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10 Wild Skullet Haircuts To Show Off Your Inner Rebel

Skull + mullet = one badass haircut!


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So you’re a badass with a devil-may-care attitude and confidence shooting through the roof. Now you’re looking for a hairstyle to go with that tough personality. Enter the skullet!

A portmanteau of the words “skull” and “mullet,” this haircut is as rebellious as they come. Think mullet, but at least 10 times edgier! Like the mullet, the skullet is also characterized by long hair at the back, but while the former has some hair at the top and sides, the latter is completely bald or shaved down in those areas. If you think the mullet is extreme and hard to pull off…well, let’s just say it looks like child’s play compared to this rougher, tougher older bro!

Now if it’s so hard to pull off, what is the point of a skullet? It takes a man with a certain level of confidence (read: extremely high) to rock this haircut. But if you’re out to make a statement and you don’t mind the stares, you couldn’t pick a more standout look!

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