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50 Charming and Effortless Long Hair with Bangs

Call it cute or classy, bangs never go out of style!


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Did you know? Bangs hairstyle was one of the controversial moves back in the 1600s, and the roots of the same can be traced back to the Medieval Spain era. Since then, bangs have evolved immensely, and since their inclusion in the Japanese culture of anime, the whole feel of bangs has been cute ever since.

However, one has to be very particular with the bangs as they can make or break the whole vibe. The theory is to cut the hair in the front to cover the forehead and define the shape of the face. As it highly influences the frame of the face, one needs to look at a good amount of inspirations to nail that look.

How to cut long bangs?

It isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Keep in mind we are dealing with hair in the front exclusively. So now, start by parting the hair and clip the section you don’t want to trim. Next up, keeping the face shape, slowly chop away the length while aiming to keep a triangle on the face with forehead being covered and sides having two long strands falling perfectly.

The tough part of the process is finished. Now, make sure the hair is balanced over the forehead and the length is equal all across.

There you have it, a neat hairstyle, but wait, we have compiled some inspirations for you to have a look at and see for yourself how different people style it.

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Scarlett Johansson with Side Fringe Bangs

Fringe and bangs are two different elements where every fringe can be a bang but not vice versa. Here we see Scarlett has long bangs that fall squarely on the forehead and then take a turn just like the side sweep hairstyle. Quite a fancy one.

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Cosmopolitan Inspired @021 Trendy Shaggy Fringe

One having thin hair doesn’t mean that there are fewer styles to rock. Here we see that the top along with the sides is unified into one and there isn’t any obvious parting going on. Next, the front is thin-haired fringes which act like neat yet thin bangs falling on the forehead.

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Perfectly Curtained Bangs with Blonde Highlights

Contradictory from the usual bangs hairstyle where the hair just falls down straight on the forehead this one is a cute variation to the look. The curtain hairstyle is basically hair parted in the middle to divide the volume like this one and curls just make it better.

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Balanced Curly Hair with Thin Bangs

Curly hair is about that volume and here the style is perfectly played. The hair on either side is balanced with the front being minimal and sleek. The two curled strands on the forehead that make up for neat bangs. The blonde undertoned dye makes it pop.

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Mario Kart Inspired Fringed Hairstyle

What can we say about this hairstyle that is purely inspired by Mario kart! The front falls straight on the forehead whereas the sides are puffed out for that “ear” look plus the hair on the back is layered that f=gives a very choppy look.

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That Bride Look for the Minimalist Lovers

For those who are ready for the wedding season, this is the look to go for especially if you are the minimalist type. The hair on the back is perfectly braided yet kept look to have those frizzy vibes. Next, the hair on the front is middle parted and few strands make it to the forehead.

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Textured Fringe Look With Irregular Stranded Bangs

What does one do when the hair is full of volume and the length is generous? Well, one can totally rock the punk version of bangs where the hair falls in bulk on all sides without any parting which gives it a very rugged look. Adding onto the ruggedness, the bangs are irregularly chopped.

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Harley Quinn is Here!

Well, Harley Quinn just got an Asian twist in this hairstyle. The top is poppy red with an undertone being black. Two pony tie-ups make it very cutesy with the front being inwardly curled. The bangs fall perfectly on the forehead with a slight curl that makes the day.

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Poppy Dyed Curtain Fringed Bangs

To rock this curtain chopped bangs hairstyle, first, curl the hair in semi-wavy fashion and the part it in the middle. Then let those hair fall on the forehead to which divides them again in the front and use poppy dye to highlight those strands. There you go, those curtain bangs are ready to be rocked.

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Punk Fringes with Undercut Crown

If there were an award for modern fringes, this would be the one. The bangs here are spread left to right with the knot at the back which is dyed with rusty blonde hair. The crown here is undercut tapered for an extra touch of a neat look. Remove any unnecessary puff to make it look sleek.

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Dense Wavy Hair with Faded Dye Patches

What can we say about the style, it is nothing less than perfect. The hair is chopped using thinning scissors with no obvious parting but quite some layering. The top is layered for that sleek division of hair while the front is fringed that falls on the forehead in a casual manner.

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Frizzy Blonde Hair with Thin Texture Bangs

If you’re on the hunt for something that is easy to rock and doesn’t require much maintenance then you hit the right spot. The recipe for this is quite simple. Part the hair in a subtle way in the middle and then let hair fall naturally on either side. Plus, comb some hair in forwarding direction for those bangs.

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Braids plus Bangs, Perfect Combination of Style

What’s better than braiding your hair at the back and using falling strands at the front? This is the perfect wedding combination that one should be looking out for. First, divide the hair at the front and the back, braid the back whilst letting them fall at the front.

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Versatility of Bangs with Curtain Cut to it

Yes, that’s the smile you get it you combine curtain hairstyle with fringes that fall on the forehead with so much panache. The key is to cut hair in a choppy way which means quite some layers to the hair. Next, induce more curls at the front and let them take their direction.

