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The Hottest 30 Silver Highlights Ideas to Inspire Your Inner Ice Queen

You can rock silver hair at any age!


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Gone are the days when silver hair was synonymous with granny hair. Back then, we didn’t think of it as a stylish color for young people — especially young women. But nowadays, silver has become one of the trendiest and most stunning hair colors women can wear at any age. Just ask Lady Gaga or Kim Kardashian.

We’re only too happy to break the stereotype because silver happens to be just as beautiful as blonde or brown. When it is added as highlights to other hues, the result is always a cool, unique, and radiant look that grabs attention. It is also versatile and goes well with a wide range of colors, from neutrals to pastels. Whether you’re a young woman looking for a trendy hue or an older one ready to embrace gray hair, going silver could be the coolest decision you’ll ever make.

Ready to channel your inner ice queen? Check out the many ways you can wear silver highlights below.

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Evan Rachel Wood's Silver Highlights on Brown Hair

Evan Rachel Wood is wearing a short and sleek bob featuring a perfectly blended brown and silver balayage that are dark at the roots, golden in the middle, and light at the tips. If there’s a look that will convince you that silver can be young and trendy, this is it.

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Lady Gaga's Silver Hair with Pink and Blue Highlights

To make your silver hair even more of a standout look, play with pastels. Here, Lady Gaga is wearing silver with a pink tinge and a blue dip dye, and the result is a whimsical style right out of fairyland.

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Javicia Leslie's Black to Silver Ombre

If you want to know what ombre on steroids looks like, just add silver. Javicia Leslie is wearing a black to silver look that’s so stunning it’s making our jaws drop. Definitely not your ordinary ombre!

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Cynthia Erivo's TWA with Silver Tips

Sticking to your natural texture doesn’t have to mean sticking to your natural color, too. Here, Cynthia Erivo is wearing a TWA but its the silver tips that’s really taking this look to a whole different level.

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Perrie Edwards' Silver Hair with Dark Roots

Perrie Edwards shows us an edgy way to wear silver hair with this rooted style. The dark underlayer makes a stark contrast to the choppy silver waves, making it a very eye-catching look overall.

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Evan Rachel Wood's Silver Highlights on Strawberry Blonde Hair

Here, Evan Rachel Wood is wearing a combination of strawberry blonde and brown with pops of silver and it’s giving us delicious cappuccino vibes. We think this is such a chic color combo that complements the swirly style perfectly.

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Jessie J's Silver Pixie with Dark Roots

A pixie can be cute but it can also be edgy. And when you give it a silver dye job with dark roots like Jessie J’s, you amp up the edge factor even further. This look really grabs attention!

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Miley Cyrus' Silver Faux Hawk with Dark Roots

Miley Cyrus’ faux hawk looks edgy enough but the silver dye job with dark roots is adding an extra dose of toughness. Try this style if you want to take your silver look from whimsical to edgy.

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Cyndi Lauper's Silver Hair with Pastel Highlights

Remember the unicorn trend? If you’re nostalgic for it, this is the look for you. But even if you’re not too excited to bring it back, you can’t deny that this silver ‘do with pops of pastel looks really fun and whimsical.

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Amandla Stenberg's Silver Highlights on Afro Hair

As you can see, silver highlights look just as stunning on afro hair as they do on any other texture. Here, Amandla Stenberg cuts a cool figure with those perfectly placed highlights adorning her natural tresses.

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Ellie Goulding's Silver Blonde Balayage

Ellie Goulding looks like a modern-day fairytale princess wearing this choppy haircut in a silver blonde balayage. If Queen Elsa was given an edgy hair makeover, she’d look like this.

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Dilone's Silver and Gray Buzz Cut

What could be more icy-cool than a buzz cut that’s been dyed silver? Model Dilone shows us how to make an unforgettable statement with short hair by opting for this head-turning color.

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Hilary Duff's Subtle Silver Highlights on Blonde Hair

If you want to add more shine to an already stunning blonde color, go for silver highlights. Here, the shards of silver on Hilary Duff’s hair amp up the luster for a blonde look that really stands out.

