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Beautiful Platinum Blonde Highlights Styles to Copy

Stun them with platinum!


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When it comes to bright, dazzling shades of blonde, platinum is the first thing that comes to mind. This is such a coveted hue for hair, and with good reason. It reminds us of famous Old Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow, and also modern celebs like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

While a solid platinum hair color looks stunning, even a few highlights on a darker base can be just as chic. They add a touch of brightness to brown or black hair as well as depth and dimension to other shades of blonde. For an even more unique look, you can mix platinum with other unusual hair colors like lilac.

Versatile and beautiful, platinum blonde provides a magnificent finishing touch to any hairstyle. Keep scrolling for some celeb-approved ideas.

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Gigi Hadid's Platinum Blonde Highlights

Gigi Hadid’s natural hair color is dark blonde and we like how she’s added some platinum highlights for pops of brightness. It is a gorgeous dimensional look — chicer and more natural than if it was just one solid color.

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Julianne Hough's Short Platinum Blonde Ombre

Here, Julianne Hough shows off a perfectly blended dirty blonde to platinum ombre on her short hair. The combination of the two shades of blonde results in a dazzling look that still feels natural.

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Kelly Clarkson's Dark Brown to Platinum Blonde Ombre

You don’t always associate platinum blonde with goth, but Kelly Clarkson is definitely giving off goth vibes with this hairstyle. It features a dark brown to blonde ombre color on a pin-straight style with choppy ends which looks really edgy (especially with the dark red lip).

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Scarlett Johansson's Platinum Blonde Highlights on Beige Blonde Hair

Scarlett Johansson has definitely amped up the edge factor with this ‘do. The platinum highlights against the beige blonde base teamed with the punky short style all make for a tough-looking yet chic look.

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Ciara's Black to Platinum Blonde Ombre

Feeling fearless with your ombre? Then this one’s for you. Ciara is wearing a striking ombre look that’s black at the top and platinum at the ends with an abrupt transition between the two. Brace yourself — this is sure to grab stares!

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Christina Aguilera's Dip-Dyed Platinum Blonde Hair

Here’s a platinum blonde look with a goth twist as demoed by Christina Aguilera. She’s famous for her signature platinum tresses but she’s given them a touch of edge with the black dip dye.

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Kate Beckinsale's Chunky Platinum Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

And speaking of color contrast, you can’t get more striking than these highlights Kate Beckinsale is wearing. She’s opted for chunky platinum highlights on her brown hair and the result is a high-contrast look that really stands out.

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Vanessa Kirby's Ashy Blonde to Platinum Ombre

Vanessa Kirby’s ombre starts with an ash blonde hue at the top before transitioning to platinum towards the ends. This is a gorgeous seamless ombre that features a dramatic color contrast.

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Bebe Rexha's Rooted Platinum and Butter Blonde Balayage

What a sumptuous combination platinum and butter blonde make! Bebe Rexha is absolutely glowing with that hair color, and it also makes a nice complement to her tanned complexion.

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Dove Cameron's Platinum Blonde and Gray Balayage

Here, Dove Cameron combines blonde with gray and dark roots for a soft and natural-looking platinum style. Yet another example of how a perfectly blended balayage results in a gorgeous color that doesn’t look flat or artificial.

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Nicky Hilton's Platinum Blonde and Silver Balayage

For a super radiant look, you can’t go wrong with a mix of platinum and silver like Nicky Hilton is wearing here. It’s the classic blonde look, and the subtle shadow roots create added dimension.

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Nicole Kidman's Platinum and Sandy Blonde Balayage

Here, Nicole Kidman is sporting a seamless platinum and sandy blonde balayage on a stylish layered cut. The color combo is beautiful and really plays up the piecey texture of the ‘do.

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Kelly Osbourne's Platinum Blonde and Lilac Balayage

When you mix platinum blonde with a tinge of lilac, the result is this dramatic, one-of-a-kind rose gold color on Kelly Osbourne. It’s a gorgeous shade of platinum that really turns heads.

