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30 ICONIC Long Hair Updos for 2022 (How To Guide)

Longer the Updo, higher the panache!


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Long hair is always the aim for ladies out there, once they hit that length where the hair falls perfectly below the shoulders they feel confident to out for trending hairstyles and one such trend is an “Updo Hairstyle”.

We see updos on Met Gala, Grammys, and Oscars for sure but it is useful for those formal gatherings, family events, and the best of all, “Weddings”. Updo hairstyle makes sure that your hair stays in place and managed so that you can focus on looking awesome!

How to Wear an Updo Hairstyle?

First things first, let those hair grow as long as it can, the longer the better. Next, you can decide what type of updo you’re looking for. Some want it flattened with minimum volume whereas some prefer a puffy look.

The baseline being, pushing all the hair to the back and tying it up in a way that suits the style and the look. There are different types of knots and braids that enhance the look at the back of the hair.

At times, the hair on the front is pulled out of the lot so that it can be styled as fringe so as to let it fall on the forehead freely!

We’ve compiled inspirations of all kinds so that you can get a better idea of what type of updo you would like to try, so let’s check them out.

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Victoria Beckham's Divided Messy Updo

What does one do when the hair is quite long? Well, first things first, you have to divide the volume so that it doesn’t look a crazy shag. Victoria here uses a subtle middle part to divide the volume and then ties everything else on the back so that volume on the sides is still intact.

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Vanessa Hudgens Braiding that Long Hair

What do you do if you’ve got long hair? Well, braiding reduces the length significantly, and what’s better than using that as a band to let it sit on the top. The key here is to keep everything pretty frizzed for that casual look and let the braid shine!

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Haley Strode's Ginger Shag Updo

With long hair comes the volume that needs immediate attention, here as we see volume has been uplifting each side of the hairstyle making this a very wholesome look. The front is fringed with a side sweep whereas the rest is tied at the back in a casual knot approach.

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Alicia Wearing that Afro Hair Braid Crown

There is no confusion that this is a queen look especially because of that afro hair braided crown that sits on top of the head acting a as hair binder. Next, The undercut effect on the sides is due to the volume cut which is pushed towards the top. This is not your usual bunned updo.

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Kristen Bell Flaunting here Umbrella Updo

Umbrella updos are the ones with the volume being distributed equally and as we see here most of the volume is towards the left with the semi waved curls fall on the left. For this, you’ll need to side part the hair opposite to which you want to bun the long hair.

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Emily Deschanel's Flat Layered Long Hair Updo

Presenting a sneaky version of a long hair updo where the sides are tamed via layering and the top is pushed back. The subtle middle part is what sets this style different than others, it only makes the volume go equally in various directions.

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Emma Stone's Wrap Up Updo

When one has hair that is long, it becomes a task to distribute the volume in a way that looks balanced yet not shabby. Emma Stone here does an amazing job pulling this updo while putting the volume evenly. At the front, we see side-swept fringes covering the forehead and the rest is neatly tucked.

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Alyssa's Ginger Braid Bun Top

Braiding solves two problems, first, it reduces the obvious length of the long hair strand, and second, it is a styling element in itself. Here we see that the braid is twirled and made into a bun that is tied to the top. Another variation one can try is the braided band look with a braid going from side to side.

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Alexandra Leighton Fringing that Blonde Strand

The long hair updo here is quite generic with the top being pushed to the back with the sides being tucked, the trick here is by the neat dye. The hair in the front is fringed so that it covers the forehead but it is dyed in shiny blonde color. That makes it pop like nothing else.

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Blonde Layers from Allure Bridals is Iconic

Having long hair is one thing but then styling it so that it flourishes to its maximum potential is another. Here we see that it is styled to its maximum as those layers fall perfectly all over the sides while the bun at the back keeps everything intact. Dye the hair when you have layers, it brings out the best!

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Melanie Griffith's Birthday Cap Updo

Having long hair enables one to rock this neat look where the volume on top of the head looks quite dense and everywhere else, is pretty slimmed. The key here is to use the hair on the front as a fringe or as bangs. The sides and the back are tucked all the way up for that neat tall updo.

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Roxanne Pallett's Top Brushed Up and Sides Tucked

What is better than the top being brushed up and sides being tucked along with the back for that fuller look. The undercut feels to it is a pretty neat look as it separates top to sides and the back. Longer the hair, the higher the brush up goes.

