20 Trendy Sleeve Tattoos (Inspired by Celebrities)

Let those arms tell a colorful story!


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If you are reading this then chances are that you’ve already thought it through and are ready to take the next step of covering your arm with memories, inspiration, and symbolic designs. Sleeve tattoos can be of two types, either one whole tattoo that is big enough to cover the arm or a mix of small tattoos that make up a whole sleeve. That being said, sometimes tribal tattoos are the ones that take up the whole space and make it look super classy.

Well, sleeve tattoos are not like other small ones where they will be too small to notice or covered under clothing. Sleeve tattoos due to their size and majesty are very obvious and bold. So, a little planning will help in the long run but if you are one of those who is mixing a lot of different small ones to make a big one then don’t worry, let those creative inspirations flow.

Let’s talk about some common ways to wear a sleeve:

Aboriginal/Tribal Tattoo

These tattoos are usually the ones that cover the arm as they are both long and majestic. They carry a deeper meaning as they are rooted in culture and history; it is a mixture of various elements that are significant to that specific tribe or group.

Half Sleeve Tattoo

This one is quite the norm with two types, top half of arm covered or the lower half of the arm being covered. Sleeve tattoos like these are often paired with tattooed pecs for extra coverage of real estate on the body.

Asian Full Sleeve Tattoo

Usually, this tattoo consists of various Asian elements out of which usually there is a dragon that covers most of the arm with other elements like Koi Fish, swords, ying-yang, and many more among others. These sleeves can be full of colors or black and white with good work on shading.

Religious Sleeve Tattoo

Have you ever seen a sleeve tattoo with a cross or Jesus or any other mythological figure? That falls under this category and it depicts how one believes in the ideology of the religion. A lot of Indian Tribal Tattoos are like this where the god takes up a lot of real estates and sometimes it is just black and white with good job shading.

3D Sleeve Tattoo

Fans of sci-fi fiction or movies love this form of tattoos very much as they ink bio-mechanics on their whole arm but it is done with so much detail that it almost looks real and not just ink on skin. A lot of “Ironman” fans did these tattoos where the whole arm will be tattooed just like the Ironman suit.

There are even more genres or types of sleeve tattoos and actually, the sector is quite versatile when it comes to innovation. One thing to note is, make sure you go to the tattoo artist who knows what he/she is doing as sleeve tattoos are a big deal. They’re generally hard to cover up due to their size so no one wants to mess this up.

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