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30 Reasons To Adore Your Salt And Pepper Hair

Exclusive examples for men on how to rock it with the gray hair


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Let’s start with something least expected here! We will check the power of your mindset and see whether you are subjected to stereotypical thinking with just one question: do you like your salt and pepper hair or believe that gray hair strands should be hidden?

Suppose you’re positive about demonstrating your gorgeous grayish hair strands. Congrats, we will find a great hairstyle for you quickly! Otherwise, if you consider finding a way of hiding the gray hair – hold on. We will reassure you shortly that salt and pepper hair is worth being proud of. Don’t have much faith in it? Well, let’s take a look at this sensitive matter in detail!

If you’re not convinced to show off your ravishing salt and pepper hair, after reviewing these slides, we are sure you will be booking your next hair appointment immediately.

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Salt And Pepper Backcombed Hair

The classic and the most elegant style is doubtlessly the grayish backcombed hair with a side part. This hairstyle would look with any hair colour but is incredibly charming for men with salt and pepper hair. So if you like your hair to grow slightly longer – this is the option for you.

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Salt And Pepper Undercut

Another great way of rocking it with your salt and pepper hair and white beard is to combine these colours with an undercut that never goes out of trend. With styling the top part to the back and keeping your sides freshly trimmed – you will look fabulous no matter what.

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Darkened Strands In Silver Hair

Doesn’t matter whether you have a few hair strands of natural black colour or you dye them on purpose – the darker hair strands in front with the rest of your silver hair will add that charm to your style. Also, a slightly darkened beard or moustache looks excellent with such hair.

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Salt And Pepper Wolverine’s Hair

What slightly looks like the Wolverine’s hairstyle straight from the movie is actually a pretty popular way among men of styling longer hair these days. Keeping the longer hair strands in the back and leaving a few short pieces out creates a casual look yet stylish.

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Colin Farrell’s Signature Hair Look

Colin Farrel is well-known for his impeccable taste in styling. Whether it’s his colourful suit or perfectly gelled hair, he always looks top-notch. No wonder why he got selected for a role in the iconic movie “The Gentlemen.”

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Minimalistic Cut For Gray Hair

For those of you who like to keep everything in a minimalistic style, the moderately short military cut in combination with light gray hair colour will look just as neat as you need it to look. Another essential advantage of such a style is that it will look appropriate for any dress code or occasion.

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Great Hairstyle For A Macho

Don’t you get the Game of Thrones vibe? We certainly do! Such a hairstyle in a gorgeous dark gray colour looks just fine and would match a brave, sturdy man like Jason Momoa or Anson Mount. Those guys both know well how to steal women’s hearts.

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Old-Fashioned Haircut For Silver Hair

What could look more elegant than this hairstyle? Not sure, because that is the true classic gentlemen’s cut in front of you: a clean side part with a precisely styled wave in the front and a beautifully trimmed beard. Couldn’t be more attractive, right?

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Joe Manganiello’s Unique Hair Colour Combo

What a stylish combination of darker hair and light gray, almost white beard! Joe certainly has a rare gray hair look. Whether it was done purposefully by a hair colorist or grown naturally – it still looks impressive.

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Salt & Pepper Hair With Golden Tone

Evenly parted hair, clear sideburns and carefully framed moustache – what an excellent choice for a red carpet look! Sean Penn is lucky to have that rare combination of the salt and pepper colours along with the golden or gingery undertones.

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Ben Affleck’s Salt And Pepper Hair

Freshly trimmed sides with slightly volumized front hair and clearly framed beard – that’s the look of a real Hollywood star! Ben definitely is one of the most attractive male actors we know today, and the salt and pepper hair only adds some charisma to him.

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Charming Hair Of Ryan Reynolds

Undoubtedly, Ryan Reynolds has a lot of natural charm. But we are sure it would not be that effective in winning the women’s hearts without his exceptional dressing style and perfectly trimmed hair. And, of course, he has hair of salt and pepper colour as well. So should gray hair stop you from conquering this world?

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Gelled Back Salt And Pepper Hair

We miss those times when every second man was gelling the hair and combing it back. That is such a masculine way of styling your hair! And with the salt and pepper colour, it looks even more brutal and attractive at the same time. So think about it, sometimes new can be a well-forgotten old.

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Highlights Done In Salt And Pepper Colour

Mads demonstrates to us a great example of how fake silver hair can gorgeously complement a gentleman like him. His natural hair doesn’t have any yellowish pigment, so it was relatively easy to get the highlights done in such a light, cold colour.

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Maluma’s Iconic Hair Colour

Of course, this list of top-looking salt and pepper hairstyles could not be made without Maluma and his extremely trendy haircut with the highlighted ends. He changes his hair colour pretty often, but the one with dark roots, high fade on sides and snow-white ends is undoubtedly one of his best looks.

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Zac Efron’s Bleached Hair

Not your classic salt and pepper hair colour, but it also deserves some attention! Zac has successfully combined a gorgeous ivory colour with the darker roots and got some stunning results. Whether you like the extreme volume on top or not, you can still try such a colour combo, even on short hair.

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Esai Morales Black And Silver Hair

It looks like Esai Morales knows how to age in style. His dark bushy eyebrows and clean-shaven face look fantastic, along with the darker hair on top and slightly silver parts on the sides. With the atlas blue shirt and dark blazer, he impressed everyone.

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Andrew Lincoln’s Stylish Salt & Pepper Beard

Not only can the salt and pepper hair look stylish, but a beard of the same colour can also change a lot in your style. In Andrew’s case, he has slightly gray sides that gradually blend into the precisely framed beard of light and dark gray shades. Moreover, his eyebrows are the same salt and pepper colour, significantly highlighting his eyes.

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Brad Pitt’s Gorgeous Salt & Pepper Hair

Obviously, the first person who will come to your mind if you start thinking of salt and pepper hair most likely will be Brad Pitt. He is indeed one of the most handsome-looking men on this planet. So if he chose not to hide his grayish hair strands – maybe he knows something!


Why is it called salt and pepper hair?

Let’s begin with finding an answer to this most common question! Everything is crystal clear: instead of using a rather delicate for some people, especially men, word ‘gray,’ the stylists worldwide have come up with an attractive and pleasant-to-ear combination – salt and pepper hair colour. “Your soft strands of salt and pepper hair match your eyes perfectly – don’t you think such a phrase would sound slightly better without the plain ‘gray’ word? We think so too!

What is the salt and pepper hair exactly?

In short, if you start having your first grayish hair – most likely, your hair colour would be called exactly the salt and pepper one. Basically, the name comes from the combination of a few colours: most of the time, it’s dark brown or even black naturally mixed with lighter gray hair like silver or even pure white. But sometimes, mature hair can have golden sand or ginger undertones too, even though it would still be called a salt and pepper hair colour.

What if I don’t have gray hair yet?

Fake it till you make it – that would be our best answer! Salt and pepper hair is a huge trend these days, and you’ll miss a lot waiting for your hair to start going gray. Instead, simply mimic it with a good hair professional and a few hours of bleaching. Look at Maluma, Chris Pine or any other young and famous celebrity. Some of them dye their hair regularly to have that salt and pepper colour. So it is a big time for gray hair today!

With an extensive background in the beauty and media production industry, Anastasiia knows all the buzz and is ready to share a few tricks with you to zhuzh your hair game. Constantly traveling between Europe and North America, she is the one who keeps an eye on all the popping world trends so that you don't miss anything.