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20 Bold Shaved Haircuts for Women

Shave it on the side or the back, it is one bold statement!


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Originally emerging from the rise of the rock-punk music era, the side shave design was influenced by male rock performers which was then tried by female artists who wanted to make an impression of being a “rebellious” kind

Since then the side shaved hairstyle for women has inspired females of all backgrounds who intend to have a bold outlook on life. As time has passed different versions of the style have emerged, from either side to both sides and now the back of the head is also considered to be in the same spectrum.

Should I Side shave it or Middle Shave it?

This is one of the questions that occurs commonly when one wants to rock the shaved hairstyle. Having either side shaved needs an undercut and some volume that can be shifted towards the other side in order for that contrast to pop and look significant.

On the other hand, starting the undercut from almost the middle of the head gives it a very bold look but that also means that the shave will be quite obvious. One can add more shaved slits, or patterns on the sides to make it look even more interesting but this on its own is quite a style

Another form of shave style is shaving the back of the head which is usually accompanied by a pattern design that hides under the long hair but when pulled up via a bun or a knot makes a prominent look.

No matter what shave one decides to go with, there are ways to keep it subtle when needed and it can be noisy at times when it is demanded. One thing to note is, adding fluff to the rest of the hair only makes it look better and brings out the best from the shave.

Let’s check out some inspirations to see how people use variation to make this simple hairstyle into something quite neat!

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Demi's Semi Side Parted Undercut Shave

What can one say when Demi dresses up in a bold look, thanks to the undercut shave on the side which is slightly tapered for a neat yet very punk look. The volume shift is on the side with hair falling freely on the forehead like a fringe.

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Alice Dellal Undercutting it in the Middle

Why shave the sides when one can crank it up all the way to the top. The undercut here is quite a look as it adds a lot of volume on one side and nothing on the other. This look is for anyone who likes the punk trends especially with that blonde dye, you’re getting some stares.

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Zoe Kravitz Braiding it Like a Champ

Braiding is something that enhances the individual volume of a strand plus here as we see the rest is undercut with side on the shave spectrum. All of that plus the white dye makes it a very neat yet modern look.

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Keke Palmer Bunning her Slit Shave

What can we say about this exquisite style, bun on the top, sides shaved and slit lined and front is densely crowded with forehead bangs that hang perfectly in proportion balancing the weight in all sides.

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Dyed Side Shave with Undercut Side Part

The dye and the side part are what make this a very neat yet trendy look. The shave on the mid fade here is what adds volume on the top and then the dye adds a very Japanese anime feel to it.

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Jada Smith Spicing Up with Her Pony and Dye

Shaved sides are neat but this way of styling them adds one more notch to the style factor. The sides here are faded with a cheeky golden dye to make it shine in a subtle way. The ponytail at the back regains its volume on the top as well.

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Undercut with Unicorn Dye can never Go Wrong

Undercut taper fade is one of the most common and widely styled approaches. And here we see a similar look with added elements like a purple-white dye and curls to add the volume which enhances the sides that are contrasty.

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Miley Cyrus's Short Punk Hairstyle

Short hair may be a little tight when it comes to designing but Miley certainly knows how to make the most of it. She undercut tapers the sides and brushes up the top and dyes the whole blob into blonde color which is a bold look in itself.

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Taper Fade on The Side with Slit Line

“Tats and shave is the way to rave”, the top here is side-parted with fluff on the top and then contrasty when it comes to the sides. The hard parted hairline with a slit shave is certainly a very modern look and those tattoos only make it better.

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Riri Putting Volume on Top and Back

Riri’s style is not just another style for people to ignore, she makes statements like this one. The top is side-parted with blonde dye strips and then the back has some fluff. All of this plus the side-shaved temple makes this hairstyle quite an interesting one.

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Layered Side Shave with Side Parted Long Hair

Thin hair is considered a difficult realm to deal with but as we see here the layers that go on the temple with those slits are what makes this one a neat one. The key is to have volume and then reduce the cluster as one goes down.

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Tipper Tipping it On Top with Sides Shaved

Dominique Tipper brushed hair all the way up with a straight texture and the reason why it pops so well is because of the sides that are shaved which put all the volume on the top of the hair. One would need a decent amount of hair products to rock this look.

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Simple Side Brush Undercut Shave

Less is more and as we see here the volume is kept pretty in control and as a result, we see that the side shave is one of the most prominent parts of the hairstyle. The hair isn’t puffed and dyed with a blue strand to add a little playful feel to it.

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Side Parted Undercut Look by Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has a semi-sharp face with a decent jawline and cheekbones, in order to balance that the hair has to have some volume and here we see she has a side part with a cheeky undercut fade that helps enhance the look altogether.

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Taraji's Bunned Top with Braid Fade

If one has the volume of Taraji then it is a jackpot as the style options are unlimited. Here we see the long hair is put to use by tieing a bun on top with sides being faded and then braided. The classic braid fade steals the show.

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Undercut Middle Part with Highlighted Ends

If one wishes to undercut shave the side or the middle part then the key is to contrast the volume in a neat fashion. As we see, here the volume shift towards the left makes this a very neat look plus the highlight, in the end, acts as a cherry on the cake.

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Candy Floss Dye with Layered Side Shave

This look drips panache and a statement. Short hair when paired with a side shave add a lot of life to the casual haircut but here it is taken one step further with the layered side shave and then separated by dye color, how can one go wrong with this.

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Danai Gurira Keeping Short Yet Trendy

Short hair can be a little tricky to deal with but then sides can be made fancier but the pattern we see Danai rocking. This is one of the less maintenance hairstyles that we have seen so far.

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Side Swept Undercut Tapered Sides

Tapered sides are very neat but when added some contrast to the look it can do wonders. They here is to add subtle fluff to the side sweep plus little curls on the back makes this look a fuller style. The undercut along the side is a neat move with a uniform taper all along.

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Undercut Braid with Sky Blue Fluff

The sheer volume distribution here is amazingly good as it fluffs the top of the head with the head. Moreover, the braided side part acts like an undercut which makes everything quite neat yet fun. The blue dye here pops everything to the roof.

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Meagan's Afro Dreads on the East and Shave on the West

The volume distribution here with the style statement is quite a banger of a look. The dreadlocks on the side shift all the volume away whereas the side shave on the right makes everything clean. The dreads are then dyed with a sharp golden shade which makes it even better.

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Side Swept Fringe and Bun By Kelly Osbourne

Kelly really knows what she is doing when the fringe is side swept with undercut side shave. That is not it especially when the bun on top balances the volume on top with that pastel purple dye that makes it very poppy.

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Scarlett Johansson Inspired Fluffed Shiny Top

Who doesn’t like some neat side part with thin hair fluff that shines due to a silver dye and to top it off, an undercut side shave that enhances the look on the top. One will need to use a blow dryer to have that fluff and then some hair products to keep it in place.

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Kristen Stewart Side Sweeping it Casually

Kristen has been making bold moves and hence bold statements as this is one of them. The style here might look a little minimalistic but the vibe is just so cool. The top is side swept with an undercut shave on the side which is the contrast to long falling strands on the other end.

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Slightly Viking But Undercut Shave is a Bold Move

Although looks simple but it ain’t that easy. The key is to provide drastic contrast between the sides and here it is done with utter detailing. The undercut begins from the top and the rest of the hair is pushed back to eliminate the fluff. Making this a neat look overall.

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Cait Lin Keeps it Low Key Formal

When one side shaves the hair it makes a loud noise and sometimes it is hard to hide the style. However, this one feels subtle yet poppy. One insider tip, you can always flip the hair on top to cover the shave.