30 Gorgeous Sew-In Hairstyles to Try

With sew-ins, the possibilities are endless!


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Getting the ‘do of your dreams isn’t just about cutting, coloring and/or styling your natural hair. Never underestimate the power of sew-ins. When you opt for a sew-in, you have endless choices in terms of length, texture and color. Think of it as hair magic — it’s not at all impossible to leave the house with a short ‘do and come back from your salon appointment with waist-length tresses.

In case you’re not familiar with sew-ins, they’re hair extensions that are sewn onto your natural hair. Your tresses are first braided into cornrows and the extensions are attached to the braids. What’s great about sew-ins is that you can style and color them like you would your real hair, all while sparing your real hair the potential damage of everyday styling. When done properly, it can last anywhere from six to ten weeks.

Ready for your sew-in? Here are some style ideas for you.