30 Bold Shaved Haircuts for Women

Shave it on the side or the back, it is one bold statement!


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Originally emerging from the rise of the rock-punk music era, the side shave design was influenced by male rock performers which was then tried by female artists who wanted to make an impression of being a “rebellious” kind

Since then the side shaved hairstyle for women has inspired females of all backgrounds who intend to have a bold outlook on life. As time has passed different versions of the style have emerged, from either side to both sides and now the back of the head is also considered to be in the same spectrum.

Should I Side shave it or Middle Shave it?

This is one of the questions that occurs commonly when one wants to rock the shaved hairstyle. Having either side shaved needs an undercut and some volume that can be shifted towards the other side in order for that contrast to pop and look significant.

On the other hand, starting the undercut from almost the middle of the head gives it a very bold look but that also means that the shave will be quite obvious. One can add more shaved slits, or patterns on the sides to make it look even more interesting but this on its own is quite a style

Another form of shave style is shaving the back of the head which is usually accompanied by a pattern design that hides under the long hair but when pulled up via a bun or a knot makes a prominent look.

No matter what shave one decides to go with, there are ways to keep it subtle when needed and it can be noisy at times when it is demanded. One thing to note is, adding fluff to the rest of the hair only makes it look better and brings out the best from the shave.

Let’s check out some inspirations to see how people use variation to make this simple hairstyle into something quite neat!