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Hair coloring has an immense science behind it. It’s not just a chemical reaction. Every professional hair colorist has to possess a wide range of complex skills to create a high-quality result. However, besides the theoretical and practical skills, they should also have a natural tact or ability to feel the color and understand how the main palette pigments chord together. 

Needless to mention hair coloring is also some kind of art and the best professionals are instinctively artistic people who are not afraid of challenges. That is why such complicated hair coloring schemes like peekaboo hair have to be done by a professional if you’re looking for a decent outcome. But first, let’s figure out what is exactly called peekaboo hair.

What is peekaboo hair?

In a classic interpretation, the peekaboo hairstyle is the two layers: the top one has a natural color while the bottom one has always been dyed in bright, contrasty colors. Though today we can observe a variety of new, creative schemes of coloring starting with the soft pastel tones at the ends to vivid, neon-colored layers.

What are the peekaboo hair styling options?

In a classical perception the peekaboo-dyed hair strands are under the top layer and whenever you’re running your fingers through or playing with your hair in the wind, anyone will be able to see a flashy colorful hint in the hair. But with certain hairstyles like a half-up, medium ponytail, or a side braid, you will be amazed by how many extravagant patterns and colorful twists can be created. Also, even without complicated styling with just simple curls, your peekaboo highlights will be even more noticeable.

Why is peekaboo hair so popular?

It might be hard to understand what’s so much hype about, but the peekaboo highlights are indeed a unique way of dyeing your hair. Such a coloring scheme allows you to keep the moderate look with the naturally-colored top layers and still make yourself pop up whenever you’re actively moving your head or putting the hair up. That’s what keeps this not-that-new technique still afloat these days.

Let’s discover what are your options for peekaboo hair whether you’re looking to dye the whole bottom layer or the bangs only. With such versatile coloring, everyone can find their own perfect color. 

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