Viking Beard: For The Explorer in You

8 styles to pay homage to these ancient explorers and infamous warriors


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Exploration, conquest and a general fearlessness towards a violent death are things that genuinely encapsulate what it meant to be a Viking. It’s this strength that has fascinated many about these Scandinavian warriors of old and thus breathed intrigue into the mythology surrounding their legend. Let’s look at some beards that might have graced the nordic battlefield. Skol!

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Rusty Long Beard with Rugged Hair

Whether trekking across a vast frozen tundra in search of migrating herds or spending the day chopping firework in preparation for the long night, beards provide warmth for the bearded and aspiring beardies.

Their practicality cannot be underestimated, however in modern times we have come to forget the things they once stood for and the sheer brutality they represented in the days of old. Kept as rugged as possible and allowed to freely grow, as this served to better insulate the face.

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Grizzly Long Beard with Dense Volume

This might be the less-maintenance version of Viking beard. The volume here is the key and that’s how you make it look cool and intense. The sides here are very less tapered for maximum volume whilst the bottom is all grown for its beast mode.

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The OG Viking Look

One can classify this as the original Viking look especially with that undercut faded hair with thin hair falling back. The bread is just the inverse with the amazing beard that is amazingly thick and long-stranded.

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Modern Gentlemanly Viking Beard

Ruggedness with a modern touch makes one look crazy great! This one right here the top is puffy slicked back with the beard being this thick and rugged says it all. The sides of the hair and the beard makes it sleek and bring down the crazy volume.

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Hippie Side Sweep with Thick Beard

Is this the trend now? The top is low on volume with the side sweep. The top is tapered but the strands are longer. The sides are tapered but the beard is very thick because that is what pulls the attention.

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Rugged Beard with Buzz Cut

The classic Tom Hardy is here with is his usual dapper panache and imminent style statement. The beard is quite thick whereas the top is buzz cut with a shaved slit on top.

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Workout Big or Go Home

Doesn’t this give a very athlete-inspired intense look? The top is side swept with a mid-fade on the sides so that it makes space for the beard. The beard is grown long with that thick texture which is mostly thick hair that makes it pop.

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Controlled Medium Viking Beard

Viking beard has to be rugged with having that maintained masculinity concept and this just fits right in. The controlled aspect comes from tapering the sides just a little and letting the low grizzle take its turn. The best part about this being the temple blend connects the top to bottom.

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Happy Undercut with Thick Beard

A perfect Viking beard is something that is both rugged and controlled at the same time and this is no different. The top is slicked back undercut with rugged long beard towards the chin with no taper on the sides, let that beard grow!

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Thick Goatee Influenced Beard

The connection of the beard to the pompadoured top is what makes this a special one. The top is side swept with sides being tapered with the thick beard which is goatee influenced and the texture goes thick through the chin.

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Modern Viking Style

Sunglasses with a scruffy beard makes for a very interesting dichotomy. The top half shows a man that knows the in’s and out’s of our modern social order; such as neat hair, stylish specs, all of his teeth in order.

While the bottom, starting with the beard, stands for the old world where brute physical strength was a must for survival. The scruffier the beard, the greater the contrast and the more this look will make you stand out.

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White, Grey and Black Tall Viking Beard

Like all societies, there are bruisers and there are intellectuals. Viking life in the frozen unforgiving north was no different. Those skilled in craft, knowledge, and cunning were more often than not the ones that grew to become nobles and other high ranking Norsemen.

While we’re not claiming to be 100% historically accurate, this might have been the style of beard that the more intellectual type might have sported compared to a rugged, battle-hardened Viking.

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Very Rugged Viking Outlook

Can this be an award-winning look? The hair is long enough to have a pony with the undercut to make it look sleek is what makes it pop. The beard is another fun element with twin layering, the chin beard is what pulls off the look.

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Hard Side Parted Top with Dense Tamed Beard

All the punchy elements right here in front of us, a cheeky hard side part which lavishly lets longer top strands fall on the side gracefully. The sides are tapered to maintain that volume all around with that beard blends perfectly.