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Luscious Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas to Try

If it's chocolate, it must be good!


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If it has the word “chocolate” in it, what’s not to like? But seriously, chocolate brown is such a rich and luscious hue for hair, much like its dessert counterpart, that a lot of celebrities have chosen it as their go-to color (looking at you, Bella Hadid!).

This shade of brown is pretty universal, complementing a range of skin tones and eye colors. And it is more versatile than you might think, too. You can wear it in one solid color throughout your hair or you can experiment with a balayage or ombre look. You can opt for tonal shades of brown or add blonde or red highlights for added dimension. Try an unusual color like pink or purple for an even more unique look.

Whether you’re a brunette touching up your natural color or a blonde looking to go dark, we strongly suggest you try a delicious, glossy shade of chocolate brown. Ahead are some celeb-approved styles to give you inspiration.

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Katie Holmes' Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Nothing could be more timeless than a solid dark brown hue like Katie Holmes’. It’s simple and fuss-free yet rich and sumptuous. The darker the color, the shinier the hair, too — check out that beautiful gloss on Katie’s locks!

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Anne Hathaway's Dip-Dyed Chocolate Brown Hair

Want to rock the dip-dye trend without looking too punky? Try this style on Anne Hathaway, which consists of a chocolate color with just a touch of blonde at the ends for a relatively low-key ombre look.

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Mindy Kaling's Chocolate Brown Ombre

For an ombre look that’s just a tad bolder, try a higher contrast between the two shades of brown. This is a color combo that pops and it complements Mindy Kaling’s skin tone beautifully.

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Khloe Kardashian's Chocolate Brown Hair with Face-Framing Highlights

Here’s a chocolate look with highlights that really illuminate the face. Khloe Kardashian keeps the blonde highlights mostly around the front part while keeping the rest a dark chocolate color, and the result is a balayage look that showcases her pretty face.

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Lea Michele's Chocolate Brown Hair with Strawberry Highlights

Here, Lea Michele shows us a really warm chocolate look consisting of a combination of brown and strawberry blonde. This is a stunning hue that really catches the eye even from afar.

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Maria Menounos's Sun-Kissed Chocolate Brown Hair

You can bring a touch of sunshine to your chocolate hair with highlights like Maria Menounos’. We love how the blonde streaks add great dimension and brighten up her dark hair color.

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Zooey Deschanel's Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Balayage

Here’s more proof that chocolate and red are a perfect match. Zooey Deschanel is wearing a seamless brown and red balayage that looks really scrumptious, and we’re also loving the voluminous styling with wispy bangs.

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Emily Ratajkowski's Deep Chocolate Brown Hair

Emily Ratajkowski’s chocolate hue is so dark it’s almost black. This solid brown color looks so natural and it’s got such a brilliant shine, too.

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Chrissy Teigen's Chocolate Brown and Platinum Ombre

If you want a bold look that wows, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate brown and platinum ombre like Chrissy Teigen’s. This is a high-contrast look that really brightens up the face.

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Beyonce's Reverse Chocolate Brown Ombre

We are all familiar with the ombre look and have probably tried it, but do you want to go a notch edgier? Try Beyonce’s reverse ombre, which consists of chocolate ends and roots and a dark blonde top. It’s milk chocolate and dark chocolate in one hairstyle!

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Camila Alves' Chocolate Brown Hair with Mixed Highlights

If you’re unsure what color will work best with your chocolate hair, why not try mixed highlights like Camila Alves’? Here, she’s wearing copper, light brown, and platinum on her dark hair. It’s a cool combo you don’t see all the time and we think it looks fabulous!

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Kate Beckinsale's Chocolate Brown Hair with Bright Red Highlights

Want to go the quirky route with your chocolate hair? Try bright red highlights like Kate Beckinsale’s. If you’re really adventurous with your hair, you can definitely pull this off.

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Ciara's Highlighted Chocolate Brown Afro

If you have a chocolate brown afro, you can jazz it up with some blonde highlights for an even more standout look. Here, Ciara is rocking a multidimensional look with those highlights and thick natural curls.

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Shay Mitchell's Ashy Chocolate Brown Ombre

Here, Shay Mitchell is wearing a dark chocolate color with ash brown ends for a subdued yet stylish ombre look. This has a goth feel without the heavy theatrical vibe.

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Halle Berry's Purple Chocolate Brown Hair

Here, Halle Berry is sporting a dark chocolate hue and we can detect just a tinge of purple on it. We think it’s a stylish way to wear an unusual color while still looking natural.

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Jenna Dewan's Chocolate Brown to Auburn Ombre

Jenna Dewan shows us how to rock the ombre look on a shorter length with this brown to auburn lob. The lighter ends definitely take this look from simple to fab!

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Penelope Cruz's Chocolate Brown Hair with Honey Highlights

We love the golden touches that adorn Penelope Cruz’s chocolate curls here. Her brown hair definitely looks richer and more glamorous thanks to those highlights.

