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Tom Hardy’s 10 Best Beard Styles

Get some beard inspo with these 10 amazing styles


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Tom Hardy is a man of many beards. He’s sported all kinds of styles during his career, and in this article, we’ve picked out 10 of his best. If you’re looking for a new beard style, you’ll find something in this list that you’ll love.

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Fine Stubble

Fine, uniform stubble can look great if you keep it nice and clean as Tom has done here. This beard type goes very well with shorter haircuts.

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Tom Hardy's Messy Imperial Beard

This extremely shaggy beard is a marked change from Tom’s other styles. The overgrown mustache and uneven beard are the results of simply not maintaining the beard!

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Close Cropped

This respectable mid-length beard is a great all-around choice for any guy and any situation. It’s neat enough to work in formal environments, which is a plus if you’re looking for a style for work or school.

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Circle Beard with Light Stubble

This unique beard style consists of two different beard lengths put together. The upper lip and chin area have longer, thicker hair, while the sides are trimmed much shorter.

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Bandholz Style Underway

Eric Bandholz is famous for his distinct beard that features a bushy mustache and a long, thick beard. Here, Tom has almost gotten halfway to a full Bandholz, but this is a great look in its own right.

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Slicked Back with Unkept Boxy Mustache

Short yet messy, this beard style is a nice option for guys who want low maintenance facial hair that still communicates a carefree personality.

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Short Boxed Beard

This casual look emphasizes the beard’s natural boxiness by keeping the mustache and beard connected with rather long sides.

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Tom Hardy's Full Beard

This is a long yet well-groomed beard style that’s clean and even all around. The mustache area is particularly defined since the ends of the mustache are fully grown out.

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Tom Hardy's Barely There Stubble

One of the cleaner styles on this list, this extra fine beard is really just stubble that’s only slightly longer than a five o’clock shadow.

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Tom Hardy's Chin Curtain and Mustache

Tom can grow a quite thick and bushy beard, as shown by this curtain style. The sides are full and rather long, but the entire beard is still trimmed so there are no loose ends or stray hairs sticking out.

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