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Shag Or Bangs? Both It Is

Shag hairstyles are the ones where the hair is disoriented and spread all across without any obvious parting. Here, the hair is more fluffy on the sides also, the dye makes it pop even more. The front is fringed with curtain vibes to it.

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The Beauty and The Bangs

Do you notice the crown pattern that goes on the top of the head in here? The key to that is inducing more volume on the top as compared to the sides. Sides here are longer and fall perfectly on the left and on the right giving a very balanced look to the style.

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Not Your Usual Bangs!

Bangs are the strands of hair that fall on your forehead and they can be of any style. Here we see that they are braided and tied. What is better than that? Perfectly manageable and can be tied on the top for some quick change of style. The rest of the hair thick afro ties up at the back.

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Cyberpunk Hair with Candy Floss Dye

Cyberpunk-inspired hairstyle is here guys and what can we say about it. Start with the top and mohawk it so that it stands tall. Next, the sides are tapered so that they don’t give too much volume, and lastly, the back. It is nothing but a cheeky mullet to make this even more trendy.

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Shag the Top and Make The Sides Long

The top here feels like one piece where there are no obvious signs of any parting done. The sides however are distributed to the sides respectively so that the top doesn’t;t shout in the face. Remember to keep the bangs dense so that there are no gaps in the whole look.

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Chop it Along the Face Bangs

Another version of bangs where it looks absolutely wholesome with a very sleek outlook. This look is quite versatile as it goes great on a wedding day or be it just a casual dinner date. The key is to blow-dry the hair every time one washes so that there is no puffed volume.

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Curls on The Side and Bangs on The Front

Curls on the side go along the face line inducing a decent amount of volume whereas the front is still quite minimal and neat as the bangs comprise of thin strands falling straight. One might need to brush a comb every now and then to keep those bangs straight.

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Dolled Up Straightened Bangs Look

Inspired by the great Japanese anime culture, these bangs are sure to set the stage on fire. The key is to straighten the hair on the top and at the front for maximum volume and a neat look. The sides however strat curling from the crown. The best part is the dye which is the pink metallic color.

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Curled Shags are A Gift From God

When one has curly hair, volume is never a question. The top here is a bowl cut inspired look which is quite subtle I must say. The sides are undercut at the temple so that bangs flourish in entirety whereas the back is long yet has a mullet feel to it.

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Perfect Thickness with Those Curls for Bangs

What if one has thick hair? Well, one would curl it up slightly, to begin with, add some waves to the look which instantly bumps up the volume. Next, let those bangs fall on the forehead and then push the hair on either side where they fall perfectly.

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Slick Asian Bangs with Undercut

When we see this style it reminds us of the neat look that Asian styles are inspired from. To rick something like this, reduce the volume by having no puff at all. Then, pull all the hair back tightly and comb down those strands that will be the bangs you’re looking for.

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Taylor Swift's Anime Inspired Hairstyle

Anime-inspired bangs are the ones where the forehead is covered with straight falling hair. Moreover, those two sleek strands fall on either side with similar straight nature. That being said, Taylor Swift goes one step further and dyes the hair with a shiny and rush brown color.

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Kelly Osbourne's Fairytale Bangs

What’s better than a unicorn-inspired fairytale? Here we see the top is very managed with ties long hair at the back and top being parted clearly for that neat look. The Bangs are puffy and have a slight concave curl to them with layering on the top and back of the head.

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Jordana Brewster's Frizzy Bangs

Undercut layers are the key to this hairstyle by Jordana. The hair being thin and straight helps in falling on the forehead without putting on too much volume. That being said, the trick is to reduce the volume and have layers on the crown so as to have that gaps between strands on the forehead.

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Emma Roberts Tucking it by The Ear

One might think that this is not long hair bangs, but hear me out first. The length of the strands on the back is short however, the bangs are pretty long. The start point for it is on top of the head with enough length to tuck it behind the ear. This also is a form of layering done to reduce clutter and volume.

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Katy Perry's Avatar Inspired Look

The best thing about bangs is that they can be combined with different elements to make them look completely neat. Here we see Katy is rocking a thick fluff of hair with curls in the end. That being said, the forehead is covered in a way that it is slightly curvy with a layer on the top of the head.

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Halle Berry Keeps that Bang Frizzy

The volume divide is something that makes this hairstyle quite a neat one. The key is to fluff the sides while keeping the top flat and frizzy. Chop some strands on the forehead so that it doesn’t cover all of the foreheads. And lastly, semi-waves on the side will provide that neat contrast one is looking for.

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Miley Cyrus Keeping those Bangs Long

Long bangs can always be longer right? The strands are grown longer for that look but the volume all over is quite sleek. The key is to use thinning scissors all over so that the length isn’t shortened but the volume is. The hair on the forehead grows a little beyond the forehead with sides being slightly curled.

