30 Inspiring Ways To Style Your Knotless Braids

Your guide on how to keep, style, and die knotless box braids.


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Multicolored braided hair has always been a dream of so many girls of any age and that can be explained easily: not everyone can get them done. Your hair has to be strong and thick enough to hold the waight of the braided hair. Gratefully, there is a style of braiding called knotless braids that is an actual game-changer.

So what are the knotless braids?

What makes them different from any other type of braids? The first and main difference that comes to mind: they are healthier for your hair. How? Let’s discuss that in detail. When you want to get your hair braided and include some additional packed hair for braiding or simply so-called kanekalon you go to a specialist.

But even in the specialist’s chair, you might figure out that the selected type of braiding can be potentially too heavy for your natural hair and in the long term damage the structure drastically. I assume no one wants to deal with such things. That’s why professionals came up with the feed-in or knotless braids. Let me guess your next question.

How to do knotless braids?

In short, it would be impossible to do that by yourself, but a good specialist would do it in just a few hours. How? Instead of doing the ‘anchor’ knot next to the scalp, the hairstylist starts the braid with your own strands to put less tension on the roots and then gradually combines your hair with kanekalon which at the end creates a seamless no-knot braid.

How to style knotless braids?

You might wonder how to style knotless braids and we can assure you that the styling options are just endless. Such braids are quite versatile to give you plenty of choices for styling like buns, pony-tails, bigger braids, and more. Knotless box braids are relatively easy to take care of and with just a few tricks like using coconut oil, anti frizzing shampoo, and wrapping your hair at night to keep the braids protected from electrifying can simplify your hair routine enormously. And the final one:

How long do knotless braids last?

Well, the answer is as simple as that: they will last as long as you take good care of them. So let’s take a closer look at how the knotless box braids can be styled and kept up!

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