3 Men’s Hair Vloggers To Watch at all times

3 Men’s Hair Vloggers To Watch at all times

2015 has been a wonderful year for men’s hair. From the reign of the undercut to the popularity of pomade, we’ve seen it all. And we at Haircut Inspiration are looking forward to 2016 and what new styles and fads it will bring.

YouTube has always been an important platform for men’s hair and fashion, and this year, we’ve seen some noteworthy men’s hair vloggers that have made important contributions to the men’s hair world. In particular, three YouTubers stood out to us, and we’re proud to present them to you.


These men’s hair vloggers post everything from hairstyle tutorials to product reviews, and they’re all helpful and insightful. They also vlog about other areas, such as men’s lifestyle and fitness.

Keep your eye on these three men’s hair vloggers in 2016 as they produce more amazing videos. (Heck, keep both of your eyes on them.)


Joe Andrews (username BluMaan) is a YouTuber based in the UK. He regularly posts hairstyle tutorials and product reviews on his page. He’s even built an entire community of guys who are interested in hair. He favors contemporary, classy styles, like the disconnected undercut and the classic side part.

We like Joe’s personable approach to hairstyles and the in-depth information he provides. He also regularly brings in guest vloggers who share their hairstyles. If you’re just entering the world of men’s hair or a seasoned hair expert, you’ll find something to enjoy on Joe’s channel.

In this video, Joe shows you how to achieve three low maintenance hairstyles.

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Anthony DelucV

Anthony Deluca (username Anthony DelucV) is an up-and-coming Canadian vlogger. Known for his thick, lengthy mane, Anthony regularly posts hairstyle how-tos, product reviews, and hair trend videos.

Anthony DelucV vlogger

Anthony has a unique style and approach to hair that we found refreshing. His stylistic takes on the classic undercut are fascinating to watch, and if you can grow enough hair, he’ll show you how to get it too.

In this video, Anthony demonstrates how he styles his high volume haircut. If you want a new style for 2016, this is for you.

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Cameron Cretney

Cameron (username Cameron Cretney) is another popular Canadian vlogger. He posts regular hairstyle tutorials on suave, slick styles such as the high textured quiff and the modern gentleman’s haircut. In addition, Cameron regularly spotlights different hair products and demonstrates how to use them.

Cameron’s slogan is “stay fresh, always,” and his channel reflects that sentiment. “I feel that every man should stay looking sharp,” he says. “A true gentleman should always stay well groomed, well dressed, and look like he is ready to tackle life to the best of his ability.”

In the video below, Cameron shows what style he’ll be sporting in 2016 and gives you the details on how to get the same style yourself.

And if you’re into fitness or fashion, Cameron also has you covered. He’s one of the most promising YouTubers of 2016, and we can’t wait to see more from him.

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