Remember when pink became the trendiest hair color of the pandemic? With salons closed during lockdown in 2020, a lot of women — celebs and non-celebs alike — got adventurous with their at-home dye jobs, and pink was their color of choice. The pics were all over Instagram and soon, there was a hot new color in town: pandemic pink.

Apparently, the trend is still going strong in 2021. And now that salons are reopening, you no longer have to do your pink highlights yourself. You can get a pro dye job, which means you can be more adventurous with your highlights — with chicer results.

Ready for your pink highlights? Keep scrolling for some great ideas.

Blonde Bob with Subtle Pink Highlights
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January Jones' Blonde Bob with Subtle Pink Highlights

If you’re not fully committed to a bold pink dye job, you can add just a few subtle highlights and you’ll still end up with a unique and eye-catching look. Here, January Jones has only a few pink streaks on her hair but they look so cute and cool against the blonde.

Pink Highlights on Natural Hair

We love how the highlights give her natural curls a nice pink glow. Her color choice is definitely a perfect match for her black hair.

Katy Perry’s Pink and Copper Bob
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Katy Perry's Pink and Copper Bob

Katy Perry really got playful with her colors here. Her super-sleek graduated bob features a combination of pink and copper with dark roots. It’s a standout look both in color and in style!

Ombre with Light Pink Streaks

If you want to make your ombre even bolder, try adding pink highlights. Here, the brown-to-blonde ombre is given an extra cool look with the addition of pink streaks down the ends.

Hailey Baldwin’s Pink Highlights with Dark Roots
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Hailey Baldwin's Pink Highlights with Dark Roots

Pink can go from sweet to edgy when you pair it with dark roots and messy styling. Here, Hailey Baldwin is wearing a top knot with pink highlights and brown roots for a dose of tough glamour to her red carpet look.

Black Hair with Chunky Fuchsia Highlights

For a look that really turns heads, try chunky highlights in a wild shade of pink. Here, the fuchsia really pops against the black. The highlights are the focal point of the look and not just an accent.

Rita Ora’s Buttery Blonde Curls with Subtle Pink Highlights
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Rita Ora's Buttery Blonde Curls with Subtle Pink Highlights

Here, Rita Ora is sporting a buttery blonde color with just a subtle touch of pink highlights. The pink blends in nicely instead of standing out — ideal if you don’t want a look that’s too bold.

Brown-to-Pink Ombre

While a brown-to-blonde ombre looks amazing, why not make it a little more offbeat with a brown-to-pink ombre? This look incorporates different shades of pink for a really fun and whimsical finish.

Kate Hudson’s Ash Blonde with Pink Hair
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Kate Hudson's Ash Blonde with Pink Hair

When ash blonde feels a little flat and ordinary, try perking it up with pink highlights. Kate Hudson’s hair definitely went from usual to unique thanks to her pink dye job.

Dusty Pink Pigtail Buns

Few things are fancier than an unusual color paired with a cute style . Here’s a look that’s done up in pigtail buns and braids in a dusty pink and black color combo that’s giving off bubble-goth vibes. Love it!

Rachel McAdams’ Dirty-Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights
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Rachel McAdams' Dirty-Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

Pink highlights can make a stylish ‘do a lot more fun. We love Rachel McAdams’ bouncy, flippy bob with side-swept bangs but we think it’s the pink highlights on her blonde hair that makes this look even more playfully chic.

Neon Pink Ombre

For a standout pink look, try neon. This ombre style really grabs attention thanks that radiant shade of pink.

Chloe Grace Moretz’s Ombre with Hot-Pink Streaks
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Chloe Grace Moretz's Ombre with Hot-Pink Streaks

Chloe Grace Moretz is giving off goth vibes wearing this black-to-blonde ombre ‘do with a few hot-pink streaks at the ends. In this case, the highlights aren’t exactly the center of attention but they sure make the hairstyle a lot more interesting.