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Lucy Hale's Chocolate Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

We think pink always looks amazing on hair. Here’s an example of how pink can work beautifully with chocolate. So cool and trendy!

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Anna Kendrick's Subtle Chocolate Brown Ombre

Love the understated elegance of Anna Kendrick’s subtle chocolate ombre. We think her long waist-length waves and that color are a perfect pairing.

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Miranda Kerr's Reddish Chocolate Hair

Here, Miranda Kerr shows us how hints of red can result in a blazing chocolate look that really stands out. The lighter shade paired with lots of shine makes this a color we’re dying to try.

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Jessica Alba's Light Chocolate Brown Hair

If you want it brighter without going blonde, try Jessica Alba’s light brown color. It looks radiant and matches her medium skin tone perfectly.

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Bella Thorne's Warm Chocolate Brown Hair

Bella Thorne’s chocolate hair has hints of red that give it a warm glow. This is a good color choice if you want a shade of brown that’s a little bit lighter and has gorgeous luster.

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Eva Longoria's Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

If your skin tone looks best with a dark hair color but you’re craving a dimensional look, you can opt for highlights. Here, Eva Longoria is wearing caramel highlights on her brown hair and the result is a sassier, trendier chocolate look.

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Bella Hadid's Medium Chocolate Brown Hair

Bella Hadid is wearing a softly blended balayage on her hair, resulting in a medium chocolate color. It’s light enough to lend a subtle glow to her look yet dark enough to not wash her out.

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Rihanna's Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

Here, Rihanna has opted for bold highlights on her dark chocolate hair. They make a distinct contrast to the brown base and, teamed with her voluminous curls, make for a really scrumptious look.

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Kristen Stewart's Rich Chocolate Brown Hair

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic solid chocolate color like Kristen Stewart’s. It’s dark and rich with just a touch of glow where the light hits.

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Rachel Bilson's Milk Chocolate Brown Hair

Lighten up your brown hair by adding a seamless caramel balayage. The result is a milk chocolate hue that looks naturally radiant.

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Kylie Jenner's Chocolate Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Here, Kylie Jenner’s famous black hair gets a color upgrade with chocolate highlights. It’s a subtle ombre look that’s all about understated elegance.

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Alessandra Ambrosio's Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Here, Alessandra Ambrosio’s blonde highlights add beautiful pops of brightness to her signature brown hair. This is great if you want a high-contrast look that really gets noticed.

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Emmy Rossum's Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

Emmy Rossum’s dark chocolate hair certainly doesn’t fall flat thanks to those highlights paired with the messy styling. This is proof that highlights add great dimension for an eye-popping look.

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Kerry Washington's Chocolate Brown Hair with Copper Highlights

Here’s a subtler way to wear copper with your chocolate brown hair. Kerry Washington’s highlights add just a hint of metallic shine to her dark tresses for a relatively understated two-tone look.

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Victoria Justice's Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Victoria Justice has chosen a shade of red that is not too bright and complements her chocolate hair perfectly. The result is a very natural-looking balayage.

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Kim Kardashian's Chocolate Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

If you want a chocolate look that really grabs attention, opt for chunky blonde highlights like Kim Kardashian’s. She uses the blonde color to frame her face while keeping the rest of her hair dark, and the result is a color that totally brightens up her face.

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Olivia Palermo's Chocolate Brown Hair with Balayage

Here, Olivia Palermo is sporting a perfectly blended balayage on her chocolate hair. The result is a lighter shade of brown that’s a flawless match to her skin tone.

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Hailee Steinfeld's Chocolate Brown Hair with Auburn Balayage

Hailee Steinfeld’s auburn balayage looks so beautiful and adds such a captivating brilliance to her long tresses. This is an example of how a stunning color can really elevate a simple hairstyle.

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Selena Gomez's Chocolate Brown Balayage on Black Hair

Adding a chocolate balayage to black hair results in a subtle yet elegant glow. This is perfect if you want a stylish color while still keeping it low-key.

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Vanessa Hudgens' Chocolate Brown to Blonde Ombre

Looking for a chocolate hair look that really turns heads? Try this bold dark brown to blonde ombre worn by Vanessa Hudgens. It’s also an example of how ombre can work on shorter lengths.

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Zendaya's Chocolate Brown Mahogany Hair

Give your chocolate hair a more sumptuous quality by blending it with a mahogany hue like Zendaya’s. The reddish tint makes the dark color really pop!

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Jessica Biel's Chocolate Brown to Copper Ombre

Here, Jessica Biel is wearing a chocolate brown top that seamlessly transitions to copper ends for a stunning ombre style. The copper works so beautifully with the dark brown and really lends a radiant glow to the entire look.

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Jourdan Dunn's Chocolate Brown and Gray Hair

Here, chocolate and brown combine to make a unique color you don’t always see. Jourdan Dunn’s bob is such a sleek and elegant look that grabs stares!