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30 Gorgeous Sew-In Hairstyles to Try

With sew-ins, the possibilities are endless!


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Getting the ‘do of your dreams isn’t just about cutting, coloring and/or styling your natural hair. Never underestimate the power of sew-ins. When you opt for a sew-in, you have endless choices in terms of length, texture and color. Think of it as hair magic β€” it’s not at all impossible to leave the house with a short ‘do and come back from your salon appointment with waist-length tresses.

In case you’re not familiar with sew-ins, they’re hair extensions that are sewn onto your natural hair. Your tresses are first braided into cornrows and the extensions are attached to the braids. What’s great about sew-ins is that you can style and color them like you would your real hair, all while sparing your real hair the potential damage of everyday styling. When done properly, it can last anywhere from six to ten weeks.

Ready for your sew-in? Here are some style ideas for you.

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Long Wavy Sew-In with Fringe

This sew-in boasts beautiful waves throughout the entire length as well as a cute side-swept fringe. Perfectly glam from top to bottom!

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Side-Parted Curly Sew-In

If you don’t want to stray too far from your own natural texture, you can opt for a sew-in like this. It features thick, tight curls and gorgeous volume down the ends.

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Center-Parted Wavy Sew-In

Go boho with a center-parted wavy sew-in like this. We’re loving the gorgeous volume and lovely wavy texture on this ‘do.

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Half Up Half Down Sew-In

A half up half down style is always cute and it’s easy to achieve with a sew-in. Here, the front is sleek, the half pony is high and the curls are so lush and pretty.

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Curly Sew-In with Baby Hair

As you can see here, baby hairs definitely add a dose of cuteness to any ‘do. Whatever style you’re going for, you can make it more eye-catching with some carefully arranged strands along the hairline.

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Long Wavy Sew-In

This is such a pretty sew-in with its deep side part, subtle waves and bouncy, voluminous silhouette. She looks totally party-ready!

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Sew-In Bob with Fringe

For another variation on the classic bob, try it with bangs. Here, the bob features angled ends and a perfectly sleek texture but its the dramatic side-swept fringe that takes it to a whole new level.

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Feathered Sew-In

We’re loving the feathery texture on this gorgeous sew-in hairstyle. It features a center part, lovely volume and just a few subtle waves at the front for a simple yet elegant look.

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Sew-In with Highlights

You can amp up the chic factor on an already stylish ‘do by adding some highlights. Here, the blonde streaks do a great job of brightening up the whole look.

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Center-Parted Sew-In with Curly Ends

Here’s another curly style but with a center part instead of a side part. It creates a perfect symmetry and looks super glam thanks to those carefully styled ringlets.

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Side-Parted Sew-In Hairstyle with Curly Ends

There are some beautiful elements to this sew-in: the curled fringe and ends, the curved side part and the cute baby hairs.

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Curly Burgundy Sew-In

There’s nothing like a chic style paired with a striking color to give you that pop-star appeal. That’s just one of the many advantages of sew-ins β€” there are so many possibilities for stunning ‘dos.

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Thick Curly Sew-In

Who doesn’t love perfect curls? This sew-in mimics your natural texture with its voluminous silhouette and glamorous ringlets.

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Side-Parted Straight Sew-In

This long straight hairstyle looks stunning and seriously turns heads. And the beautiful highlights are like icing on the cake.

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Center-Parted Bob Sew-In

We can’t stress enough how stylish and classic a bob is so here’s another example. For women with round faces, try a center part.

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Long Ombre Sew-In

A great thing about sew-ins is you can dye and style them like you would your real hair. That means you can be adventurous with colors without damaging your natural tresses. Try this gorgeous ombre look.

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Center-Parted Curly Sew-In

Channel your inner Beyonce with a sew-in like this. It features a center part and perfectly bouncy curls down the ends β€” definitely a party-ready look.

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Long Straight Sew-In

If you’ve been longing for a style that’s very different from your natural texture, try a long straight sew-in like this. And those swirly baby hairs look so cute, too!

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Long Curly Sew-In

What could be more feminine than a long curly ‘do? This one’s definitely oozing ultra-girly appeal with those bouncy curls and dramatic fringe.

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Classic Bob Sew-In

The bob is one of the most classic hairstyles around, and it’s also a popular choice when it comes to sew-ins. Try this for a look that will always be timeless.

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Side-Parted Wavy Sew-In

How elegant is this side-parted wavy sew-in that extends all the way down to the waist? The hints of purple also add a unique touch.

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Sew-In Pixie

If you’re longing for a big change but not quite ready to chop off your long hair, try a sew-in pixie cut. It’s a major transformation but not permanent. And while you’re at it, why not try a color change too?

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Sew-In with Chunky Highlights

Feel free to play around with colors. This long wavy style features chunky highlights along the front section, jazzing up further an already chic look.

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Asymmetrical Lob Sew-In

For a dose of edge and modernity to your look, you can’t go wrong with an asymmetrical lob like this. It has a silky straight silhouette that’s perfect if you’re craving something totally different from your natural hair.

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Wavy Shoulder-Length Sew-In

For a look that’s simple yet beautiful, you can opt for a shoulder-length sew-in with bouncy waves. This length and texture are great for an everyday style that looks breezy and is easy to maintain.

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Burgundy Sew-In

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try an unusual color? Here’s a sew-in that features not only a super sleek bob style but a stunning burgundy hue as well.

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Ponytail Sew-In

You can achieve the perfect ponytail with a sew-in. This one looks super glam with its sleek top and curly ends.

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Sleek Straight Sew-In

Wouldn’t it be so great to get silky straight hair like this without spending a lot of time flat-ironing? You can with sew-ins.

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Curly Bob Sew-In

You can experiment not only with colors but with lengths as well. This sew-in bob reaches down to the shoulders and features bouncy waves for a glamorous look.

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Center-Parted Lob Sew-In

Here’s a stylish center-parted lob with graduated ends that looks very modern and trendy. And the burgundy hue adds a unique touch.