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10 Iconic Justin Bieber Haircuts

A visual story of why Justin Bieber's hair has become a part of pop culture


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Wild, unpredictable, and iconic – if we were to describe Justin Bieber’s haircut journey, no other words fit the bill. Over ten years since he debuted his studio album with THE song (Baby, baby, baby, ohhh – feel old yet?) and since then, Bieber changed his haircut more times than we can count the word ‘Objection!’ in Johnny Depp’s 2022 trial.

Opinions are, of course, varied. Some think that Bieber sporting a dreadlock is an example of cultural appropriation and white privilege. And on the extreme opposite, his eponymous hairstyle has been ingrained in pop culture – Justin Bieber haircut, anyone? You could go to any salon and the odds are high that they know what you are referring to. 

A word of warning though, these photos will make you do a second look or even a third and think they ain’t Justin Bieber. But it’s all him. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Without further ado, here are Justin Bieber’s most iconic haircuts.

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