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30 Purple Highlights Ideas for a Cool and Daring Look

Take the purple plunge!


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Are you ready to get playful with your hair color? Then you’ve got to try purple highlights. You only have to take one look at Kelly Osbourne or Justine Skye and their signature purple tresses to know that this is a seriously stunning hue for hair!

Whatever your natural color — black, brown, blonde or red — there’s a shade of purple that’s perfect for you. If you have a brown or black base, a dark or neon purple hue will complement it beautifully. For blondes, meanwhile, light or pastel shades like lilac and lavender will provide a nice accent. For an even more unique look, you can mix your purple with other colors such as pink and blue. And you can be as subtle as you like with just a few peekaboo highlights, or go all out with a bright dip-dye.

Whatever look you’re going for, one thing’s for sure: you’ll definitely be turning heads with this gorgeous hue. So if you’re ready to take the purple plunge, click through for all the inspiration you need.

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Justine Skye's Black Hair with Purple Highlights

For some great purple hair inspo, look no further than singer Justine Skye. This is her signature color and she’s sported a lot of dazzling styles over the years. Here, she’s wearing a long ‘do in a black and bright purple combo that’s totally giving off goth-glam vibes.

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Regina King's Purple Box Braids

To make your box braids even more of a statement-making look, try a bright violet dye job. Here, Regina King’s braids are impossible to miss not only because of the styling but also because of the vibrant color.

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Lil Mama's Lavender Hair with Pink Highlights

Here, Lil Mama is wearing the braid of our fantasies featuring a lavender dye job with subtle pink highlights. The flower and vine embellishments also amp up the fanciful vibe.

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Irene Kim's Purple and Magenta Highlights

If you want to channel your inner K-pop star, try this look. Model Irene Kim is wearing purple on one side and magenta on the other and the result is a fun and playful look that’s sure to make you the center of attention.

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Kelly Osbourne's Purple and Gray Highlights

Here, Kelly Osbourne pairs lilac highlights with gray for a more muted (but still stunning) shade of purple on hair. This is a color combo that really turns heads!

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Raven Symone's Lavender Hair with Silver Highlights

Here, Raven Symone is giving us major fairytale vibes with her lavender and silver fishtail braid. This is an example of how an unusual hair color can make a cute hairstyle even more dazzling.

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Debby Ryan's Purple and Silver Highlights

Here’s another example of how purple and silver make a stunning combination on hair. Debby Ryan’s hairstyle really stands out thanks to that super cool color combo.

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Lily Allen's Purple to Pink Ombre

Wow! Lily Allen looks divine wearing this purple to pink ombre lob. The colors perfectly complement each other and are blended flawlessly. If there’s one look that will convince you to try unusual hair colors, this is it.

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Keke Palmer's Purple Cornrows

We’ve seen box braids and afros in purple, now let’s take a look at cornrows. Keke Palmer’s purple dye job definitely made an already cool hairstyle even more stylish.

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Cyndi Lauper's Purple, Blue and Silver Highlights

If you’re a fan of the unicorn trend, this is the hairstyle for you. Cyndi Lauper is wearing a combination of purple, blue and silver highlights on her short bob and it looks so fun and cute.

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Christina Aguilera's Platinum Blonde to Purple Ombre

You can always count on Christina Aguilera to come up with the coolest hairstyles. Here, she’s wearing purple highlights on her platinum blonde tresses and the result is a look that’s whimsical and glam in equal parts.

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Jordin Sparks' Purple Highlights on Afro Hair

Here’s more proof that purple works perfectly with dark brown hair as demoed by Jordin Sparks. We think the subtle splash of color also makes her natural curls even more of an eye-catching look.

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Perrie Edwards' Ash Blonde Hair with Subtle Purple Highlights

If you have ash blonde hair and want a pop of color to jazz it up, here’s an idea. Perrie Edwards’ lilac highlights are soft and subtle and complement her blonde so beautifully.

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Jessie J's Purple Dip-Dyed Hair

Here’s an ombre look with an edgy twist for all the goth girls out there. Jessie J is wearing a long black ‘do with purple dip-dyed ends and she looks so ready for cosplay!

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Lana Condor's Short Hairstyle with Purple Highlights

Do you have short hair and want to incorporate some purple highlights? Here’s an idea from Lana Condor. She keeps it low-key with just a pop of color at the ends but it still makes a chic impact.

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Rumer Willis' Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

Natural brunette Rumer Willis experiments with purple and the result is this dramatic dark burgundy hue. It’s not such an over-the-top shade of purple for hair but it still grabs attention, doesn’t it?

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Nicole Richie's Dark Hair with Purple Highlights

Here, Nicole Richie’s purple highlights are so subtle they’re almost imperceptible. This is great if you want a purple style that’s understated yet elegant.

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Katy Perry's Blue and Purple Highlights

If you want a style that really stands out, try a combination of blue and purple like Katy Perry is wearing here. It looks really fun and works nicely with her neon green outfit, too.

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Kesha's Silver Hair with Purple Highlights

Here, Kesha looks like she just stepped out of a fairytale with her silver and lavender tresses. This is definitely the purple hair of our fantasies!

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Katy Perry's Black Hair with Blue and Purple Highlights

Here, Katy Perry adorns her signature black tresses with blue and purple highlights for a quirky look. So fun it’s like a party in her hair!

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Andrea Russett's Dark Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

Here’s a shade of violet that will surely make you the center of attention. Andrea Russett is sporting a center-parted wavy style in a vibrant hue with dark brown roots that’s so gorgeous it might just convince you to give purple a try.

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Bella Thorne's Red Hair with Purple Highlights

But if extra is exactly what you’re looking for, here’s the color combo for you. Bella Thorne is wearing a mix of dark purple and bright magenta, among other shades. It’s not for the faint of heart but it sure looks magnificent!

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Jade Thirlwall's Dark Purple Highlights

Purple hair doesn’t always have to be bright and bold. If you want to keep it understated, opt for a dark shade like Jade Thirlwall’s. It’s unique and attention-grabbing without looking too extra.

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Kelly Osbourne's Blonde and Purple Highlights

Another celeb who has chosen purple for her signature hair color is Kelly Osbourne. You can always rely on her to show off the most eye-catching purple looks. Here, she’s wearing soft lilac highlights on blonde, resulting in a rose gold hue that looks so stunning.

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Britney Spears' Purple and Blue Highlights on Blonde Hair

Now if you want something a little more extraordinary, go for a bold dip dye like Britney Spears’. She’s sporting purple on the tips, pastel blue in the middle, and blonde at the top and the result is truly eye candy!

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Sharna Burgess' Purple Highlights on Brown Hair

Sharna Burgess is wearing a subdued shade of purple on her hair and the result is a very rich brunette hue. Try this if you want an eye-popping color that still looks relatively natural.

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Ashley Tisdale's Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights

Here, Ashley Tisdale accents her blonde hair with a pop of purple for a playfully chic look. The purple makes a nice complement to the blonde — we think they’re a really cool pairing.

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Vivica Fox's Purple Highlights on Black Hair

There’s something about Vivica Fox’s long purple waves that’s giving us superhero vibes. We love this vivid shade of purple — it makes a gorgeous contrast to her natural black hair.

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Jordin Sparks' Purple Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo highlights are a good option if you want to keep it subtle but with a unique twist. Jordin Sparks is wearing a simple dark ‘do but the pops of purple definitely added a cool touch.

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Avril Lavigne's Blonde Hair with Purple and Pink Highlights

Here’s a punky way to wear purple on your hair. Avril Lavigne has added some chunky highlights to the top and subtle ones to one side for an edgy pop of color to her blonde tresses.