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Tape Up Haircut Ideas For a Fresh Look

The perfect combination of subtle and edgy


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The tape up haircut was popularized by the African-American community in New York City back in the year 2000. Its popularity rose so much that the haircut became a staple for New York’s urban style in fashion. When you have a style with such versatility, it is not hard to imagine how it evolved and stayed relevant through the years.

Some may confuse the tape up with a taper fade or a fade, but you can check out one of our articles about the fade haircut to understand why it is, in fact, not the same as a tape up. No matter the length, a classic fade will usually be consistent throughout the neckline or drop to a certain degree, depending on the fade style. The tape up differentiated itself because the fade stops around the ear and a classic look for this haircut will have a tapered neckline.

As we all know, fashion and styles do tend to come back, but it could be said that the tape up never truly left and has since been exposed to different kinds of influences. Right on brand with the cultural melting pot that New York continues to be, a staple NYC urban style haircut like the tape up has crossed borders and cultures across the globe.