20+ Small Tattoo Inspiration for Men (2022 Guide)

Minimalist approach to small tattoos to elevate your style


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Who says at all that small tattoos are women’s thing, especially lately minimalism is on the rise. And when we talk about small tattoos less is more and that’s the rule of thumb. Small tattoos are slightly deeper as they are usually symbolic of a place, element, or message.

Lately, with the rise of travel and minimalism, those icons and symbols are more depicted as a personality and statement that one wants to make in front of society. Getting these tattoos is more conceptual and needs to be thought through before getting those ink on skin.

First things first, where should one get a small tattoo?

Boat Tattoo


  • One of the most convenient and classy spots where it can be seen by many at the same time, not too bold and flashy. We have noticed that it is usually travelers who love to tattoo compasses, airplanes, and globe tattoos as they like to push the fact that they like traveling.


  • Fingers are the epitome of small tattoos as the real estate is quite low. The tattoos on fingers are usually letters or small symbols that depict ones personality quite accurately. The only bummer for having a tattoo on fingers is the getting inked part, as the fat and muscle quantity is quite low, it is all boones. That is why it is quite painful to get tattooed on fingers. But well, they say pain only makes you stronger.

Calf & Thigh

  • One of the main spots for the surfer community is calves and thighs. The common one is that small wave design tattoo that is always the favorite. Not just the wave but so many other designs such as a tiger face, a paper plane there are so many possibilities. The best part is that the space is never not enough!


One of the common spots of all, biceps enables one to have a small tattoo two ways; one, on the side, and two, on the bicep muscle itself. This spot is for those individuals who love to make a bold move as this tattoo will be easily seen. So if you are of the personality that wishes its tattoo to make noise, the bicep is the spot for you!

Chest & Back

If you feel like keeping your tattoo to yourself and not making a shouting statement about it, this is your spot to go. Mostly covered with clothing, the chest and back are the safest places to get a tattoo if one wishes to get something personal tattooed. Some people tattoo a small picture of their loved ones or special dates and many more. The best part is that the space for getting anything is quite huge.

Few things to keep in mind though is to avoid getting closer to bones if you are the one who doesn’t want to feel that pain. Usually, it is the rib cage that hurts a bit, the side of the wrist is another such spot. However, if you are someone who doesn’t care about the pain then the world is yours to conquer.

All of that being said, let’s get inspired by a spectrum of designs. Shall we?

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