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Lea Michele's Thick Wavy Look

Maximizing volume is highly dependent on the face shape and hair quality. Here we see that the length is quite long with ends curled while the forehead is covered with bangs that are thick and concaved. The length of these bangs is usually longer as they curl up too.

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Carly Rae Jepson's Short Long Bangs

One might look at this and think how is this long. Let me explain, first, the hair is tied at the back so the length of the hair is controlled via that knot. Secondly, the bangs start way earlier on the hard and go all the way down covering the eyebrows. Also, don’t forget the sides, those two strands provide a layer for the rest of the hair.

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Pauley Perrette Hyping up The Samurai Look

The whole game changer is here, the volume is high, the length is long, and bangs, what can one say, they are perfectly thick yet not too thick. The key is to divide the hair appropriately. The bangs curl slightly inwards so that the long length doesn’t bother the look.

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Emma Stone Layering her Sides

Emma  Stone knows how to use her face shape to her benefit when it comes to hairstyle. The key is to cut alongside the face line. The top is slightly layered so that sides fall neatly and the top is long thin bangs falling on the forehead.

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Zooey Deschanel's Royal Bun Bangs

Long hair comes with so many advantages especially the bun on the back is the royal touch. The bun here is both thick and thin. Thick as in the density of the hair and thin as in the hair texture. The subtle middle part makes everything neat and covered the forehead.

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Anna Faris Rocking Pocky Blonde Bangs

When one has straight thin hair, these bangs are the ones to look out for. The volume overall is quite sleek with thinning scissors been put to use. The bangs start from the top of the head till the eyes. The sides are another way one can balance the sides.

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All Japanese Doll Triangle Bangs

Keeping the face shape. constant is a struggle while rocking this look. The key here is to use the forehead line as the margin to chop hair and then using cheekbones to have long strands of hair. The dye here with shoulder-length hair makes it look quite neat.

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Elizabeth Olsen Keep SIt Casual

Is it just me or does it look like the Japanese Samurai-inspired bun with frizzed bangs on the forehead making this a very neat yet casual style at the same time. The key si to subtly middle part it so that it remains organized with sides being thin and balanced.

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Gigi Hadid Dolling Up Japanese Style

Gigi Hadid has a long face and the hair on the side is slightly puffy that balances the face and makes it look round. Next, chop the front with frizzy bangs that fall irregularly on the head making it look rugged yet cute at the same time.

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Lily Allen aka Lily Cooper Cap Bangs

Cap bangs are the one that covers the forehead with a decent amount of crown that is covered. The rest of the crown is tucked under the ear with the top being pushed back and layered so that it doesn’t form a cluster and lets the front shine.

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Natalie Zea Thinning Those Bangs

If you intend to rock this look, then the recipe is quite neat. Start with the top and pull back all the strands without any volume forming a division on top of the head. Next, let the front free fall with minimum volume and breaks in between to have that frizzy look.

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Christina Ricci Straightened Bowl Bangs

The bowl cut is the one where the hair covers the head sphere and makes it look like one whole unit. That is what going on in here. The decision is quite minimal and subtle contradictory to the usual plus the fringes at the front are pushed a bit back on the sides.

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Zendaya's Wavy Hair and Puffy Style

Zendaya has a smaller face so hairstyle is one way to make it look puffed up and neat. That’s what is going on in here. The wavy hair makes it look puffed with forehead being casually fringed so as to look trendy and casual at the same time.

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Michelle Rodriguez's Split Eyed Bangs

Split bangs are the ones where the hair on the forehead doesn’t cover it all, here as we see hair strands are in groups and fall perfectly on the forehead with a casual outlook. If you have thin and silky smooth hair then this is one you should be going for.

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Rashida Jones Cutting it a Bowl

Bowl cuts are subordinate to bangs hairstyle and as we see here, the bowl structure goes from the crown all the way to the forehead. The hair on the back is tied where it gains most of its volume from. The crown here is undercut which then unfolds into the hair shag at the back.

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Middle Parted Frizzy Bangs

Managing the volume when the hair is long is quite a job and as we see here, the hair is perfectly balanced on the side which keeping it sleek at the front. The loose frizzy strands fall perfectly on the forehead without any layering or parting however, the division in the middle can be a subtle part.

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Urbanised Front Bnags with Mohawk-ish Knot

This style perfectly falls in the modern category of the classic bangs look. The crown here is styled in retro form with the back being openly knotted with frizzy ends. The temple is extended for that retro look extension.

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Long Hair Makes Longer Trends

the dye shade here varies as we move further down. That goes to say that long hair helps a lot when it comes to styling. The key is to keep it straight at places that are necessary. As we see, the sides are slightly curled but the top and the bangs are all straight and are irregularly chopped.

Sophia Jackson is a professional stylist and colourist for Barron’s London Salon in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not styling hair or researching the latest trends, you can find her shopping in trendy boutiques or sipping bubbly at a concert in Chastain park.