30 Bold Undercut Hairstyle Inspired by Celebrities

Undercut Hairstyle is a bold statement


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What started dominantly as a very male-oriented hairstyle, has converted itself out of that spectrum to show that even women can wear an undercut hairstyle that can be both, glamorous and bold at the same time.

How will an Undercut Hairstyle look on me?

I am glad you asked, first of all, let me tell you that the undercut hairstyle is pretty universal and suits most of the face shapes and jaws. However, the way one style an undercut is far more important because that is the maker or the breaker of the whole look. Some find long hair to go with undercut better on their face while some find short hair and an undercut.

To answer your question, yes it will suit you but when paired with other elements that go with your face, it makes the hairstyle ten times better.

Where do I place the Undercut?

First of all, there are three areas on the head where one can have an undercut. That is the two sides or on the back of your head. The key is to visualize where it will look prettier based on the final hairstyle. So if you are looking for a side part then having an undercut on the sides is the best bet whereas, if you want to have the flexibility to make it subtle then the back of your head is a good spot as it can be covered with long hair.

To eliminate any further questions you might have, we have assembled quite a few different undercut hairstyles that will give you a better perspective on how to style the whole look!

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