Sun-kissed strawberry blonde locks are everywhere, and the options for shades and variations on this fun color seem to have no limits. The color is a classic one that gives the nod to some famous blondes, as well as a sweet, innocent look that harkens back to younger days and simpler times.

Jayma Mays Strawberry Blonde
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However, you may have concerns about how it will look with your particular skin tone, so you may be stumped on the best look for you. How does one go about picking the best strawberry blonde for your particular complexion?

Luckily, the wilds of Instagram and the stars who work the red carpet have all tested different shades and can help inform your stylist for the best shade. This is not the time to skimp on color—book an appointment with a high-quality salon with skilled colorists before diving into this trend.

Scarlett Johansson Strawberry Blonde
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Dark Skinned Beauties

Strawberry blonde tones are normally associated with the palest of the pale, but not anymore. With the help of some simple variations, you can have a great look that works with deeper skin tones.

Take a note from the queen. Queen Latifah uses a warm, cinnamon base for her blonde locks, so her natural glow shines. The effect is effortless and glamorous all at once.

Keke Palmer, an actress as well as a singer and songwriter, went a little less extreme when she turned to the strawberry blonde tones. She kept her roots dark and chose a classic, reddish blonde that brought out the apples in her cheeks.

Keke Palmer Strawberry Blonde
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Model Michael Lockley decided to make his strawberry blonde a real statement by going for an unnatural shade and keeping his hair curly. While most women wear this shade on straight hair, Michael is proof that it can be just as much fun in a mess of curls.

The color helps him stand out and highlights his youth as well as his cheekbones. The playfulness of the whole style really works for him without drawing attention away from his handsome face.

strawberry blonde

The always fabulous Eve loves to play with her hair color and took the strawberry blonde hue at its word—she just let the pink shine through to create an evocative style. Eve is one of a kind, and her willingness to play with her hair is a testament to sticking with your personal style.

Latin Loveliness

If you have that perfect shade of cocoa brown in your complexion, show it off with some lighter locks. With the right amount of strawberry, the shade can bring out the warmth in your skin and add a touch of sexy to your look.

Beyonce Strawberry Blonde
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Actress Dascha Polanco of Orange is the New Black fame rocks a great take on blonde hair on the show and on the red carpet. She lets her roots stay dark and then plays up a deeper, more caramel hue in her hair. It’s a smart move—her hair color and vintage glam are just right.

This lovely sun-kissed strawberry shade is also perfect for smooth, tan based skin. The soft pink has the same effect on skin tones as a light brown or dark blonde. It’s not too extreme, and yet it creates quite a statement.

Singer Shakira, a lighter-toned Latina, has run the gamut from bright blonde to her current candy pink look. According to her Instagram, she’s now fully committed to red. Will she return to her sweet strawberry blonde? One can only hope.

If you are looking for a bolder approach, try flaming red ombre. The base is a beautiful, fiery red that gradually graduates into a sweet, innocent blonde around the face and at the ends. The depth and visual interest are endless, and you will have everyone asking where you get your hair done once you step out of the salon.

Pale and Pretty

If you have a paler palette to work, you can go a lot of directions with strawberry blonde hair. Enhance your freckles and creamy complexion with many different looks.

Actress Nicole Kidman is regarded as a trendsetter for gorgeous strawberry blond hair. She has engaged with many hues over the years, and she always looks picture perfect.

Heather Graham, actress and classic beauty, has also led the charge on the strawberry blonde front and is not making any apologies for her almost surreal good looks. Her hair even looks great when she wears a fur coat and fishnet tights.

Heather Graham Strawberry Blonde
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Actress Jessica Chastain let her beautiful and yummy blonde hair share the spotlight with her when she spoke at the Cannes Film Festival. Her soft, wavy style looks ravishing in its rose and gold shade. She has since gone full red, but fingers crossed she goes back to this color. It’s perfect for her!

Jessica Chastain Strawberry Blonde
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Adorable Haley Bennett uses her blonde strawberry locks to heighten her cuteness. The color makes her young, soft face innocent and sweet, which makes a nice counterpoint to her casual style. It catches the light for a nice reflection in her photos so her star can shine even brighter.

Haley Bennett Strawberry Blonde
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Born a brunette, new mommy Adele has decided to bring out her inner blonde. She stuns in this great, rose gold shade and her always lovely skin looks extra gorgeous next to her locks. No wonder she’s smiling—all that talent and great hair are enough to make anyone shine.

If you already have light blonde hair and just want a touch of red or pink as a highlight, touch up your roots and ask for enough strawberry so it peeks through without looking over the top. Your hair color will shift as the light hits it and look stunning.

Here we have some great examples for you before you book your next appointment with your hair stylist.
Blake Lively’s Lush Locks_
Blake Lively's Lush Locks
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Christina Hendricks Luscious Waves with a Middle Part
Christina Hendricks Luscious Waves with a Middle Part
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Bar Paly’s Strawberry Blonde Locks
Bar Paly's Strawberry Blonde Locks
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Deborah Ann Woll’s Voluminous Top and Low Bun
Deborah Ann Woll's Voluminous Top and Low Bun
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Amy Adams’ Strawberry Blonde
Amy Adams' Stylish Side-Swept Waves
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Emily Carmichael’s Cascading Front Layers
Emily Carmichael's Cascading Front Layers
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Marg Helgenberger’s Blonde Highlights on Strawberry Blonde Hair
Marg Helgenberger's Blonde Highlights
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Busy Phillips’ Strawberry Highlights
Busy Phillips' Strawberry Highlights
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Tori Praver’s Strawberry Locks
Tori Praver's Strawberry Locks
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Kylie Jenner’s Barbie Blonde with Dark Roots
Kylie Jenner's Dark Roots to Strawberry
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