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30 Ideas For Androgynous Tomboy Haircuts

Your guide from fluffy to straight tomboy styles


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A tomboy haircut is not your typical girlish style. However, there is more about it than you think. At first sight, such a haircut might look not feminine at all, but let us tell you something: a hairstyling expert and a few hours in the beauty salon can do some magic. And to prove it to you we have selected the most charming celebrities of all time with various hair types and face shapes. 

We can assure you: after reviewing our guide you won’t think of the short haircut as something boring or too simple anymore. That undercut and fluffy layers can change more than you think!

What is the tomboy cut?

Initially, the tomboy style was popular among teenagers who supported the genderfluid androgynous movement in dressing, styling their hair and behaving. Today the meaning of the tomboy style has slightly altered. However, the haircut of the mentioned style can differ from one person to another these days. How? Let’s discuss that in detail.

What is so unique about the tomboy style?

Well, do you know a lot of styles that can look chick and sexy or casual and carefree at the same time? Something truly unique about this tomboy haircut is that you can use it to demonstrate your rebel spirit or to highlight your elegant style and complement a cocktail dress for a red carpet event. Anyways, the funky short haircut has a lot of personality and will certainly add some spice to your look.

How to do a tomboy cut by yourself?

That’s the most tricky part about this style. While the apparent simplicity of such hair, you should not get fooled by it. Short hair doesn’t always mean being easy to style or cut. And that’s not an exclusion. The short straight cut will require you to ask a specialist for help, while the same cut but with curly hair might free you up from this. Everything depends on your hair structure and the level of confidence you have in yourself. Not afraid to cut off an extra piece? Then dare to do it on your own Otherwise, spend some spare time and money picking the best hairstylist for a cool-looking haircut. 

Styling your tomboy cut at home

There is a general rule: the longer your cut is the more maintenance and styling it needs. However, with the androgynous tomboy haircuts there are some things to be mentioned. While they are relatively easy to maintain due to their short length, waking up in the morning might bring you some surprises as short hair loses its shape quickly during your sleep and waves in different unwanted styles which can be really tough to get changed. So be ready to wash and dry your hair with a round brush quite often.

Other than that, a super short haircut might become your next big favourite style for a very long time. So watch out!

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