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5 Best Viking Hairstyles for a Manly Look

Eye-catching, bold, and attitude-filled


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Known for having long locks and wearing a beard, the Nordic warriors have inspired a few of the best haircuts with modern twists, including ponytails, undercuts, neat beards, and etc.

Check out these 5 hairstyles for short to medium hair lengths and try one of them to embody the edgy rugged look. For more versatility in styling, we also love it when is paired with some good ole’ facial hair, a heavenly pair!

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Messy Top and Tapered Sides

The Vikings were always portrayed as scruffy, but believe us that there’s a certain charm to it, just like this first hairstyle. You could still look well-groomed and sophisticated with messy, flowy hair by keeping the sides short and tapered to balance out the look.

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Tapered Undercut and Tied-Back Hair

It takes patience to be able to finally tie your hair back, but trust us, the wait is definitely worth it. Sleek, modern, and hustle-free, what more can you ask from it?

For longer hair on top, you can opt for an exquisite half-pony or even a braid. Pro tip: consider growing a fierce beard to deliver more of that Viking edge to it.

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Caesar Crop and Burst Fade

To become a Viking warrior, one has to have undefeated bravery, and we just know the best way to show it, by mixing signature styles together!

For those who prefer shorter hair and a cleaner cut, this next hairstyle is perfect. The timeless caesar crop shapes your face looking sharper and the burst fade taper provides a high contrast, giving that contemporary vibe that we all know we love.

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High Fade and Texture Medium Top

Transitioning from a longer length on the top of the head to drastically short shaved sides, this non-committal look suits those who are newly interested in Viking-inspired haircuts.

It’s very simple, you just have to keep your hair long and thick and flip it over to one side. Again, we can’t emphasize it enough that a nice beard always makes it better.