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Jessica Alba's Side Fringed Lower Bun

Two things, the top is quite flat and the second, the bun is quite lower than usual. The top here is side-parted and side-swept which takes most of the volume away as it sways from one side to another. Next, the lower bun signifies the casual approach to this hair style. Quite a neat hairstyle to be honest.

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Emily Atack's Dense Fluffy Blonde Shag

An offset middle part never lets you down as it moves the volume efficiently on two sides. The distinct style of those strands being free on the face to make it look sick. The rest of the hair is pushed back with volume moved to the back in the form of a bun.

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Julianne Hough Parting Those Fringes in the Middle

Fringes are a vital part of these hairstyles where they dictate the first impression. In spite of length being long when one fringes them pretty neat, that is optimal. The rest of the hair is pushed back with a neat tie up so that everything stays in place.

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Hathaway's Waved Thick Long Updo

Thick hair when paired with long length is something to long for. The key is to keep the top intact with sides and back tied up. Here Anne brings sides and the back together while keeping the top fluffy and thick.

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Tori Spelling's One Sided Updo

What happens when one has long hair and decides to sway it all on one side? Well, this is the look you get. Quite a fancy one the front is side-swept bangs with top and sides being burned on the left side. The right side is pretty tamed for that minimal desnity.

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Savannah Jayde's Fluffed Side Sweep Updo

Featuring another style of a long hair updo where the top is side-swept but the part isn’t very obvious. That being said, the front has few fringes that sway here and there. The sides are ear ticked with back being tied in a way that ends still stay in place to become friz.

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Jennifer Lopez's Offset Middle Part

As I told you before, the part is what makes this look quite a special one. The part enables to push the volume on different sides of the head. Here we see most of the long strands pushed towards either side and back keeping the sides tied all together.

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Jenny Putting Those Long Hair Into Volume Updo

Jenny McCarthy has a relatively long face and when it comes to this style it perfectly suits her. The pulled-back long hair with some fluff towards the back is what makes this one quite special. It is quite simple, Pull all the hair to the back with some hair on the top pushed a bit so as to induce this volume.

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Lauren's Wedding Inspired Messy Bun Updo

Weddings need you to style your hair in a way that is both, elegant yet trendy. Well, this checks both the boxes. The top is all trendy mess whereas the back is a loosely tied bun that brings all the long strands together.

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Jaimie Alexander Splitting Ends for That Spread Updo

If you cannot bring it together, then split it equally and that’s the rule for this look. Jaimie uses the long length of hair to fill all sides of her head. The top is fringed on the forehead with sides and back being loosely tied to each other.

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Gwen Pushing all Long Strands to The Bun

Long hair equals to thicker bun and Gwen does exactly that with that silky blonde panache. The key is to bun all the hair on the top which looks like a more thick approach to the generic long hair updo.

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Chelsea Staub Fringing that Long hair Updo

Well, firstly did you notice that dual-tone dye that acts as a layer? Next, all sides of the hair are bringing volume to the style as the top is slim puff but converts into a fringe with back and sides brought together via a curled updo.

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Aubrey O'Day Showing Off Her Blonde Crown

Now that’s a look that makes some neat noise. The top is brushed up to show off that long-stranded goodness with the back being tied and one strand of braid coming in hot to makes= this a very neat and unique updo.

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Cate Blanchett Keeping it Chill with Low Tie Bun

Silky hair with long length is something that can be both subtle and noisy at the same time. This one is quite subtle here with a cheeky side part that let’s hair fall on either sides with a tie bun coming in hot att he back.

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Taylor Swift Braiding it and Fringing that Updo

As we mentioned before, side parts or middle parts are a very stylish way to distribute volume if one has quite a long length and thick texture. Here Taylor takes it to another level when she braids the end a little with that fringe dropping on the forehead.

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Afro Braided Long Bun By Amanda Gorman

Can enough be said about afro hair being braided first and then tower bunned? Well, this is what one can pull off if the hair length is longer with good enough thickness. The use of beads here only adds to the style and makes it pop like a queen.

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Lauren Storm's Rusty Golden Brush Up

Imagine this, having an amazing volume with thin hair texture makes life so much better. The style here is quite unique as it is brushed up with finger pattern and the rest of it is tied to the back with quite some good fluff, makes a combo for long hair updo.

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Jennifer Tilly with That Huge Backlog Updo

One of the most minimalist long hair updo there is, if not the most minimalist attempt. All the hair is pushed back forming a big tied bun which is then spread out so that it has a style statement of its own. Usually, silky-textured hair won’t stay in place so it’s better to use hair products.

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