Choosing a shade for your next coloring trip to the colorist can be a struggle, but if you’ve already been looking into becoming a redhead, here are some incredibly gorgeous examples of what that might look like. Consider the haircut you have now and if you’d also want to change that as well before the appointment is up!

Check out our top picks for redhead hairstyles!
Red Bob with Thick Bangs
YuliyaFM /

Deep Coper Red Bob with Thick Bangs

As you’ve probably read, there’s this thing called an undertone, and that basically determines if your new color will look like a great or a bad pairing with the new you.
I love the bluntness of the haircut, unapologetically taking the bob’s shortness and replicating it on the fringe. It’s fantastic!

Side Parted Lob
zoomteam /

Fiery Wavy Side Parted Lob

Fiery red hair looks exceptionally well when it is styled with waves. The natural part for the side-swept fringe gives the look a wild side that can be tamed depending on your outfit and makeup (or lack-there-of) of choice.

Straight Thick Bangs
NeonShot /

Auburn Short Bangs with Bob

This red auburn coloring looks super natural on the model so if you think your skin tone could match her undertones don’t hesitate to use this image (or any on the article, for that matter) to help your stylist get a better idea of what you want and what they can do for you.

The straight thick bangs are a savage and totally brilliant move for such a haircut.

Strawberry Blonde With Natural Waves
Alones /

Strawberry With Natural Waves

Strawberry blonde. Some people argue that it shouldn’t really be called blonde because of the red-ish undertones and they are technically correct, so we’re including it as the stunning shade of red that it is to give you a scope of the possibilities and range of color you can play with.

Low Hanging Curls
stockfour /

Red and Orange Tones with Low Hanging Curls

This redhead look has so much orange it almost looks like golden fire itself. The haircut uses long layers to give a little more shape to the curls.

Strawberry Blonde Long Layers
Alones /

Strawberry Blonde Long Layers

This strawberry blonde look does have a little bit more read in it and it allows for a far richer tone than the previous example. The medium-length crop and waves keep the style fresh and easy to put together.

A Thousand Reds
Alones /

A Thousand Reds

You obviously don’t need to go for only one tone of red, how about a bunch on them? Oh yes, all the excitement in one space. And it looks rather lovely on this example, choose your base tone and then go from there.

Burgundy Dreams
Evgeniy+Gostuhin /

Burgundy Dreams

These gorgeous burgundy shade edges on the darker side of reds. I love it. There’s just something so warm and inviting about the shade that makes me want to cozy up and read a book in a cabin in the woods.

Grace Chatto’s Pink Highlights
Cubankite /

Grace Chatto's Pink Highlights

If you’ve recently gone blonde, it is a great time to try red hair! Or, in this case, pink highlights! Grace Chatto’s style is subtle but super cool-looking!

Amy Adams Glam Waves
Jaguar PS /

Amy Adams's Glam Waves

Amy Adams’s red ochre hair looks fantastic with some very well-defined glam waves and a side part.

Mary Charteris Pink Balayage
Cubankite /

Mary Charteris's Pink Balayage

Red hair has so many variants and shades you’ll love what you can do with it. Here Mary Charteris take on this beautiful orange and pink shade is a balayage on her light brown hair. Stunning!

Flaming Hot Bob
CarlosDavid /

Flaming Hot Bob

This very fiery red tone does require you to be mindful of its care in order to keep it nice and bright. Ask your colorist for recommendations to take good care of it and your hair after dying it.

Rihanna’s Wine Colored Curls
Tinseltown /

Rihanna's Wine Colored Curls

Rihanna’s deep burgundy red hair looks like it could belong to a real-life Ariel, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. If you’re looking to get deep red hair this could be a hairstyle for you!

Julia Roberts’s Long Layers
Jaguar PS /

Julia Roberts's Long Layers

We’re pretty much used to seeing Julia Roberts look incredible with beachy blonde hair and highlights by now, but every once in a while she returns to her red and brunette looks and slays just the same!

Sophie Turner’s Side Swept Red Waves
Kathy Hutchins /

Sophie Turner's Side Swept Red Waves

Brilliant Sophie Turner wears her red hair swept to the side in long waves.  This shade looks like melted rose gold when in the sunlight, and it’s absolutely stunning. 

Madelaine Petsch’s High Ponytail
Kathy Hutchins /

Madelaine Petsch's High Ponytail

Madelaine Petsch’s red hair is one to admire, while she’s a natural redhead us lot can attempt to recreate her gorgeous shade of red. 

Ellie Bambe’s Layered Cut
Cubankite /

Ellie Bambe's Layered Cut

Cut in layers, Ellie Bambe’s strawberry blonde hair and waves sit in an apparent disheveled way giving her a carefree look.

Strawberry blonde is as much red hair as it is blonde, placed right in the middle of the two I couldn’t help but to include a few examples. 

Jianna Bergen’s Bob
Eugene+Powers /

Jianna Bergen's Bob

Auburn is another shade of red hair, closer to being brunette it is a gorgeous warm shade. Jianna Bergen wears it with a classic bob and looks exquisite. 

Jenna Thiam’s Fluffy Waves
chinellatophoto /

Jenna Thiam's Fluffy Waves

With a natural middle part and the fluffiest of waves Henna Thiam’s red hair is giving me 90s vibes with a throwback to the iconic fluffy hairdos. Love it!

Maude Apatow’s Half Up and Middle Part
Eugene+Powers /

Maude Apatow's Half Up and Middle Part

Another example of an auburn shade, the red hair can be seen when light is directly shining on it. Maude Apatow wears a half-up and a middle part for a romantic hairstyle to complete her look.