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50 Handsome Men’s Hairstyles Ideas to try in 2021

Let's rock new hairstyles this year with trendy medium length and various fades.


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With the new year, we are ready to help you decide your 2021 look. This year the trend seems to be towards longer hairstyles with a focus on fades on the sides. Tapered sides have always been a flowing trend but now it feels like fades are taking slowly over.

Not to mention, the curls will always have a special niche with tapered sides and slightly longer strands making it a very neat and cool look altogether. Topping it with a beard makes it a pitch-perfect way to style in 2021.

Styling in 2021 is very diverse due to long and medium hairstyles emerging out of nowhere, especially with thicker hair texture is perfect. All of that but the classics always remain in places like various French Crops, Buzz Cuts, and Pompadours.

What style are you rocking this year?

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