30 ICONIC Long Hair Updos for 2022 (How To Guide)

Longer the Updo, higher the panache!


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Long hair is always the aim for ladies out there, once they hit that length where the hair falls perfectly below the shoulders they feel confident to out for trending hairstyles and one such trend is an “Updo Hairstyle”.

We see updos on Met Gala, Grammys, and Oscars for sure but it is useful for those formal gatherings, family events, and the best of all, “Weddings”. Updo hairstyle makes sure that your hair stays in place and managed so that you can focus on looking awesome!

How to Wear an Updo Hairstyle?

First things first, let those hair grow as long as it can, the longer the better. Next, you can decide what type of updo you’re looking for. Some want it flattened with minimum volume whereas some prefer a puffy look.

The baseline being, pushing all the hair to the back and tying it up in a way that suits the style and the look. There are different types of knots and braids that enhance the look at the back of the hair.

At times, the hair on the front is pulled out of the lot so that it can be styled as fringe so as to let it fall on the forehead freely!

We’ve compiled inspirations of all kinds so that you can get a better idea of what type of updo you would like to try, so let’s check them out.