30 Styles Of Stacked Bob Haircut

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What comes first to your mind when thinking about short hair? We bet your thoughts will be filled with variations of a stacked bob, and no wonder why! A stacked bob haircut has hundreds of options and is one of the most likeable hairstyles. It has been in demand for decades, and this proves a unique combination of practical and beautiful aspects of this style.

How to cut a stacked bob by yourself?

Do you think this hairstyle can be done only at a professional salon? Of course, that would be a preferable option. However, keep in mind that the stacked bob cut is also popular due to its relatively easy cutting and styling. So it is quite possible to do a bob cut at home. Make sure to evenly part your hair, wet it thoroughly, divide it into two parts, and then cut it with an electric hair trimmer or sharp scissors. Withal, if you’re looking to get a stacked bob with layers, you will definitely need someone to help you.

How to style a stacked bob?

The common stereotype about short hair is that there are not that many styling options like it will be impossible to use a regular curling tool or do brush styling with a hairdryer. But that’s not true, and we are happy to tell you all the secrets now!

How to do brush styling a bob cut with a hairdryer?

While your hair is still wet, apply the thermal protection cream or spray. After that turn on the hairdryer on the highest setting and dry your hair without pausing your hand for a few minutes. Only after that you can try to brush the hair and divide it into separate layers. Once you’ve parted the hair, take a thin round brush and, on medium heat, apply the hairdryer closer to the brush and move it from roots to ends. That is how you can get those flowy layers of hair and extra root volume.

How to create a waved stacked bob?

Nothing is easier than curling the stacked bob! Just get a salt spray at any beauty store and buy a hairdryer with a diffuser. Once your hair is washed, massage it with your hands and salt spray for a few minutes and dry on the lowest setting with the diffuser. After your hair dries, it will curl by itself!

Which stacked bob to choose?

There are so many options available at the beauty market these days that it is simple to get lost in the endless variations. However, if you think about your hair type, structure, length and amount of time you have to spend on it daily – everything gets clear. So let’s review our beauty guide together and pick your unique stacked bob haircut!

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