50 Charming and Effortless Long Hair with Bangs

Call it cute or classy, bangs never go out of style!


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Did you know? Bangs hairstyle was one of the controversial moves back in the 1600s, and the roots of the same can be traced back to the Medieval Spain era. Since then, bangs have evolved immensely, and since their inclusion in the Japanese culture of anime, the whole feel of bangs has been cute ever since.

However, one has to be very particular with the bangs as they can make or break the whole vibe. The theory is to cut the hair in the front to cover the forehead and define the shape of the face. As it highly influences the frame of the face, one needs to look at a good amount of inspirations to nail that look.

How to cut long bangs?

It isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Keep in mind we are dealing with hair in the front exclusively. So now, start by parting the hair and clip the section you don’t want to trim. Next up, keeping the face shape, slowly chop away the length while aiming to keep a triangle on the face with forehead being covered and sides having two long strands falling perfectly.

The tough part of the process is finished. Now, make sure the hair is balanced over the forehead and the length is equal all across.

There you have it, a neat hairstyle, but wait, we have compiled some inspirations for you to have a look at and see for yourself how different people style it.