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Poppy Delevingne's Rooted Platinum Blonde Hair

This platinum wavy hairstyle on Poppy Delevingne will have you feeling like a Hollywood bombshell. The bright shade of blonde looks stunning and the dark roots give added depth and dimension.

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Sarah Jessica Parker's Platinum Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Those platinum blonde highlights look like streaks of light on Sarah Jessica Parker’s brown hair. This is an example of how highlights can lend a gorgeous glow to a darker base.

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Chrissy Teigen's Platinum Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

If you have brown hair but don’t want it too dark, why not add some thick platinum highlights like Chrissy Teigen’s? The high contrast between the two colors look dramatic and really grabs attention.

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Karlie Kloss' Ashy Platinum Blonde Balayage

Karlie Kloss’ platinum blonde hair looks stunning but we also like the contrast of the ashy roots. They soften the brightness and give the whole style a more natural finish.

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Diane Kruger's Platinum Blonde Highlights on Ash Blonde Hair

Without those platinum highlights, Diane Kruger’s dark ash blonde tresses would have looked so flat. This is an example of how highlights can add life to a simple style and color.

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Sienna Miller's Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Underlayer

While a solid platinum blonde color looks stunning as it is, you can make it look more natural by adding a darker hue. Here, Sienna Miller is wearing a dark underlayer and roots, resulting in more depth and dimension.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Platinum Highlights on Strawberry Blonde Hair

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is wearing a strawberry blonde color that she’s brightened up with some platinum highlights. The placement of the highlights around the face creates an illuminating effect that looks so gorgeous.

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Heidi Klum's Platinum Blonde and Black Balayage

Here’s another example of a high-contrast look. Heidi Klum is the picture of edgy glamour wearing this choppy layered cut in a platinum and black balayage.

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Jennifer Lopez's Brown to Platinum Blonde Ombre

Choose a combination of brown and platinum blonde like Jennifer Lopez’s if you want an ombre look that really pops. The top provides a sharp contrast to the tips, making this a look that really gets noticed.

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Kristen Stewart's Edgy Platinum Highlights on Dark Hair

You can always count on Kristen Stewart to wear the edgiest styles and color pairings. Here, she’s sporting a messy short ‘do that’s toughened up further with platinum highlights.

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Rihanna's Black Hair with Platinum Blonde Streaks

Who says you have to have a head full of highlights to make a style statement? Here, Rihanna is wearing just a streak of platinum on her jet-black hair and we think it looks super cool.

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Miley Cyrus' Platinum Blonde Faux Hawk with Dark Roots

What could be edgier than a platinum faux hawk with dark roots like Miley Cyrus is wearing here? It’s such a sharp color combo and the platinum tips really accentuate the height on that hawk.

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Lady Gaga's Platinum Blonde Hair with Gray Roots

Here, Lady Gaga is sporting a smoother transition from the dark gray roots to the platinum. It looks super elegant and the color pairing is gorgeous. The dark roots really bring out the brilliance of the blonde.

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Katy Perry's Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Katy Perry’s platinum blonde bun makes a sharp contrast to her dark roots, resulting in an edgy look overall. The transition between the two colors is uneven and a bit rough — great if you’re going for a punk vibe.

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Tyra Banks' Platinum Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

The platinum highlights on Tyra Banks’ black hair result in an ashy tone that looks beautiful against her skin color. A brighter shade is concentrated around her face which creates an illuminating effect.

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Leona Lewis' Platinum Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Leona Lewis’ braids are beautiful and the specks of platinum result in an even fancier look. We think the blonde highlights are a great accent to an already fabulous style.

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Alice Eve's Platinum Highlights on Mushroom Blonde Hair

Adding platinum highlights is a great way to liven up mushroom blonde hair. Check out how gorgeous the color combo looks on Alice Eve’s updo here.