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Cara Delevingne's Silver Blonde Highlights with Dark Roots

Cara Delevingne’s silver blonde balayage is truly breathtaking — a unique color combo that makes a trendy statement. And we love how the dark roots bring added dimension and contrast.

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Jourdan Dunn's Brunette Hair with Silver Highlights

If you’re a natural brunette, you can give your tresses a gorgeous glow by adding subtle silver highlights like Jourdan Dunn’s hairstyle here. The result is a luminous ashy hue that really gets noticed.

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Rihanna's Black Hair with Silver Highlights

The silver highlights on Rihanna’s black hair are so subtle they are almost imperceptible and look like they’re just shiny streaks on her tresses. This is great if you want an understated look with just a touch of silver to enhance a sleek hairstyle.

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Jennifer Lawrence's Blonde Hair with Silver Highlights

Adding silver highlights is a great way to bring dimension and a more glamorous finish to blonde hair. Just check out how beautiful and radiant Jennifer Lawrence’s hair is.

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Erin O'Connor's Silver Highlights on Black Hair

Model Erin O’Connor shows us how to embrace silver with this eye-catching salt-and-pepper hairstyle. Whether you achieve this look through a dye job or by letting your silver hair grow out naturally, we think it’s totally chic and sassy.

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Debby Ryan's Brown Hair with Silver Highlights

Debby Ryan’s highlights lend a soft glow and beautiful dimension to her brown hair. This is an example of how silver can beat even gold when it comes to brightening brunette.

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Khloe Kardashian's Silver and Blonde Highlights

Here, Khloe Kardashian adds life to her dark brown locks by incorporating some silver and blonde highlights. The result is a gorgeous multidimensional look that we’re dying to copy.

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Dascha Polanco's Silver Highlights on Gray Hair

If you think gray hair is just for grannies, think again. Dascha Polanco definitely brings a modern vibe to it with this beautiful balayage. Add a subtle pop of pink like she does for an even trendier finish.

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Pink's Silver Hair with Blue Highlights

Here, Pink is making our eyes pop wearing this silver faux hawk with blue highlights. You can opt for just a subtle highlight like she does or you can add more — either way, this look will definitely make you the coolest person in the room.

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Ciara's Silver Hair with Black Highlights

If you want to go all out with your silver look, take a style cue from Ciara. While black hair with silver highlights is not uncommon, you don’t always see the reverse: silver with black lowlights. You’ll most likely be the only person in the room wearing this color, which makes it a truly standout look.

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Bella Thorne's Red Hair with Silver Highlights

This shade of red on Bella Thorne’s hair looks stunning and the silver highlights definitely add an extra dose of glamour. The two colors complement each other perfectly and the result is a super sleek and radiant balayage look.

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Nicki Minaj's Dark Hair with Silver Highlights

Nicki Minaj is giving us major goth vibes with this black and silver ‘do. The highlights are chunky and make a sharp contrast to the black — a color combo that’s definitely going to turn heads.

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Kelly Osbourne's Silver Hair with Purple Highlights

Kelly Osbourne is famous for her signature purple hair and here she’s added an extra cool element by incorporating a tinge of silver. The result is a color that’s one of a kind and sure to make the wearer the center of attention.

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Ruby Rose's Dark Brown Hair with Silver Highlights

Ruby Rose always sports the coolest hairstyles and we’re constantly amazed at the creative coiffures she comes up with. Without the silver highlights, this would have been just another ordinary short ‘do.

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Kim Kardashian's Silver Highlights on Blonde Hair

When Kim Kardashian, who’s a natural brunette, decides to go light, you go can be sure she’ll pick a color that’s truly stunning, like this ash blonde with silver highlights. The balayage is seamlessly blended and looks beautiful while the dark roots add extra dimension.

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Lady Gaga's Silver Blonde Highlights

If there’s one celeb who can show us the silver blonde hair of our dreams, that would be Lady Gaga. Here, she’s wearing a flawlessly blended balayage that’s totally giving off ice queen vibes. Move over, Elsa!

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Rachel McAdams Rose Gold Hair with Silver Highlights

Here, Rachel McAdams is wearing a rose gold shade of blonde that would have lacked oomph without the silver highlights framing the front. The dark roots transitioning to gold and silver result in a gorgeous multidimensional look.