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Trendy Ombre Hairstyles to Elevate Your Look

The two-tone look can make a good haircut even better!


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A stylish haircut can provide the perfect crowning glory to your look. But why stop there when you can elevate it further with a gorgeous color? And when it comes to color, few things are as striking as a beautiful ombre dye job.

From subtle gradations to bolder color combos, you can be as versatile and adventurous as you want with your ombre hairstyle. And while most ombre ‘dos you see consist of darker roots and lighter ends, who says you can’t do the reverse? It’s also not necessary to have long hair to pull off the two-tone look, as it can work on any length — yes, even a bob. Keep scrolling to see the many ways you can rock the beautiful and versatile ombre look.

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Strawberry to Ashy Blonde Short Ombre

Strawberry blonde tones are a gorgeous sight to me, and in this case, they add an edge by working in an ombre degradation to an ash-blonde tone.

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Lou Doillon's Medium Length Ombre

Lou Doillon’s long wavy bangs are a match made in heaven to the dark-brown-to-golden ombre. Her wavy hair looks incredible, totally giving cute-girl-next-door vibes but make it chic. 

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Jamie Chung's Subtle Ombre Lob

Jamie Chung is giving us major hair envy with her super-sleek center-parted lob which she’s given a subtle yet chic dark brown to sandy blonde ombre treatment. This is a perfect example of how ombre can work beautifully on shorter styles.

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Hilary Duff's Dirty Blonde Ombre

Hilary Duff keeps it classic with this long layered hairstyle in a dirty blonde ombre hue. She wears it with an off-center part and gorgeous volume to perfectly frame her pretty face.

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Jessica Alba's Side-Swept Ombre Waves

Jessica Alba looks fabulous with her dark brown to sandy blonde ombre hair which she’s wearing in a side-swept wavy style with a pompadour top. Another example of a chic ‘do elevated further by a gorgeous ombre color.

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Chloe Bennet's Dark to Light Brown Ombre

Chloe Bennet looks totally glam wearing this boho center-parted wavy ‘do in a dark to light brown ombre hue. A chic style paired with the right ombre color combo makes for a really head-turning look!

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Ashley Benson's Short Mahogany to Blonde Ombre Waves

Here, Ashley Benson demoes how ombre can work on short hair. She is wearing a short wavy bob with a middle part and has chosen a stylish mahogany to blonde ombre color to jazz it up.

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Ana de Armas' Center-Parted Ombre Waves

Ana de Armas wears a casual center-parted wavy ‘do but spices it up with a high-contrast dark brown to blonde ombre color. This is proof that choosing a striking hue for your hair can really elevate your look no matter your cut.

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Chrissy Teigen's Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre Shag

Chrissy Teigen looks super trendy wearing this shag in a dark brown to blonde ombre hue. The stark contrast adds an extra dose of oomph to an already stylish cut.

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Amelia Windsor's Ombre and Messy Waves

A mixture of the ombre technique and balayage make up this incredible look Amelia Windsor wears so well. 

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Vanessa Hudgens' Straight Lob Ombre

Something a tad more common these days is seeing a deep brown being taken to a dirty blonde. Vanessa Hudgens looks stunning with it!

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Alexis Knapp's Blonde and Brown Ombre

Alexis Knapp’s hair is a super smooth transition over her long hair from dark brown to a dirty blonde, it’s a classic ombre look and I love it!

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Anna Zia's Chestnut Ombre

Sometimes an ombre can be so subtle it’s barely noticeable; for those of you looking for something more discrete Anna Zia’s Chestnut ombre is the perfect look to go for. 

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Gigi Hadid's Light Brown to Blonde Ombre

Here Gigi Hadid’s light brown hair here is the perfect transition for her golden ombre. If you’ve got long hair definitely consider going for an ombre because it can be appreciated so clearly thanks to the length!

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Margot Robbie's Blonde Ombre

With a shorter transition to work in the difference between tones, Margot Robbie’s ombre goes from light brown to blonde. Pairing it up with some front loose braids completes her magical-fairy-look here. Stunning!

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Naomi Harris's Ash Brown Ombre

Naomi Harris’s ombre is super subtle, goes from her natural black hair to an ash-blown tone that is ever so dainty. A delicate coloring technique I just love. 

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Ginger to Blonde Ombre

Redheads definitely can have a field day with their ombre options since they naturally have a pretty cool middle ground to start with, one of them is obviously to take it to an icy blonde tone. But, of course, you could also opt to go the other direction and go for a warmer dye.

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Ombre with Middle Part

Your ombre should look fabulous regardless of how you wear your hair but a pretty simple and elegant way to show it off is by using the middle part. It really accentuates the symmetry the look involves.

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Light Brown to Honey Ombre

Some people prefer the ombre degradation to be a little more subtle so they instead go for tones that are closer to what they’re starting with.

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Heidi Klum's Boho Ombre Waves

Supermodel Heidi Klum gives off boho vibes with her long center-parted ombre waves. Her color choice adds great dimension to her fine hair.