30 Stunning Celebrity Perm Hairstyles For Your Next Hair Makeover

Let these curl goddesses inspire your next hairstyle!


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When you think of the perm, you picture voluminous, tight curls and waves that were so popular in the ’80’s and ’90’s worn and popularized by the likes of Cher, Madonna and Olivia Newton-John in ‘Grease’. Yes, those big ‘dos might have faded from the limelight the past decade or so but do you know that they’ve been low-key present all throughout these years?

Now, the perm is officially back from hibernation, underwent major modern changes and is considered as one of the hottest hair trends to emerge in 2021.

But just so you know, the perm of today is nothing like the bushy perms that were so in vogue in the ’80’s. Modern perms come in so many forms that it can get quite confusing to spot! Think effortless beach waves, a relaxed body wave, or even the look of a gorgeous salon blow-out – you can easily get those results through a perm!

So if you’re thinking of giving your hair a makeover, why not go with a perm that’s sure to last for months! Check out these gorgeous celebrities sporting all kinds of perms to inspire your next hairstyle!

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