Lucy Hale’s Mauve Ombre
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Lucy Hale's Mauve Ombre

Speaking of goth, here’s Lucy Hale showing us how it’s done with a pink dye job. Choosing the right shade of pink for your ombre — in her case mauve — can result in a really edgy look. Don’t forget your dark lipstick!

Iggy Azalea’s Dip-Dyed Pink
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Iggy Azalea's Dip-Dyed Pink

For a style that’s equal parts artsy and edgy, try a dip dye. Here, Iggy Azalea is wearing a blonde and bubblegum-pink dip-dyed lob that looks really striking and fun.

Hot-Pink Dip Dye

If you want to go really wild with your dip-dye, this is perfect for you. This shade of pink is super saturated and makes a very distinct contrast to the brown and blonde.

Dark to Light Pink Ombre

This ombre hairstyle features a perfect gradient of black to purple to light pink from the roots to the tips. Have you seen anything more hypnotic?

Gray Hair with Light Pink Tips

Pink works so beautifully with gray. Here, a light pink hue is added to the tips of her gray hair, which makes for a stunning color combo.

Rumer Willis’ Brown Hair with Magenta Highlights
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Rumer Willis' Brown Hair with Magenta Highlights

Rumer Willis’ magenta highlights make a striking contrast to her reddish-brown hair. Wearing the highlights only at the front part while keeping the rest brown really spotlights the color.

Curly Bob with Pink Highlights

Bubblegum-pink highlights are added to an ash-blonde base on a curly bob. The pink really perks up the color, making the cute curly style even more enchanting.

Nicki Minaj’s Bubblegum-Pink and Blonde Hair
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Nicki Minaj's Bubblegum-Pink and Blonde Hair

If you’re as daring as Nicki Minaj, you can definitely pull off these chunky bubblegum-pink highlights on platinum blonde. It is actually more pink with patches of blonde — definitely a look that’s not for the faint of heart!

Pink Bob with Black Roots

This is such a gorgeous combination of light pink and fuchsia. Plus, the dark roots add a heavy dose of edge.

Kesha’s Platinum Blonde Hair with Faint Pink Highlights
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Kesha's Platinum Blonde Hair with Faint Pink Highlights

Here, Kesha is wearing just the faintest pink highlight to accentuate an already stunning platinum blonde color. Though not a high-contrast look, the two light hues definitely work well together.

Pink, Platinum and Gray Hair

This is a gorgeous multidimensional look that makes use of pink highlights. The subtle shade of pink works beautifully with the platinum blonde while the pops of gray create more depth.

Avril Lavigne’s Blonde Hair with Pink and Fuchsia Highlights
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Avril Lavigne's Blonde Hair with Pink and Fuchsia Highlights

Here’s a punky way to wear pink highlights as demoed by Avril Lavigne. A light shade of pink is used to frame her face while the rest is blonde with some fuchsia highlights. Black streaks are also added for an edgy contrast.

Bright Pink Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Use a bright metallic shade of pink to add a dazzling finish to a dark brown base. This is a high-contrast look that really catches the eye.

Lily Allen’s Pink and Purple Combo

Lily Allen's Pink and Purple Combo

Lily Allen makes a strong case for unicorn hair with this pink and purple combo. Pink is already eye-catching on its own but things take an even more dazzling turn when purple is added into the mix.

Brown with Rose Highlights

Here, rose highlights are added to brown hair, resulting in a fun and multidimensional look. This shade of pink works nicely with the brown and gives it a glowing finish.

Amber Le Bon’s Brown to Light Pink Ombre
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Amber Le Bon's Brown to Light Pink Ombre

Adding pink highlights is a great way to liven up brown hair. Here, model Amber Le Bon is wearing a simple long side-parted ‘do but it’s the brown-to-blonde ombre color with pink streaks that brings the wow factor.

Copper and Pink Hair

This subtly wavy bob is already a gorgeous shade of copper but the subtle pops of pink add an even more beautiful glow.