a classy and classic way to give style and dimension to any look. It can be created with any length hair but is especially easy to create with shorter hair as shorter hair is lighter and can hold the volume needed on top. To get the look, use a volumizing spray to help create the poof and a gel or wax to slick back the sides.

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Balayage on Bob with Choppy Bangs
Balayage on Bob with Choppy Bangs

Balayage is a free-hand technique of highlighting hair to create a more natural gradation of lightness. It looks a bit more loose and free than traditional highlights and is especially great for looking naturally sun-kissed. It’s often associated with long, wavy beach hair, but looks incredible with a sophisticated bob and choppy bangs. The contrast of the two different looks, tawny and refined, definitely is a unique style.

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Gray Undercut Crop
Gray Undercut Crop

Gray hair is celebrated with this short undercut. This neutral color looks great with any skin tone and is so on trend. To maintain the color, a purple shampoo is recommended between salon visits. Don’t worry about dark roots. They can add dimension and depth.

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Ruby Rose’s Undercut Crop with Highlights
Ruby Rose's Undercut Crop with Highlights

If you haven’t screenshot Ruby Rose at least once as short hair inspo, you might be the only person on earth who hasn’t. She flaunts her amazing features, beautiful jawline, and dazzling blue eyes with short hair. Her highlights give off the impression that she’s just come home from a beach vacation. This style is sexy and cool; just like Ruby Rose.

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Lavender Haze Short Crop
Lavender Haze Short Crop

This color is so perfect for any season! It’ll make you stand out wherever you go and especially at this length, its delicate tone can be appreciated perfectly.

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Lily Collins’ Side Swept Pixie
Lily Collins' Side Swept Pixie

Pixie cuts are super versatile and dainty and Lilly Collins definitely knows how to wear them! With a side-swept fringe, it gives the whole asymmetrical look the finish it needs.

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Scarlett Johansson’s Short Crop and Wavy Side Fringe
Scarlett Johansson's Short Crop and Wavy Side Fringe

For someone with thick wavy hair like Scarlett Johanson is wearing it here, this short scissor crop is a pretty cool way of flaunting the luscious locks by leaving it longer at the top.

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Raven Symone’s Undercut And Dyed Top
Raven Symone's Undercut And Dyed Top

The star from That’s So Raven is known for being quite adventurous with her hair, this bleached tip undercut style looks super fresh on Raven!

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Gigi Hadid’s Pushed Back Bob
Gigi Hadid's Pushed Back Bob

All business with a side of sexy is what this look exudes! The classic bob is super versatile and easy to style.

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